Gaining a Competitive Edge with AI-Driven Media Monitoring in Crowded Tech Market

Waleria Pągowska
April 8, 2024
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1. Introduction

Securing a competitive edge is crucial for survival and growth in the fast-paced and ever-evolving tech industry.

This case study delves into how Appwrite, a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform, uses media monitoring to navigate a market teeming with competition. We talked to Laura Du Ry, the Growth Manager, who, together with her team, works hard on developing Appwrite through, amongst others, competitive benchmarking. During the interview, she shared her tips and insights on the benefits of tracking your competitors online.

2. Problem

Tech companies face a significant challenge in standing out from competitors with similar products.

This includes direct rivals and brands that are lookalikes, which often lead the way in innovation and presence in the market. Appwrite has seen how important it is to keep an eye on these competitors. This isn't just to understand what they're good at but also to find ways to be different and to grab new opportunities. The main tasks are to pull out useful information, get noticed more online, and make a content plan that increases how much people interact with and know about the brand.

3. Solution

AI: Streamlining Processes and Continuous Improvement

Appwrite effectively uses Brand24's AI tools, like the Anomaly Detector and Weekly AI Insights, to enhance its monitoring. These features offer concise weekly performance summaries, highlighting areas needing focus. Appwrite ensures it's always ready to enhance its performance by continuously prompting improvement.

AI Insights for one of Appwrite's competitors. Source: Brand24

AI Insights acts as a weekly summary, which is quite enlightening. It's like being constantly reminded that there is always room for growth and opportunities to take. It's helpful, providing insights on trends and topics that capture our attention and reminding us of our collective interests and areas for improvement. This is what makes it valuable.

Laura Du Ry

Growth Manager @ Appwrite

Anomaly detected by Brand24 for one of Appwrite's competitors.

Anomaly detector is really helpful. Sometimes, we know why our numbers go up because of a campaign we're running, but there have been times when we're left wondering, 'What just happened here?' Without tools like Brand24, we wouldn't know why we're doing well. So, we've used this, and it's been pretty interesting to see.

Laura Du Ry

Growth Manager @ Appwrite

AI-driven content strategy

Appwrite employs AI-driven Topic Analysis to scout trending topics within competitors' projects. This method identifies what subjects engage the audience and highlights competitors' focus areas. This insight into competitors' successful themes allows Laura and her team to explore similar areas or carve out unique positions, ensuring they stay aligned with market trends and audience interests efficiently.

Topics exported for one of Appwrite's competitors. Source: Brand24

"On one hand, Topic Analysis validates the content we produce. For instance, when we discuss online security and notice its growing interest, it reaffirms our choices. However, our projects don't always provide fresh insights, but observing competitors or similar entities does. When we spot a topic gaining traction on their platforms that aligns with our business, we ask ourselves, 'Should we start exploring this topic too?' That's essentially how we leverage such analysis" - explains Laura.

Map of topics for one of Appwrite's competitors. Source: Brand24

They leverage insights into how different content types perform for competitors across various platforms to fine-tune their own strategy. Observing and learning from the content approaches that have yielded success for competitors allows Appwrite to adopt and adapt successful frameworks, article ideas, and social media themes. 

Sentiment and categories share for one of Appwrite's competitors. Source: Brand24

Topic Analysis is super helpful for choosing what to talk about and seeing how well topics like security do after we've discussed them. If a topic grows in popularity, it tells us we've hit the mark.

Laura Du Ry

Growth Manager @ Appwrite

Cloud of word and topic's popularity for one of Appwrite's competitors. Source: Brand24

Monitoring online presence and analytics

By watching their competitors' online presence, Laura can understand Appwrite’s position in the tech market. This involves spotting where competitors connect well with people, like on Reddit, showing Appwrite new ways to get noticed and engage with potential users. Watching how competitors interact online also gives Appwrite ideas on what to focus on, helping them find new methods and places to boost their visibility in the market.

Analytics for one of Appwrite projects set for monitoring their competitor, Source: Brand24

Brand24 even helped us see how a future feature could help us gain more visibility and, hence, strengthen our brandscore.

Laura Du Ry

Growth Manager @ Appwrite

3. Conclusion

Appwrite's clever use of Brand24 for tracking media has given them a clear plan to stand out in the busy tech market. They've used AI to work more efficiently, analyzed themes to ensure their content hits the mark, kept an eye on their online presence to find growth opportunities, and closely reviewed their marketing to improve their strategies. Thanks to these steps, Appwrite has gained an edge over competitors. This example highlights the importance of using data to make decisions that help a company grow and be different from others.

We check the panel almost every day. It's not just for looking at comparisons or planning what to do next but also to keep up with what's being said. This helps us stay active and visible every day.

Laura Du Ry

Growth Manager @ Appwrite

4. Recommendations

Get Brand24 if you find those benefits of tracking competitors essential for you:

Identifying Market Trends: By monitoring competitors, you can spot market trends and shifts in consumer preferences.

Benchmarking Performance: Tracking allows you to benchmark your business against competitors regarding product features, pricing, marketing strategies, and customer service. 

Discovering Gaps in the Market: Analyzing your competitors' offerings can reveal gaps in the market that your business could fill.

Improving Product Development: Seeing what products or services your competitors are offering, including their successes and failures, can inform your own product development and innovation efforts.

Enhancing Marketing Strategies: You can identify effective marketing tactics and channels by observing how competitors market themselves and engage with their audience. 

About the client

We spoke with:

Laura Du Ry
Growth Manager @ Appwrite


Appwrite is an open-source backend platform that gives you all the products you need to build your application. With just a few lines of code, you can add Authentication, Databases, Storage, Messaging, Functions, Real-time API, and more to your projects.. It emphasizes ease of use, security, and flexibility, supporting multiple programming languages and frameworks and allowing developers to focus on unique application features by handling repetitive backend tasks. With its microservices architecture, Appwrite provides scalability and modularity, backed by a growing community contributing to its continuous improvement and security features.


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