How Wondery Analyzes The Success of Each Podcast and Identify Influential Listeners

Paulina Wałczyk
October 31, 2019
13 min read


Wondery, a fast-growing podcast company, uses Brand24 to track conversations, monitor episode performance, and measure reach and interactions across multiple channels.

By analyzing audience sentiment and emotions generated by their shows, Wondery ensures they are on the right track.

They leverage Brand24 to identify influential authors and engage with them, fostering partnerships and expressing gratitude.

With Brand24, Wondery gains valuable insights into their brand and core shows, making informed content decisions for their podcast success.

1. About the client

We spoke with:

Kate Strollo
Kate Strollo
Digital Marketing Manager


Wondery is a network of storytellers and the fastest-growing podcast company in the world, with hit podcasts “Dirty John”, “Business Wars”, & “Dr. Death”.

2. Interview

What is the main usage for Brand24? What do you use Brand24 for and how do you make that happen?

Wondery has been using Brand24 for 2 years.

We use Brand24 to track conversations about Wondery as a brand, but also our core shows such as Business Wars and Dr Death.

One of our core usages is to monitor how each episode performs online within the first 48 hours of launch.

If we can show that a new episode of topic is performing better or on par with a previous episode we can be sure it was a good choice. It really helps to be able to compare on a sub level such as episodes.


What are the most important KPIs and metrics you get from Brand24?

Reach and interactions are really important for us. Number of likes has really become less valuable to us as people move from platform to platform or away from social in some aspects. Therefore showing that our reach and interactions is expanding over multiple channels helps us know we are in the right direction.



Growth of a show's reach over multiple channels is really important to us, especially not to only relay on the metric of one social channel or network. Our users tend to talk about different shows in different places, not only twitter, but on true crime forums and we want to really be aware of everything that is being said.


What features do you find most valuable?

Being aware of the reach of each author and mentions is really crucial for us. If we see a sudden spike in reach, we can instantly see who caused that and reach out to them to either simply say ‘thanks!’ or consider a partnership together. We have been able to do this successfully a couple times already.



Sentiment is something important for us, especially as our stories aim to be immersive. So when we can firstly that our shows generate emotions in listeners as a whole it’s a great start, then seeing what types of emotions and if they are in line with our goals.



Nice to see you scrolled all the way down here! Here at Brand24, we really enjoy hearing our customers' success stories. This assures us of the tool's utility and makes us proud that we can help you with whatever you use our tool for.

Maybe you also happen to use Brand24 in your day-to-day work and want to share your case with the world. If so, feel free to write me!

Till the next case study. Toodles!

Waleria Pagowska
Product Marketing Specialist