6 Useful Tips To Master Your Content Marketing

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Marketing in social media has its own rules. We have long moved away from a one-way communication model where the consumer is a passive recipient with no say while the brand imposes its own message. In social media it is customers who dictate the conditions and set the rules of the game. If you do not satisfy or engage the consumer, you lose against your competition. It follows that content is the most effective weapn on the web. But it’s not just about content. It’s more and more about how you serve and display it.

This video shares some really good tips that every content writer and content marketer needs to (already) know about:

And here are some more content tips that can serve as sort of a map or outline by which you can effectively create the type of content your audience will like and willingly share, thus increasing your reach.

1.You have no idea what is hidden under this heading

Studies show that a significant portion of content is shared before it is read. People are overloaded with information, so they prefer to consume faster and less, and they share information for entirely different reasons than we might think. The above heading is one example that has a much greater chance of being spread over the web.

2. Know your audience

What you should start with is knowing your recipients. See what makes them tick and what they like, both in terms of content and in terms of form and language. Experiment and keep analyzing. Remember that you are dealing with people and they change, too, so you need to evolve with them.

3. Entertain, teach, offer value

You will not conquer the world by headings alone. Your content must carry more than empty words. Try to put in a story. Entertain your reader. Teach them something. Leave them with a sense that it was worthwhile to read and spend time on your text because it has contributed something of value.

4. Be consistent

Your message should be consistent with your strategy. What you write about should be aligned with your brand and fit with your image. First, define your goals and stick to them when publishing successive content.

5. Your message must be clear and easily absorbed

The language should be tailored to recipients. A doctor who wants to describe an illness to a patient should not use specialized terminology because the patient will not understand it. The same goes for any other area of expertise. You can show off your eloquence among other experts, but if you want to hit a wider audience, pay attention to the language you use. The same applies to complexity of content. Avoid an excessive expansion of threads so as not to confuse and, consequently, discourage your reader.

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6. The PIE principle – Persuade, Inform or Entertain

The message you want to convey to your recipients should be based on one of the above-mentioned objectives – to persuade, to inform or to entertain. This does not mean that you cannot insert a joke in an educational article, but your reader should clearly understand what you had in mind when writing a publication.

If you have any insights or tips on marketing content that you want to share with us, leave a comment.


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