How Market Monitoring Helps to Diagnose Problems & Watch Trends in Webinar Industry

Waleria Pągowska
February 15, 2023
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ClickMeeting is an easy-to-use webinar and video conferencing platform that allows you to organize any event – from small meetings to large conferences.

We spoke with Martyna Grzegorczyk, Communication and Outreach Manager at ClickMeeting, about her team's use of Brand24. She uses it primarily for brand monitoring and market research. Martyna told us how Brand24 helps the company stay ahead of the competition and ensure its product remains relevant to current market needs. 

1. About the client

We spoke with:

Martyna Grzegorczyk
Communication and Outreach Manager at ClickMeeting


ClickMeeting provides a wide range of features and tools to facilitate collaboration and knowledge transfer. These include screen sharing, virtual whiteboard, polls, tests, and Q&A mode. The platform does not require additional software installation and is available for both desktop and mobile devices. The company focuses on the customer, including direct and quick contact with the support department. Additional advantages of using the tool are intuitiveness and security.

2. Ways to use Brand24

Brand24 gives the best results when you monitor the media holistically. It is worth remembering about reputation management, but you can draw many interesting insights by observing discussions also taking place in the immediate and further environment of the industry. Martyna gave us some examples of actions in the tool she implements in ClickMeeting.

Benchmarking against competition

Competitor monitoring is an effective and necessary marketing activity. It allows you to analyze the actions of other companies, learn from their successes or failures, and catch trends developing in your industry. In the case of ClickMeeting, the analysis of the competition made it possible to notice a growing problem in the online meetings market –  digital fatigue. In response, they prepared an article with tips on how to overcome this feeling. 


The article shows that digital fatigue "is a form of mental exhaustion caused by excessive contact with technology." Among other things, an internet user can experience it after participating in video conferences all day. 


The team was able to spot a growing problem directly threatening their company and take appropriate steps to prevent the feeling of digital fatigue that can discourage people from participating in online events. The article was prepared and sent to every ClickMeeting client. 

Brand monitoring

Both Martyna and her teammate Kuba use the tool. Both see the enormous value of nurturing a company's positive online reputation, but their tasks and how they use the tool differ.

Martyna is primarily interested in online brand mentions, especially during increased activity accompanying posting press releases. That way, she gets instant notifications  whenever someone mentions  ClickMeeting, and sees what is said about the product.

Kuba, on the other hand, focuses on catching mentions on social media so he can join the discussion at the right moment. He monitors the data captured by Brand24 from email reports, which provides him with all the information he needs and saves him time by eliminating the need to switch between tools.

Trend analysis

Tracking the keyword 'ClickMeeting' also allows you to observe how customers use the tool and what webinars they create. Each link that the platform generates includes the company's name and appears in Brand24's indicated mentions.

The analysis provided by Brand24 coincides with data from ClickMeeting's internal database. For example, based on the generated meeting links, it can be determined that Wednesday is the busiest day in terms of the number of meetings. Tuesday is ranked second, followed by Thursday. Of course, the least number of events is scheduled during the weekend, but Monday and Friday are not popular choices either. The middle of the week is most conducive to creating webinars and meetings. And you don't need to involve analysts to come to these conclusions – just one intuitive tool.

Another interesting conclusion was that most of the links with invites to online meetings were published on Monday. This is when many people start planning their week and may include webinars and meetings in their schedules.

Trends Screenshot

Market monitoring

Martyna monitors not only the brand but also the entire industry. Among other things, she is interested in terminology. She checks which term – "webinar" or "webinarium" (the polish equivalent) – is used more often, and can see the context in which these words appear on the web. In addition, the analysis of the phrase "webinar" allowed her to draw some interesting conclusions about the virtual meetings market. First, it is easy to see that discussions around the phrase "webinar" have a positive sentiment, and negative comments are unrelated to the form of meetings. The main reasons for dissatisfaction are poor connection quality and problems with joining the event.

The insights about the positive and negative aspects of the issue under study are important for companies that care about customer satisfaction and can help them take appropriate steps to improve the quality of services offered. Monitoring selected keywords also allows you to determine the market area in which they appear most often. Webinars often occur in industries where the user deals with a complex product, such as cyber security, sustainability, or health care.

3. The biggest benefits of Brand24

Martyna uses Brand24 because it is a big time saver for her.

For Martyna, the integration with Slack is one of Brand24's most significant benefits, as it allows her to quickly and easily view comments and track keywords in real time. This feature helps save time usually spent switching from one tool to another. Another benefit is the versatility of Slack, one of the most popular tools for collaborative work.


Slack Integration Screenshot


Tip: If you don't use Slack in your team but would also like to be regularly informed about new mentions, we also have something for you – email reports and alerts. To receive email reports from Brand24, go to your project settings and click on the "Reports" tab. There, enter the email address of the user you want to receive reports.


The integration with Slack further optimizes the time Martyna spends monitoring ClickMeeting mentions in the media. This is because, thanks to solutions based on artificial intelligence and automated reports, the Brand24 user can quickly find online mentions and analyze them. This is a great way to take care of the company's PR and draw conclusions from the data provided. 

Filters Screenshot

Brand24 provides several time-saving filters that make it easy to monitor social media data. The tool allows you to quickly find potential customers for your brand, track and analyze audience sentiment, increase brand awareness, and track industry trends. It also makes it possible u to engage in a conversation with users of your service or product and gain real-time insights into what people say about your brand. All these benefits boil down to one key advantage of Brand24 – it helps you save time (and as follows: energy and money).

4. Recommendations

If the applications of the tool would make sense for your brand and help it grow, contact us – we can help you choose a plan

We asked for a summary of Brand24 - Martyna rated the following aspects of the tool:


- Intuitiveness of the tool at 10/10

- Amount and scope of content provided at 8/10

- Categorization of content at 10/10


At ClickMeeting, the team uses Brand24 primarily to monitor brand mentions and search for trends related to virtual meetings and webinars. This gives them many advantages they can use in their marketing strategy, for example, being the first to notice an area of interest and use it when creating new features. 


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