Netflix Announcing “The Witcher” TV Series: Analysis of the Online Buzz

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There’s a number of things that Poland has been known for. Long history, the Pope, Lech Walesa, Frederic Chopin, pierogi, Żubrówka, places of unspoiled nature and centuries-old traditions have made Poland’s mark in the history of this world.

But legends have it that centuries ago the lands of Central and Eastern Europe used to be inhabited by all sorts of fantasy creatures, demons, and Slavic gods.

This rich Slavic ancestry and folklore gave birth to another gem that will quickly spread worldwide. Andrzej Sapkowski has breathed new life into the Slavic ancestry and created a fantasy series about Geralt of Rivia, better know as “The Witcher”.

The series caught on and has become an immense success. But this is just the beginning.

Later on, to the delight of fans and thanks to Polish CD Project Red, The Witcher has become a series of video game and gained even bigger appreciation worldwide. Let’s see some numbers:

  • The Witcher games sold over 25 million copies worldwide
  • The Witcher 3 is the Most Awarded Game of all time with 251 Game of the Year awards.

Kudos to CD Project Red!

A Dream Comes True

Just last Wednesday Netflix announced that the Witcher is being made into a TV series.

Sean Daniel (The Mummy franchise, Ben-Hur, The Expanse) and Jason Brown (The Expanse), partners at the Sean Daniel Company are executive producers, along with Platige Image‘s Tomek Baginski (Oscar-nominated short The Cathedral, BAFTA-winning The Fallen Art, Ambition) and Jarek Sawko (The Fallen Art, Another Day of Life). Tomek Baginski will also direct at least one episode of the series.

How The Internet Reacted

To cut the long story short, the Web and fans of the Witcher went crazy. And so did the buzz around the Witcher and Platige Image studio. Using Brand24, we’ve been monitoring mentions about The Witcher for some time now and have some interesting data we’d like to share with you.

The data comes from social media, websites, news sites, blogs, discussion forums and other publically available sources online.

Let’s get to it.

Volume of Mentions for “The Witcher”

Here’s the buzz from the last 30 days. The blue line represents the number of mentions while the green line shows the social media reach of these mentions. You can see that up until May 17th, the number of mentions is relatively lower. Let’s focus on that one day.

Netflix announced the news on May 17th and on the same day you can see that the number of mentions rocketed giving 8 077 mentions that generated a huge social media reach of 49 905 888 users.


The vast majority of mentions come from social media, particularly from Twitter and Facebook. In total, there were 5 374 mentions in social media.

Here are some mentions from the most popular social media authors.

Also, it seems that the topic was also popular on Reddit with 1 908 mentions.


Fans are so excited! Just have a look at some comments and reactions.


It seems that the online buzz about “The Witcher” will continue to grow. We keep our fingers crossed and can’t wait to see the first episode!

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