8 Best Content Curation Tools

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In the field of digital marketing, we’ve all been embracing the motto, “content is king”. It can’t be denied that its great content that drives people to your websites or social media accounts, converts visitors, and crafts the impression that you’re an expert in your industry. But what is “great content” content, and how do we find it? Unfortunately, having too many options makes it harder to choose, thus becoming a paradox of choice. Hence, content curation becomes a tricky and time-consuming task.

Thankfully though, there are ways you can simplify content curation with the help of a few tools. Here are some of the best that we had to share with you!

1. Feedly

Feedly is a great tool to keep all favorites in one place. Typically you would subscribe to a number of new websites, blogs, or Youtube channels to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest content on these websites. Feedly, however, will keep everything in a single place from your most trusted resources. You can read, search, organize, share, or save anything for later if you like.

2. Juxtapost

This cute, card-based platform looks and works a lot like P-interest except with slightly more options. Juxtapost is a bookmarking tool that will allow you to explore various categories and pin up your favorites for later use. Categories includeApparel, Arts, Crafts, Education, Holiday, Home, Humor, Products, Pets, and more.

3. Trap.it 

Trapit allows digital marketing leaders to organize advocates into teams, curate original content, optimize for networks and also analyze the results. “Trap” a topic with a keyword and the application will find relevant content for you. The trapit search engine will draw from over 100,000 sources to find what you are looking for. If you want your search results to be more specific, apply filters of all types to find precisely what you’re looking for.

4. Scoop.it

Scoop it is a lot like trapit, except with an additional feature that allows you to connect to other content curators. Share your perspectives, gain insights, and publish great content in just a few clicks.

5. My Curator  

If you’re a Word Press fan, my curator could be the perfect addition to your WordPress blog. This software attempts to make content curation easy by finding you top, relevant articles on the web. You may customize your RSS and alerts if you like and filter the results with keywords and other parameters.

6. Content Gems

Here’s an application that will quickly discover content you prefer by curating through 200,000 blogs, publications, news websites, social media accounts, and other sources. You can also receive great advice, tips, and two-cents relevant to your field of interest. Just put Content Gems to work while you take a nap, munch on a sandwich, or anything else you like. By the time you’re back, half of the work has already been done for you!

7. Pocket

Pocket works just like a pocket to save content you plan to use or share later. The cool thing about pocket is that it doesn’t save only images, only links, or only videos. Pocket will pocket in anything whether it is links, videos, images, etc.

8. Storify

Some say that sharing stories if much more engaging than randomly sharing disparate content. Storify is where you can do exactly that by collecting “stories” rather than content. Tune in to the relevant news, live events, popular campaigns, conversations, and even memes online. You can also create your own story and share an experience without needing advanced content creations skills.

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Rachelle Scott is a keen bloggers who loves to blog about topics related to tech and education, and the recent developments in other sectors. When not writing blogs, she serves at a digital marketing firm offering effective branding solutions.

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