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What is social media sentiment analysis?

Social media sentiment analysis applies natural language processing (NLP) to analyse online mentions and determine the feelings behind the message. Social media sentiment analysis determines whether someone reacts positively, negatively, or is neutral to your message.

Why is social media analysis all of a sudden so important? Because social media sentiment analysis can improve your bottom line!

Social media analytics provide you with essential knowledge about your social media marketing performance. Think about social media metrics like:

  • engagement rate;
  • social media reach;
  • number and type of interactions;
  • social media shares.

All of these numbers give you insights into how your audience is responding to your marketing tactics.

But behind those numbers are emotions. And emotions are the driving force behind everything a user does on social media. To fully understand how your brand is perceived online, you need to track social media sentiment.

Here’s a short video that sums up really well what else sentiment analysis shows you (such as what your customers like and dislike):

Why do you need to analyse the social media sentiment around your brand? After all, other metrics offer plenty of insights into your brand’s online presence.

Sentiment analysis is the cherry on the top of your social media analysis. Sentiment analysis adds valuable data to your marketing strategy and helps you target your audience better.

Social media sentiment analysis is essential to run a successful social media campaign and boost your brand awareness. Start tracking the sentiment on social media!

Here’s what’s ahead of us today:

  • What is social media sentiment analysis?
  • How to measure social sentiment?
  • Why is social media sentiment analysis important?
  • Social media sentiment analysis tool
  • How can social media sentiment analysis benefit your business?
  • What is social media sentiment analysis?

    Social media sentiment analysis determines whether the user is talking about your product, service, or brand in a positive, negative, or neutral way.

    To do that, social media sentiment analysis algorithms apply natural language processing (NLP) to social mentions from various social media sources.

    Social media sentiment analysis helps you measure the feelings around your online activities. You can take a look at the sentiment around your brand as a whole entity, or measure the sentiment generated by specific social media campaigns, products, or services. 

    In Brand24, we add social media sentiment analysis to all the mentions from social media and other sources, for example, Twitter or Instagram. 

    That’s an example of a mentions with positive social media sentiment:

    an example of an social media post with positive sentiment
    Try social media sentiment analysis

    This is an example of a mention with negative social media sentiment:

    an example of social media mention with negative sentiment
    Check out social media sentiment analysis

    A neutral mentions looks like this:

    an example of social media mention with neutral sentiment
    Discover social media sentiment analysis

    Start analysing social media sentiment! Brand24 offers a 14-day free trial (no credit card required).

    Which sources does social media sentiment analysis cover?

    Brand24 collects only publicly available data from different social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch.

    The tool is compliant with strict rules of Facebook API and the GDPR.

    Moreover, the media monitoring tool will collect publicly available mentions from other sources as well. Think about newspaper articles, blog posts, basically everything that is written about your brand online.

    How does social media sentiment analysis work?

    Social media sentiment analysis use deep learning algorithms and machine learning to analyse the text posted online. 

    A proper social media sentiment analysis algorithm categorises social media mentions into the right category. 

    What’s so revolutionary about this approach to social media sentiment analysis? 

    Texts that have similar meaning for humans will also have similar meaning to social media sentiment algorithm. That way, the algorithm can detect synonyms and attach the correct sentiment. 

    What’s the best part of the social media sentiment and our state-of-the-art algorithm?

    Brand24 can now analyse over 100 languages and provide impeccable social media sentiment analysis. 

    Do you wonder how does social media sentiment analysis deal with sarcasm and irony?

    The algorithm still has its drawbacks, but thanks to deep learning, it’s getting better. Moreover, sarcasm is not that common when it comes to customer reviews and social media posts. 

    How to measure social sentiment?

    Measuring social sentiment is one of the most important aspects of social media sentiment analysis.

    To improve a marketing metric, you need to measure it. It’s a bit more complicated with social media sentiment. After all, how can you measure emotions?

    Social media sentiment analysis is a part of social media listening process. That is handy because social media listening allows you to measure social media sentiment.

    Unfortunately, to measure social media sentiment you need a specialised tool. Measuring social media sentiment by yourself is not a reliable process.

    Firstly, you can always miss a mention. Therefore, your analysis will not be accurate.

    Secondly, to correctly assess the sentiment of online mentions, you need a lot of time. It’s simply easier and cheaper to invest in a social media sentiment analysis tool.

    But before we get to the tools, let’s see how you can measure the social media sentiment.

    Let’s start with the right tool to perform your social media sentiment analysis. 

