How to Boost Personal Branding: Uncovering Hidden Mentions Through Media Monitoring

Waleria Pągowska
August 22, 2023
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Chilli Fruit, a web agency focused on link-building and online PR, uses Brand24 to monitor mentions, enhance guest posts, and acquire backlinks. The agency collaborates with experts to create quality links and offers services such as article optimization and HARO campaigns.

Jan Suski, Content & Outreach Specialist, explains that Chilli Fruit uses Brand24 to track mentions related to clients' names and companies. This is crucial for assessing the effectiveness of efforts, especially when quotes appear on platforms like Forbes or Yahoo Finance without notifying authors. By utilizing Brand24, Chilli Fruit has gained up to 1,500 unnotified mentions in publications for clients, aiding personal branding.

Additionally, they have used Brand24 to identify link-building opportunities and enhance guest articles with data visualizations.


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1. About the client

We spoke with:

Chilli Fruit

Chilli Fruit is a web agency specializing in link-building through long-term relationships with web experts. By working with webmasters, content editors, and SEO specialists, they create quality links that are difficult to access through standard methods. The agency's offer also includes article creation and optimization, online PR activities, and campaigns using the HARO tool. 

We spoke with Jan Suski, Content & Outreach Specialist at Chilli Fruit Web Consulting, about how Brand24 helps monitor mentions where clients appear, add content value to guest posts, and acquire backlinks. 

Brand24 has been with us forever. I came to the company at the end of 2020, but I know the tool was used long before that.

Jan Suski

Content & Outreach Specialist at Chilli Fruit Web Consulting

2. Problem

One of the services the company offers its clients is to build the authority of professionals by sharing their comments on the well-known HARO (Help a Reporter Out) platform. The site allows journalists to contact experts on issues related to their reportage. 

Later, quotes may appear on reputable platforms like Forbes or Yahoo Finance. Unfortunately, reporters often don't notify authors that their quotes have been used, so Chilli Fruit has to use external tools to keep clients informed of the effectiveness of their efforts. 

3. Solution

With help comes our tool, which monitors more than 25,000 online sources and collects all mentions in which the keyword under investigation appears. Chilli Fruit sets up two types of projects - one that monitors a customer's name and one that checks where his company's name has been mentioned online. 

"Sometimes the citation is signed with the author's name, but only the company is mentioned in some situations. We need to know about all mentions, so we approach the subject comprehensively," explains Jan. 

Source: Brand24 Summary Tab


Currently, Chilli Fruit uses the entire pool of projects available in the plan - they monitor twenty client names and companies.

I like Brand24 for its clear interface and data reliability. I can see the precision with which mentions are caught and delivered to the tool so that I have them all collected conveniently in one place.

Jan Suski

Content & Outreach Specialist at Chilli Fruit Web Consulting

4. Results

HARO is a platform that brings together specialists from all over the world. Everyone there is fighting for the attention of reporters, and in their five minutes, the competition is huge. With the support of Chilli Fruit, clients do not have to strive on their own for the attention of authors of published articles, and they can share the acquired mentions in reputable magazines on their social profiles and beyond, thus building their personal brand. 

Quotes from Jan's clients and his team are highlighted in articles several times a month. Using the media monitoring offered by Brand24, they have captured up to 1,500 mentions in publications for more than a dozen clients. This is about the mentions they were not informed about using by reporters. 


Brand24 helps with personal-branding activities. Suppose you are a public figure or influencer or want to build your authority online - set up a project on your name or artistic pseudonym. This way, you'll be in control of where mentions of you appear online and in what context.

5. Other use cases

Link-building activities

Chilli Fruit acquires quality links through long-standing relationships with webmasters, SEO specialists, and more. These partnerships result from long-term efforts, requiring some market seniority. And what came before that? We won't surprise you when we say that it was Brand24. 

A few years ago, we acquired a large client from the beauty industry who wanted to acquire 150-200 links within three quarters. That's when Brand24 helped us.

Jan Suski

Content & Outreach Specialist at Chilli Fruit Web Consulting

The agency monitored all mentions of the client that were shared online. The team looked at where the potential for networking and effective link-building activities was emerging. If they noticed the chance to acquire a link, they responded to the authors of the mentions. The agency filled 10% of the client's backlink requirement through brand monitoring alone.

Creating link-building strategies is one of the most popular ways to use our tool, and you can also find examples of this in our other case studies:

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Screenshots of the tool in guest articles

Chilli Fruit offers the service of creating guest posts for its B2B clients. In his articles, Jan uses screenshots from our tool very often.

Jan sets up projects and monitors phrases related to the article's topic. He later adds the data he collects as screenshots from the tool. These are often images from reports and the Analysis, Comparison, and Summary tabs.

Jan estimates that he has set up more than a hundred projects in Brand24 over the past two years for guest articles.

Source: Brand24 Analysis Tab

Source: Brand24 Summary Tab

If the topic of my article is extensive and I need data to illustrate the issue better, Brand24 helps me.

Jan Suski

Content & Outreach Specialist at Chilli Fruit Web Consulting

5. Recommendations

Are you considering using media monitoring to build your personal brand? Here are some tips on how Brand24 can help you do just that:

Keyword monitoring: Create an alert for your name to track what people say about you in social media, reviews, and articles. Industry monitoring: Brand24 can help you identify new opportunities like collaborations, interviews, or publications. Set up a project for a phrase related to your industry and track where and what is in demand. For example, suppose you are the manager of a newly opened restaurant. In that case, you can follow the phrase "fine dining" or "New York food map" to promote your establishment and appear in listings. Sentiment analysis: Track whether comments and mentions about you are positive, negative, or neutral. This will help you understand the overall impression you create among people. Links to sources of mentions: Be proactive and engage in conversations by responding to comments, questions, and feedback. This will help you build a positive image as an open and communicative person. Bookmark Influencers: With Brand24, you can find people who frequently mention you or discuss your industry. Establish relationships with them to gain more visibility.

Source: Brand24 Influencers Tab


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