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What does Timecamp use Brand24 for?

Timecamp uses Brand24 to automate some of their link building practices. Their Content Designer, Aleksandra Rybacka, took some time to reveal how she uses Brand24 for link building.

We use Brand24 in a bit unusual way. Since time tracking is a niche term, we use Brand24 to automate the process of link building. 


Thanks to Brand24, we can find pieces of content where Timecamp is mentioned. We can reach out to the authors and get a valuable backlink to our website. We specialise in time management, so every automation that helps us save time is worth its weight in gold. 

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We operate in a niche industry, so we analyse the results a couple of times a week to stay on top of things.

We check the dashboard and analyse the mentions a couple of times a week.

We go through all the mentions collected in the dashboard. We filter the results to get exactly the mentions we need.


Once we identify the most promising link-building opportunities, we get in touch with the author. To build a great relationship with other digital marketers, we always offer something in return. We promote blogs and authors that mentioned Timecamp in their work. We share their content on our social media pages, newsletter, or offer a guest post on our blog. 

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We were able to get in touch with several dozens of blogs per month.

The majority agrees to add a backlink to our website or is willing to publish a blog post. Our link-building tactic pays off. Timecamp has seen a steady growth in organic traffic.


print screen showing the organic search results for timecamp main website

Thousands of companies use Brand24 to monitor the web.

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