    I highly recommend Brand24, not only because I work here, but also because it’s one of the most affordable and best performing social media listening tools (according to Buffer).

    In Brand24, it all starts with creating a project.

    In the project creation wizard enter the keywords you’d like to monitor. You can use phrases such as:

    • the name of your company;
    • the name of your product or service;
    • your branded hashtag;
    • your campaign-specific hashtag. 
    Project creation wizard in Brand24 a social media monitoring tool that also offers social media sentiment analysis

    You can set up a second project for your competitors to monitor their online presence and be aware of their social media activities. 

    Analyse the social media sentiment. Start free 14-day trial (no credit card required)!

    Once you set up a brand monitoring project, the tool will start gathering and analysing all publicly available mentions.

    Social media sentiment analysis in the mention tab

    Since we are interested in social media sentiment, we should take a look at two metrics — the sentiment and the volume of mentions.

    graph showing social media sentiment analysis over time

    The graph shows you when the volume of mentions and the sentiment was positive. That way you can easily spot which marketing campaigns resulted in positive chatter around your brand.

    If you want to analyse the mentions one by one, you can take a closer look at the Mentions tab. There, you will find all mentions containing your predefined keywords.

    On the right side of the screen, in the Filters section, you’ll find a sentiment slider.

    print screen of brand24 mentions tab showing the social media sentiment filter
    Monitor the online mentions about your brand.

    You can choose to see only positive mentions, only negative ones or positive, negative and neutral.

    You can freely adjust the time range, so you can analyse the social media sentiment from exact period. 

    Social media sentiment analysis in the summary tab

    Summary tab will show what has changed in your project on a day-to-day basis. It will also present the change in the social media sentiment analysis, so whether people are talking about your company positively or negatively compared to the previous period. 

    Social media sentiment analysis in the analysis tab

    The third place in Brand24 where you can find social media sentiment analysis is the Analysis tab. 

    The analysis tab offers more in-depth analytics. If you’re interested in the the estimated social media reach or you’d like to analyse the performance of one social media channel, you can find all the necessary metrics in the Analysis tab. 

    Social media sentiment analysis and notifications

    All of your hard work when it comes to social media sentiment analysis will be in vain if you miss a negative mention or don’t respond to it in time. 

    We know how hectic life can be, that’s why we developed a bulletproof notifications system. 

    Once you log in to your Brand24 account, go to the Project Settings tab. 

    Choose Notifications, and click on More Notifications. 

    A pop-up will appear where you can specify the email address that will receive a mail and the frequency of notifications. 

    Then click on Add a new Filter. You have to name the filter and move the sentiment analysis slider to negative. 

    part of Brand24 dashboard where you can set notifications if you want to receive emails about negative mentions based on social media sentiment analysis
    Start sentiment analysis!

    Save the filters and voilà! You get a notification every time there’s a negative mention with your keyword. 

    Social media sentiment analysis tool

    Of course, Brand24 is not the only tool on the market that offers social media sentiment analysis. But there are undeniable advantages of Brand24 over other media monitoring tools.

    Brand24’s social media sentiment analysis is based on a state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm. It means two things.

    First, the algorithm is able to correctly analyse sarcastic or ironic remarks. Secondly, since the algorithm is based on machine learning protocol, the analysis will only get better with time.

    Secondly, Brand24 is one of the most affordable tools on the market. If you’re looking for a robust social media analysis tool that can monitor sources from various social media platforms.

    Why is social media sentiment analysis important?

    Social media sentiment analysis gives vital context to all the social media metrics you already analyse regularly. 

    Think about estimated social media reach. It provides you with information about the number of social media users that might have stumbled upon your content on the Internet. 

    In theory, the higher the estimated social media reach, the better. But that’s not always true. 

    Imagine a situation when someone mentions your brand in a negative way. Negative comments tend to travel fast on the Internet and generate a tremendous amount of buzz on social media. And that’s not the coverage you want around your brand!

    Social media sentiment analysis should be an indispensable part of your social media monitoring activities. 

    How to improve social sentiment?

    You already know what social media sentiment analysis is and you have to right tools to measure the metric effectively.

    Once you are familiar with the current state of sentiment analysis, you can take adequate measures and try to improve the sentiment around you brand.

    What can you do to boost social sentiment?

    Create content that matters

    To succeed in the online space, you need to establish your brand. To do that you need to build brand awareness and become the type of company people go to when they’re looking for answers.

