5 Effective Ways to Promote Your Business Using Pinterest

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5 Effective Ways to Promote Your Business Using Pinterest

Have you ever thought of considering Pinterest to promote your brand? Or, just ignored Pinterest considering it as an inappropriate social platform for promoting products? If so, after reading this blog post just mark my words that you will be regretting not using Pinterest for product promotion. These days, many people are using Pinterest for pinning their favorite items, compelling photos and creative ideas. To see its popularity, many brands have started promoting their brands via Pinterest. In this blog, the effective ways are discussed that helps you in promoting your brands among the masses.

Today, visuals are rapidly gaining popularity among people due to their high user engagement and everyone likes compelling photos and gets connected with them easily. It has become one of the best ways to tell your consumers about the small details of your product and Pinterest gives you the freedom to tell your product story to your users through pictures.

Pinterest is one name that pops up in mind when it’s about promoting your product with photos. Every brand needs a story to tell about their products and services and pinterest is one platform that gives you the right way to make a story with enticing photos. Pinterest follows a simple rule, a pinterest user can share any photo that is on the web by “pinning” it, which requires the user to download a pin toolbar to pin items from any website.

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Why Pinterest?

Visuals marketing is a new trend and Pinterest is one social media network that is image-centric, so it comes with no surprise that brands see big potential in Pinterest.

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Pinterest is certainly the best platform for sharing pictures with your audiences via enticing photos. It is considered to be one of the best places to start promoting your brand when your targeted audiences are women. And if in case, your business has nothing to do with “girly stuff”, you can promote your brand via Pinterest since it is no longer a “girl’s fad.”

Here are many ways that help you to promote your business on Pinterest. Let’s get into nitty-gritty details about promoting both small and big business using Pinterest.

WAY 1: Share your product via Pinterest

The first and the foremost thing is to share your product on pinterest, which is the most obvious way to use Pinterest for your business. To leverage this marketing strategy, you can make several boards on Pinterest, but to target your specific audiences, you must pin your product into product category, such as kids and parenting, mom and munchkins, home decors and many more.

Today, there are many brands that are using Pinterest as an integral part of their marketing strategy. Nordstrom is a brand that has around  4.4 million followers and uses Pinterest as an in-store promotional tool to encourage people to buy. As shown in a below image, the items are pinned with Pinterest tag and also showcase the items that are popular on Pinterest with “Top Pinned Items.”

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WAY 2: Attract people with gifts

Gifts are possibly the best marketing method to encourage customers to buy your product. On Pinterest, you can create an entry for your pin, and can add a price tag. When selecting this option, you can then add a link, hinting back to your website. The added items will automatically include in the “gift” category on Pinterest, which is a virtual catalog of gift ideas. Make sure to put the best photos for pinning and not to forget adding an evocative description to it.

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WAY 3: Highlight your services

It is not necessary that every business sells product on Pinterest, but still Pinterest proves  to be a useful marketing tool for such businesses. All you need is to create a kind of visual resume with Pinterest, telling about your service. For instance, if you are a web designers, you can pin a screenshot of your home page, or if you are a photographer, you can pin some of your best work that represent your client’s goal.

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In this way, you can drive traffic on your website and boost your sales.

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WAY 4: Encourage your users with contests

Everyone likes to win something, and always up for free things. “Pin it to Win” contest on pinterest is the best way to generate traffic on your site. In a picture below, you can see how Verragio, is offering users to win a diamond ring to generate traffic on their site.

Another example is Kraft, an online brand that has created four pins to call to action. This way, Kraft has asked users to re-pin the items for “each entry.” More re-pinned items simply lead to generating more traffic to your site.

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WAY 5: Appreciate your followers

Last but not the least, don’t forget to appreciate your followers for their support since without their support you wouldn’t have done much with your product promotion. Appreciating your followers is just a simple gesture but it is always appreciated by them. You can either give them something of their interest or can share your thank-you pin on the board to make your fans see your message.

Final words

Whether your brand is a visual brand or not, but do remember that Pinterest is a great platform that can help you in promoting your brand across social media sites. Through the aforementioned product promotional ways, you can easily reach out to the masses.

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