For the players: the reception of Star Wars Jedi: the Fallen Order

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It’s a great time to be a Star Wars fan right now! First Disney+ released “The Mandalorian” and is planning to make a series about Obi-Wan. Then there was a premiere of “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order” made by Respawn Entertainment. The cherry on the top of all that was a premiere of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”.

We’ve delved a bit into Disney+ and its streaming offer in our previous newsletter. Today, let’s focus on the video game, “Jedi the Fallen Order.”

Based on the volume of mentions analysis, can you guess when was the premiere of the game?

If you opt for mid-November, then you’ve got it right.

A sharp spike of interest around the 15 of November can indicate a couple of issues:

  • a major negative event, such as a social media crisis, brand reputation emergency, or some other event requiring one’s immediate attention
  • a major positive event, for example, a positive review in a major media outlet, a successful cooperation with a prominent influencer, or an outstanding marketing campaign with significant social media reach.

You can spot all these events using a media monitoring tool.

What exactly happened on November, 15, 2019?

“Star Wars: The Fallen Jedi” was launched.

Here is the first important lesson in media monitoring.

Start monitoring your brand, products, or service before you commence the online promotion.

Thinking ahead and include media monitoring into your marketing or brand management plan. That way, media monitoring will yield the most promising and actionable results:

  • you will have the benchmarks. Knowing how your brand performed before the launch of a new product or service will help you assess the results of your efforts.
  • you will familiarise yourself with media monitoring tool. No matter whether you opt for Brand24 or any other tool, you will have to learn how the tool works, what metrics does it track, and how to personalise the tool for optimum results. It’s best to do it before the campaign.
  • you will be able to react swiftly to any negative comments about your brand and nip any crisis in the bud. Reacting fast can help contain the crisis. You might even be able to turn the tables around and make the negative mention work to your benefit.

What does media monitoring tell us about “Jedi:The Fallen Order”?

Let’s take a deeper look at the results of a media monitoring project for the Star Wars game.

What insights media monitoring gives you when it comes to launching a new product?

We’ll discuss some of the features in further detail:

  • the volume of mentions and the channels with the highest number of mentions
  • sentiment analysis
  • social media reach, number of interactions, for example, likes, comments, and shares
  • top public profiles and their share of voice
  • most active countries.

Let’s see how you can implement all these metrics to benefit your company.

The volume of mentions and most active channels

That’s media monitoring 101.

To analyse anything you need data. In media monitoring the analysis is based on the mentions containing your keyword.

The better your project is configured, to more actionable results you will collect.

That’s why it’s vital to regularly take a look at the mentions feed.

This part of the dashboard will give you information about the most popular channels within your target audience.

How does it look in practice? Let’s take a deeper look at the Star Wars project.

At first glance, we can see that the most popular platform for gamers is Twitter.

No wonder, the lifespan of a tweet is short. It’s an optimal way to promote a game streaming on Twitch.

Brand24 monitors both platforms. That makes it easy to exactly measure and control what is being said about a brand.

What does user say about the game? That’s where the complementary metric, sentiment analysis, comes in handy.

Sentiment analysis

Do people like “Jedi: the Fallen Order”?

To get an answer to this question, take a look at the sentiment analysis.

There are two spikes on the graphs — the first one is connected with the increase in the number of mentions.

The second one is the number of positive mentions regarding the game.

There is a visible increase in the number of positive mentions. Although the volume of mentions decreases over time, the positive sentiment prevails.

What do the players like the most about Jedi?

For some it’s solid combat, incredible sound, and new favourite droids.

Negative sentiment was connected with the performance and installation of the game.

The global view of media monitoring

Media monitoring will give you two types of information — detailed data about the mentions, for example, the author, platform, sentiment, or location.

Media monitoring will also give you an overview of the metrics needed to correctly assess the impact of your campaign.

To access the data, take a look at the Analysis tab.

How did “Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order” performed in general?

In the last three months, Brand24 collected over 160,000 mentions regarding the game, with a total social media reach of 234 million. That’s an impressive result!

Let’s take a closer look at social media interactions.

The posts containing the keyword “Jedi: Fallen Order” generated 85,079 social media shares and 4.3 million social media likes.

The most popular platforms were Twitter and social media platforms dedicated to sharing videos, YouTube and Twitch.

The most popular mentions come from YouTube and Youtubers based in the United States.

Influencer marketing can still benefit your company, provided you opt for the right influencers.

What do you have to take into account while looking for a person who can endorse your product?

The share of voice and influence, of course.

The share of voice tells you what part of the online discussion was started by a given author.

In the case of Jedi, the most influential author is a Youtuber theRadBrad. Which is a great choice, as he has the “Jedi” walkthrough pinned on his channel.

Key takeaways

You can learn a lot about your product and the effects of your marketing campaign thanks to media monitoring.

  1. Start monitoring in advance to set up benchmarks and see the effects of your efforts.
  2. While monitoring your project, take a look at the volume of mentions and sentiment analysis. These two metrics will give you a complete overview of the reception of your product.
  3. Media monitoring will give you a lot of information. You can take a look at the global numbers analysing your campaign or analyse the results in-depth to get to the bottom of any issues that might occur.

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