    Producing relevant content will help boost social sentiment around your brand. People will trust your company and that will automatically create a positive buzz around your brand.

    Moreover, Internet users will share well-written and interesting content. Creating engaging content will help you spread positive news vibes around your company. It will also help you reach brand new audiences.

    Target the right audience

    Speaking of audience, improving social sentiment starts well before you send off the first message.

    If you know your audience well, you will be able to provide the message that resonates with them the most.

    Do audience research. Find out what they want to know about your product or service, what their pain points are. Discover what type of content resonates with them best. Should invest your time in a blog? Or establish a YouTube channel?

    Before you start posting anything, you need to prepare a buyer persona.

    Be social

    Social media is all about being social. That’s why if you want to work on boosting your social media sentiment, you need to engage with other users.

    You can build engagement in two ways.

    First, you can react to other users post. That includes posting comments, reacting to posts, and replying to messages.

    You can also be more proactive and create social media buzz with your posts. Ask questions, run polls and try to provide more interactive content.

    Work with influencers

    Social media sentiment analysis is all about positively impacting your audience. That’s why a great way to improve the social media sentiment analysis is to work with social media influencers.

    An endorsement from a person your audience trusts can do wonders to your brand. People rely on the recommendations of others.

    How can social media sentiment analysis benefit your business?

    We established that social media sentiment analysis should be an essential part of marketing analysis. It will add a qualitative context to your quantitative data. 

    The question remains what are the practical applications of social media sentiment analysis? I can name at least a few! 

    1. Improved customer service

    When it comes to customer service and social media sentiment analysis there are two factors you should take into account. 

    First, a negative review is not an end of the world. On the contrary, the Harvard Business Review found out that a negative review can be good for your business. 

    But, if a negative review should work for your business, you have to resolve the issue at hand promptly. 

    Try to respond within an hour of receiving a review, so you can show how much you care about your customers. You might end up turning your annoyed customer into a loyal one.

    2. Prevent social media crises

    Do you know the saying “bad news travel fast”? Well, bad news online travel even faster! 

    One negative comment can start an avalanche of complaints. In the era of Internet trolls, some users might be complaining even if they never had a chance to use your product.

    But if you catch the original complaint early on and solve the problem, you might avert a social media crisis.

    And even if the crisis hits, you can quickly filter the mentions according to sentiment and social media channel, which makes it easy to deal with. 

    3. Measure the results of a social media campaign

    Social media analytics is the most important part of every social media campaign. And social media sentiment analysis might be just the addition you need to improve your social media marketing efforts. 

    Social media sentiment analysis will tell you what your target audience think about your campaign. Generating buzz and counting social media impressions is not the most crucial part of the marketing campaign. Reaching the right audience with a positive message is.

    Your campaign might generate so much negative buzz it won’t serve its purpose. With social media sentiment analysis in place, you can spot the negative remarks right away and tweak the campaign, so it serves your needs. 

    4. Monitor your competitors

    To stay ahead of your competitors you have to know what they are doing exactly. 

    Inside Brand24’s dashboard, you can easily set up a separate project with keywords related to your competitors’ businesses. First of all, the tool will give you a sneak peek of their social media campaigns results, and secondly, this type of competitive intelligence is completely legal and ethical.

    Once you understand the sentiment around your competitors, you can use the knowledge to adjust your product or highlight its advantages. 

    Moreover, you can spot negative mentions before your competitors and propose your solution. 

    Brand24 gives you an opportunity to compare your social media results with your competitors. 

    From the left side menu choose Comparison and you’ll be able to compare:

    • positive and negative sentiment
    • most active social media channels
    • the number of social media results for each project. 

    5. Improve your product according to your customers needs

    With social media sentiment analysis, you’ll be able to spot the problem right at the source. You can eradicate it before it escalates and you’ll be able to solve precisely the issues your customers want you to address.

    Secondly, social media negative sentiment can give you valuable insights into your product features. Take a more in-depth look into all the negative mentions and find out what your customers are complaining about the most. Negative social media sentiment analysis will indicate the most important feature you need to improve. 

    Maybe your product is excellent, but you could improve packaging? Or the delivery company you cooperate with is not reliable? These are factors you could quickly improve to make your customer experience so much better.

    How to use social media sentiment analysis?

    Social media sentiment analysis can give you insights no other social media metrics can. 

    Eavesdropping on your clients and competitors helps you improve your product, retain customers and reach new audiences. All that with implementing only one additional metric to your social media analysis? Ready to give it a try?


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