How Brand24 Helped to Increase Engagement and Raise Awareness of Cybersecurity

Waleria Pągowska
December 7, 2022
18 min read

1. About the client

We spoke with:

Aleksandra Samek
Head of Marketing at Marken

Aleksandra lists the primary responsibilities she oversees: She acquires new clients, takes care of the company's image, and supervises various promotional activities. What features of the media monitoring and social listening tool help her achieve these goals?

Marken specializes in distributing antivirus software and conducting training courses and presentations of antivirus software. They target their offer to any customer using a phone, computer, or another device that requires protection against viruses and virus-related threats. The second customer type is public offices, institutions, schools, and companies that require antivirus security. Marken also actively expands its software reseller network.

We talked to Aleksandra Samek, Marken’s head of marketing, about how Brand24 has been helping them to implement an effective strategy for the past two years. We discussed the benefits of internet monitoring. The tool was used in the company even before she joined, and she stresses that Brand24 is so irreplaceable she can't imagine working without it."

Brand24 is so irreplaceable I can't imagine working without it.

Aleksandra Samek

Head of Marketing at Marken

2. Monitoring of competition

Monitoring competition is all about gaining the knowledge that will strengthen your market position, and prepare you for all possible outcomes.

Detailed knowledge of your business rivals is key as it allows you to analyze, interpret and draw conclusions that can affect the company's positive development.

When tracking competitors and their online behavior, Aleksandra and her team focus on gaining a deeper understanding of their business objectives, observing their actions and reactions to different situations. Brand24 supports them in these activities by providing real-time, detailed data.

Photo: Comparative analysis of Bitfinder and its two closest competitors in the space of 24.08 - 23.09.2022

Brand24 allows us to check the results daily, so we are always up to date and can react in any situation.

Aleksandra Samek

Head of Marketing at Marken

3. Brand monitoring

Of course, the lessons learned from analyzing the competition cannot be used effectively unless the company has an established position on the market. Therefore, for Marken, taking care of their brand image in the online space is even more important than observing the behavior of their rivals. They monitor everything from social media to blog posts and online forums.

According to Aleksandra, a massive advantage of the tool is the constant access to the results, ensuring they are always prepared for response and possible crisis actions. This translates into an increase in user engagement and the number of followers and visitors to the site. With the constant control and time savings associated with automatic detection of mentions, Marken specialists can focus on building relationships with users by responding quickly to their questions, reacting to dissatisfaction, and overseeing the overall flow of information.

4. Data analysis

The Analytics tab is where Brand24 condenses all the key information about your project.

There are two sections at the top of the panel: one for the most popular mentions, and another for the most popular authors, which determines the reach of their posts. In addition, the tool provides brand's Presence Score, Reputation Score, the reach of mentions, and a lot of other helpful information. The data can be collected from different periods depending on the user's needs.

Marken has specific KPIs that are essential for the company's success. The metrics they monitor using Brand24 are mentions, reach, interactions, positive and negative comments, likes, and AVEs. All this data is available in the Analytics panel of our tool.

Aleksandra also highlights the time savings and other benefits of analyzing such a data set. She describes the Analysis tab as one of her favorite Brand24 features, and one that makes it easier for her to draw conclusions and gather insights about Marken and the competition.

5. Reports

The reports offered by the tool are available as PDF, Excel tables or short summaries – automatically generated and delivered directly to the user's inbox.

To add the icing on the cake, the data collected in the Analysis tab can be easily converted into a brand marketing report. 

At Marken, the reports are handy for monthly, quarterly, and annual summaries of marketing activities and internal department meetings. An additional benefit is that the reports can be personalized in various ways and customized for your needs. 

6. Increase work efficiency

A consistently highlighted benefit of Brand24 is its impact on optimizing the time spent pulling data from the web. Thanks to the artificial intelligence behind our tool, tracking mentions is highly streamlined and requires much less time and energy from the user. When asked about the most significant benefit of using media monitoring, Aleksandra points out the positive impact on work efficiency. What features of the tool contribute most to this?

E-mail notifications

E-mail reports show a snapshot of the most relevant mentions along with some key indicators. They come in handy when a user needs a quick summary of what is being said about them on the internet but doesn't want to or can't log into the tool daily. Notifications are alerts based on selected filters and inform about the most critical events in the project space. For Aleksandra and her team, this is a huge convenience.

Mobile app

Brand24 is available for download on your phone (for both Android and IOS). This feature is especially useful for people who want to keep an eye on and know what's happening in the project without sitting at a computer around the clock. At Marken, Aleksandra uses the app because she knows that the internet never sleeps, and monitoring what is being said about a brand on the internet is time-consuming. 

Tool's intuitiveness

As a marketer by trade, Aleksandra must be familiar with all marketing tools that are useful in her work. She can describe some as more, and others as less intuitive, but in the case of Brand24, she has a clear stance – everyone will immediately understand what it's all about. It was easy for her to figure out how to use the tool right from the start – the tool is super user-friendly, and all the features are easy to navigate and access.

For me, the tool is perfect, and I'm happy to share my thoughts, as the contact with you is also top-notch.

Aleksandra Samek

Head of Marketing ar Marken

Assistance from the Brand24 team

However, if help with a more complicated project is needed, the Customer Success team is there to offer their expertise and is happy to help with integration. We will do our best to make each user feel satisfied with the project, and resolve all their doubts. 

We were delighted when, during the interview, we asked about possible improvements to the tool and got a response from Aleksandra: "For me, the tool is perfect, and I'm happy to share my thoughts, as the contact with you is also top-notch." 

7. Summary

Brand24 was recommended to Aleksandra, but she knew it would be her tool of choice from the first time she logged in.

She appreciates its transparency and intuitiveness. Brand24 provides her with everything she needs to know as a marketing team leader. Marken is an example of a company that goes to great lengths to maintain a positive perception of its brand online, and the use of a media monitoring tool is a daily occurrence for its team. This is shown brilliantly by the results and brand sentiment analysis.  


Nice to see you scrolled all the way down here! Here at Brand24, we really enjoy hearing our customers' success stories. This assures us of the tool's utility and makes us proud that we can help you with whatever you use our tool for.

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Waleria Pagowska
Product Marketing Specialist