How Brand24 Supports Research Projects and Online Data Analysis in Developing Innovations

Waleria Pągowska
April 18, 2023
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In this case study, we learn about how Brand24 is being used in a unique way to support research projects and online data analysis.

Grzegorz Rzeznik, the Research and Innovation Manager of SWPS University, uses Brand24 to identify trends and key actors in market monitoring, scientific development, and trend analysis. The tool is beneficial for identifying R&D activity and innovation potential in various fields due to its range of online sources analyzed and the reliability of collected data.

The team uses a Domain Filter alongside manually monitored sources to obtain additional cognitive value from more than a dozen areas of the economy and science. Brand24's capabilities are also used for trend analysis, where Grzegorz looks for information about hydrogen technologies or specific energy companies. The team has favorite features like the spam filter, sentiment filter, Influence Score, categorization by domain, and additional coding per project.

Overall, Brand24 helps him stay ahead of the competition by making data-driven decisions and determining potential innovative brokerage services that can be offered.

1. About the client

We spoke with:

Grzegorz Rzeznik
Research and Innovation Manager at SWPS University

We had the pleasure of speaking with SWPS University's Research and Innovation Manager, Grzegorz Rzeznik. Grzegorz is a business analyst and manager who works with companies, public institutions, and NGOs. He carries out innovation projects in cooperation with researchers and public and business partners who want to develop and market their solutions. The use of online data allows him to complement the market analysis of an R&D project by identifying trends, technologies, and key actors and investments relevant to the designed solutions, services, and products.

2. About the project

Brand24 is comprehensively used in the marketing and sales activities of companies. In this case study, we will talk about a completely different use of the tool: supporting research projects and online data analysis in identifying trends and developing innovations.

"In the Regional Excellence Initiative program implemented at SWPS University, we are developing various methods of designing and implementing innovations using the achievements of the social sciences. One of the project's outcomes is developing and testing a new brokerage service for innovators and decision-makers, in which we use online data," explains our interviewee. 

“Technologies and specializations, both scientific and business, have a dimension on the internet that can be measured and classified in several ways. As a result, we can assess at a specific time and place what companies are investing in, what scientific centers are publishing, and what information about future trends and innovations can be derived from this,”  he adds.

Brand24 is used to monitor analyzed areas in both English and Polish. Reports with the collected mentions and their sources are extracted monthly. The reports are the basis and supplement of further work on identifying R&D activity and innovation potential for the analyzed technologies and scientific fields.

We use web data to monitor research results, trends, and phenomena that significantly impact the development of science and the economy.

Grzegorz Rzeznik

Research and Innovation Manager, SWPS University

3. The biggest benefits of Brand24

For the team, the biggest benefit of the tool is the range of online sources analyzed and the reliability of the data collected.

"The information that many analytical tools provide limits the scope of possible analysis. Your tool is one of the best sources for this data type." - adds our interviewee.

Source settings in Brand24

In the context of analyzing web data used in R&D projects, the advantages are the range of sources and the diverse possibilities of categorizing content (type of source, the sentiment of mention, and sifting out spam messages). Others include selecting by domain, source, and additional codes).

We checked other tools and decided on Brand24 because 90% of the online data we need is collected here.

Grzegorz Rzeznik

Research and Innovation Manager, SWPS University

4. Ways to use Brand24

The mention collected by Brand24 is treated as complementary to public data and the results of academic research and industry analysis. The team manages and analyzes them with its own methods by determining relevant indicators that answer whether and how a specific technology is gaining popularity. In addition, the tool is used in two additional areas - market monitoring, scientific development, and trend analysis.

Market monitoring

Grzegorz and his team obtain information that can have additional cognitive value from more than a dozen monitored areas of the economy and science. This includes news stories with the latest developments and entries about who has created a startup or what company has bought or sold its technology (such data is often not directly provided by the entities, so information about the transaction has to be sought from other sources). The range, number, and sentiment of mentions are helpful here because of the additional informative value, with which they can enrich the report prepared according to their own methodology. 

