Feature Update: New Sentiment Model

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Guess what happened a few days ago? We updated one of the core Brand24 features! Our talented development team implemented a new Sentiment Analysis Model. Yep, right now, dear client, you are using the best technology possible to evaluate the sentiment around your brand. 

The process took some time. The first step was to conduct accurate research. Then we drove thousands of experiments. We are 100% sure that sentiment works better than ever before because:

  • We have collected much more learning data, so the quality of the analysis is outstanding. 
  • We changed the way we handle long posts. The analysis also covers sentences around the keyword. News, articles, and long posts will get more accurate data. 
  • We engaged the Customer Success and Custom Reports teams (that works closely with clients and know their needs) to test the new sentiment model.


Testing on 111,760 texts in 66 different languages showed that our new sentiment analysis model is 26% better than the previous one (according to the macro F1 metric). 

The increase in the key languages including English was 30%. For more niche languages such as Arabic, the increase was even 42pp! We also noted a significant increase in positive and negative mention detection accuracy. 

Each day, Brand24 analyzes the sentiment of millions of mentions. We do our best to give you the most accurate data. We hope you’ll benefit from the latest update! 

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