How Spartan Race Analyse Marketing Effectiveness and Engage Customers in Real Time for Over 1,000 Races

Paulina Wałczyk
March 5, 2019
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Spartan Race, the world's largest obstacle race and endurance brand, uses Brand24 to track brand mentions, identify influencers, and measure social noise during races. They value metrics like social media reach, volume of interactions, and hashtag mentions. The ROI includes increased race participation, repeat participation, and influencer discovery. Key features they find valuable are Slack integration, easy engagement with mentions, categorization of mentions, influencer scoring, share of voice analysis, and access to news and blog mentions.

1. About the client

Spartan Race

Founded in 2010 by CEO Joe DeSena, Spartan Race is the world’s largest obstacle race and endurance brand. Beyond engaging more than 1 million participants in the more than 200 race events, the Spartan lifestyle spans more than 30 countries and encompasses a global championship series, training and nutrition programs, health and wellness products and a range of media entities.

2. Interview

Why Spartan Race Use Brand24

Spartan Race has been using Brand24 since the fall of 2017. Their Director of Social Marketing, Anthony Yepez made some time in his busy scheduled to explain how Spartan Race are using Brand24 to keep track of it's 1,000,000+ participants to turn Customers into Influencers.

"Our main use of Brand24 is to track our Brand name mentions on Social and in the media. It also helps us to identify new influencers and helps us to measure the social noise on Spartan race days."

Anythony Yepez

Director of Social Marketing -

What Are The Most Important Metrics And Results You Get From Brand24?

We do love to export reports and send them directly to our sponsorship and production teams after specific races. The goal is for them to understand the buzz and social noise around specific event hashtags like #SpartanJAX, #SpartanMleiha, and so on.

We always use the analysis tab when we are reviewing our event mentions. We can export this and send it along to our mgmt and sponsors. It helps everyone understand the popularity of a specific race type or race location. It also allows us to understand what the buzz and sentiment was like around that specific race.

How much noise did we make this year vs last year? Was there a common issue or enjoyable moment that racers brought up? Who were our most popular mentions from? Analyzing and listening to the feedback that Brand24 pulls in allows us to make suggestions about race location, race type and overall experience on the day of the race.


What is the most important KPI you get from Brand24?

Social Media Reach, Volume of Interactions, Hashtag Mentions

I would say it’s most important for us to understand the Volume of hashtag mentions, Volume of interactions and Social media reach of mentions during a race event. If these metrics are increasing YOY for events that’s amazing. We also can compare 1 race location to another to understand what locations are really creating the most buzz online. Of course, looking at all mentions YOY can help us measure our Share of Voice.

What is the ROI of B24?

Increase in Race Participation. Repeat Participation for racers. Discover Influencers.

Without this tool we wouldn’t be able to take part in timely engagement with our audience. It allows us to create a more personal relationship with them whether that is congratulating them on a race finish or encouraging them to never give up on a tough workout day. We also wouldn’t be able to measure the impact race weekends have on our social channels. Being able to drag in these race weekend mentions allows us to create a better race experience for Spartans.

What features do you find most valuable?

Integration with slack for mentions, this makes it super easy for the social team to engage with our social audience. It’s also super easy to click on a mention within the platform an engage with that person at that given moment.

Ability to sift through our types of mentions by category from social, news and Blogs.

I love that the source is given an influencer score. This way, if we decide to move forward to work with an influencer or publication, we can understand the impact they have on their audience and their popularity. Having their percent of share
of voice in the space is amazing.

Having the ability to see history of a source is helpful.

The news and blog mentions are helpful to recognize how Spartan is being spoken about in the media. It also allows us to source content to share with our social community or employees.


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