Mentions settings in Brand24

Data from Brand24 is one of two variables the team analyzes in this project. The other is a list of manually monitored sources. This group includes expert opinions and industry reports, which require more attention and are prioritized in the study. The tool's support in finding such projects is the Domain Filter - Brand24 takes on a supporting role here. 

"This is an important source of information for us. To begin with, using the expert method and based on verified data sources, we typify research areas, and then using Brand24, we check what internet users think about these issues. We check whether the topic is popular or we are stuck in an information bubble and should expand the sample of researched sources. The number of mentions and their coverage determined by Brand24 are beneficial in determining this." - explains our guest.

We know what we are looking for. Brand24 helps us find this information and refine our research areas.

Grzegorz Rzeznik

Research and Innovation Manager, SWPS University

Trend analysis

Brand24 is an effective tool for companies that want to analyze trends on social media platforms. It allows users to monitor and track conversations and mentions of their brand, competitors, and industry keywords in real-time. By analyzing the collected data, companies can identify emerging trends, popular topics, and sentiments around their brand. This can be used to make informed decisions about marketing strategies, product development, and customer service. In addition, Brand24's customizable reports and dashboards make it easy to visualize and share insights with team members and stakeholders. 

Context of discussion for "BIOTECH" project in Brand24

Overall, using Brand24 for trend analysis is a useful way for companies to stay ahead of the competition and make data-driven decisions. 

Grzegorz also uses these capabilities in his analysis. "If the keyword is 'energy,' we look for information about hydrogen technologies or a specific energy company. We look at when and why the issue is becoming more popular, who is influencing the growth of this popularity, and how many people and money has been invested in the area," he explains. Due to the strict framework of the research work, he does not use this information in reporting the results, but it has a positive value as a source of inspiration. 

Grzegorz is currently considering and testing the capabilities of Brand24 more widely. He checks not only the reach and number but also the sentiment and context of the mentions caught. This ensures that projects do not have a fixed form but evolve as new information emerges. "I plan to modify the profile of the projects - the codes stay the same (e.g., "design"), but keywords and phrases required and excluded (e.g., "AR", "NFT") will be adjusted based on the mapping of identified technologies and their creators" - Grzegorz reserves that tests of the new method of trend mapping are still in progress

5. Most helpful feature

Among many Brand24's features, the team has some favorites. These include a spam filter, sentiment filter, Influence Score, categorization by domain, and additional coding per project.

When reviewing mentions in projects, Grzegorz most often checks the reach of the post and the sentiment of the mentions. It helps to track the sentiment of the authors of the content in question and draw conclusions from the information thus sorted.

The projects also often use the Spam Filter. "I maximize it because, for example, Twitter posts have their own dynamics, so that there are a lot of mentions but little content," he says. - explains Grzegorz, adding that the information on this portal may turn out to be groundbreaking, but at the level of analysis, such conclusions would not be defensible. 

A similar clue for the team is the data extracted from the Context of the Discussion. This is a list of issues that content authors use against a project keyword and allows, among other things, to add required phrases or exclude those unrelated to the market area being researched.

The information that many analytical tools provide limits the scope of possible analysis. Your tool is one of the best sources for this data type.

Grzegorz Rzeznik

Research and Innovation Manager, SWPS University

6. How can Brand24 help you?

Grzegorz uses Brand24 to gather information on the market areas they are analyzing as part of a research project.

The purpose of media monitoring is to determine the potential that an innovative brokerage service would have on the market. Brand24 supports our interviewee in searching the internet and collecting data from which the team can conclude subsequent stages. 

We asked for a brief summary of Brand24 - Grzegorz rated:

  • the intuitiveness of the tool at 7/10
  • the amount and scope of content provided on 8/10
  • categorization of content at 10/10

If you see something among the applications that can help your brand grow, contact us - we can help you choose a plan for yourself.


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