INSTAGRAM REDESIGNED: 11 #MyInstagramLogo And Twitter Reactions To New Instagram Logo

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The Internet’s buzzing with comments and opinions on the new Instagram logo. That’s where we come in. I’m sure you know that we’re great listeners. Huge news like Instagram’s redesign is a hotly debated issue on the Web. Want to know what the Internet’s verdict is?

First Say Goodbye To The Old-School Instagram App Icon

I’m sure some of you must have come across Instagram cakes like these ones:

instagram cake Instagram logo

Forget about them, as now they’re going to become just another memory that fades away. Since May 11, 2016 baking cakes that resemble Instagram new logo will border on the miraculous. Who would take the risk? Any pasty chefs here that can create smooth gradient?

And what about Instagram pillows?

instagram pillow Instagram logo

Yesterday, this comfortable piece of fluffiness with a retro vibe reminded your life’s favorite photo journal filled with moments of happiness, sorrow and nostalgia. As of today, May 11, this pillow’s become a souvenir, a relic of the past that has to step down and make room for the new. 

The New Instagram Logo

Instagram’s had a facelift. One of the most recognizable tiny cameras ever got redesigned. This instantly recognizable icon resembling a retro Polaroid camera looks differently now. Beloved by millions of people app radically changed its colors and shapes, including logo, icons and app design.

The new icon is a multi-color gradient, dominated by orange, purple and pink with white lines. Menus and backgrounds are now black and white.

instagram new logo Instagram logo

According to Instagram, the new icon represents a global variety of interests. Instagram escalated to something bigger than just an app with a bunch of cool photo filters:

Thank you for giving this community its life and color. You make Instagram a place to discover the wonder in the world. Every photo and video — from the littlest things to the most epic — opens a window for people to broaden their experiences and connect in new ways.

How It’s Made

Ian, Head of Design at Instagram describes the redesign process on his Medium.

To put it simply, initially there was a challenge to retain Instagram’s identity simultaneously reflecting its growth. Designers went for flat design which didn’t meet their expectations, as it lacked some visual weight. Then, they asked people at Instagram to draw the app’s icon from a memory in 5 seconds. Vast majority drew the rainbow, lens and viewfinder. To keep it minimal and warm, the designers picked the colorful gradient. 

Supporting apps, such as Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse also got a new design.

instagram supporting apps Instagram logo

And so did the UI of the app. Now it’s just black and white to keep it simple, so that people can focus of the content.

instagram new ui Instagram logo

Twitter Reactions

Such big news is always a great titbit for Brand24, because we can see the Internet real-time reactions to it. Below we present some Twitter statistics opinions on the new Instagram logo. I’ve collected just a piece of data. You can see that the opinions about the new icon are divided.

#MyInstagramLogo Reactions 

Have you ever come across people that paid a tribute to Instagram by creating their version of Instagram logo? Below you can see people’s celebrations of the new design. They are truly mesmerizing!


As you can see, the opinions are extremely divided and so are our statistics. You know that you can monitor any keyword on the Internet yourself, right? I, for example, monitor following keywords: funny cat videos, bacon, bacon and eggs, ron swanson, pizza-burger and moroccan goats. Just kidding! But it’s true – you can monitor any keyword you want, either related to your company, personal brand, a topic or trend. See the benefits of social listening and hopefully see you soon!

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