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Waleria Pągowska
March 31, 2023
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Kozminski University, the highest-rated private university in Poland, recognizes the importance of teaching media monitoring and social listening to marketing students. Head of the Marketing Department, Dr. Jolanta Tkaczyk, emphasizes the significance of these skills for future careers and helps students gain valuable insights through theoretical lectures and practical projects. 

The university's e-consumer classes involve a comparative analysis of two different brands and informal communication where students identify influencers to collaborate with on specific topics. Master's theses in communication strategies also benefit from using media monitoring tools such as Brand24 to analyze how consumers engage with brands on social media. Dr. Tkaczyk recommends including Brand24 in research projects to understand both the sender's and receiver's motivations for effective communication strategies. She even promotes Brand24 abroad during university collaborations in different countries. 

Introducing media monitoring tools to marketing students can provide real-time insights into brand reputation, competitors' marketing campaigns, and industry trends, aiding in crisis management, customer support, and public relations while improving brand performance. Tips for introducing media monitoring to students include theoretical lectures, practical projects, and incorporating media monitoring tools like Brand24 into research projects.

1. About the client

We spoke with:

Jolanta Tkaczyk
Jolanta Tkaczyk
Head of the Marketing Department

Kozminski University

Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego, also known as Kozminski University, is a private non-profit university in Warsaw, Poland. Established in 1993, the university is named after a renowned Polish professor of economics and entrepreneurship. It is considered to be the best business school in Central and Eastern Europe (Financial Times ranking 2022), offering a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in management, finance, accounting, economics, law, administration, and social sciences.

Kozminski University has received numerous accreditations and certificates, including triple accreditation from EQUIS, AMBA, and AACSB. It has been recognized as the best business school in Central and Eastern Europe by the Financial Times in 2022.

We had the pleasure of talking with Jolanta Tkaczyk - the Head of the Marketing Department. With over 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising, she has worked with various international and domestic brands, institutions, and organizations. She is also a renowned lecturer and researcher in the marketing field, with a particular focus on consumer behavior, branding, and communication strategies.

2. Problem

It is important for marketing students at universities to understand the importance of media monitoring and analysis.

Media monitoring is a vital tool for businesses to track and analyze their brand's online presence and reputation. It provides valuable insights into customer feedback, public relations, and marketing campaign analytics. Therefore, it is important for marketing students at universities to understand the importance of media monitoring and analysis. By learning how to use media monitoring tools such as Brand24, students can gain valuable skills that will help them in their future careers. 

Social listening is also an essential skill for students to learn, as it provides a more holistic overview of online conversations related to the brand, industry, and competitors. Therefore, universities should prioritize teaching media monitoring and social listening to marketing students to help them become better marketers and make informed business decisions. But how to do that?

3. Solution

We talked with dr Tkaczyk about different ways of introducing media monitoring to the students.

Theoretical introduction of media monitoring

During some of her courses dr Tkaczyk focuses mainly on theory of media moniring, specifically how media monitoring can be utilized in business. The theoretical aspect is discussed prior to the demonstration of Brand24's capabilities through various examples. During the live presentation, the process of creating a project and its implementation are showcased. 

Brand24 Analysis Tab for Netflix project

The presentation is geared towards postgraduate and MBI students, where there are fewer hours allocated for this subject. The exercises conducted in class are more strategic in nature, and are aimed at providing students with a deeper understanding of the importance of monitoring networks, building brand image and analyzing competition, as well as e-PR.

Assigning final projects

Online consumer behavior is a complex subject with many different factors to consider. In the e-consumer classes of the master's program, students are given a comprehensive project designed to help them understand the nuances of this topic. The project is broken down into two threads of study:

> The first thread involves a comparative analysis of the online presence and response of two different brands. This is a critical aspect of the project, as it helps students understand the unique challenges and opportunities that each brand faces online. For example, a global giant like Netflix may face different challenges than a brand like Canal+, which is distributed only for the Polish market. By analyzing these different brands, students can gain a deeper understanding of how online behaviors vary across different markets and industries. Here is an example of the comparison for Samsung and Xiaomi.

Brand24 comparison of two brands - Samsung & Xiaomi

> The second thread of the project involves informal communication, where students select a brand and related keywords to find influencers who can collaborate on certain topics. This aspect of the project requires students to think creatively about how to engage with consumers online and find new ways to drive engagement. By using tools like Brand24's word of context, students can narrow down their search and find influencers who are passionate about the same topics as their chosen brand.

Accounts with the biggest influence for Brand24

Throughout the project, students are required to present their findings in a clear and concise manner. This involves selecting the right brands, interpreting results accurately, identifying similarities and differences between different brands, and correctly interpreting sentiment analysis. The presentation is then evaluated based on these criteria, with students receiving feedback and guidance on how to improve their work.

Including Brand24 in master's thesis

Effective communication strategies for brands on social media require a deep understanding of consumer behavior. To achieve this, students working on master's theses in communication strategies often use a variety of tools to analyze how consumers engage with brands on social media. One common approach is to create projects for specific brands within a particular product category in a given sector. These projects can help students identify similarities and differences in communication strategies used by different brands, enabling them to develop a comprehensive understanding of what works and what doesn't.


Some of information gathered by Brand24 for Netflix project

In addition to analyzing social media activity, students also conduct interviews with company representatives and surveys with consumers. By collecting data from both sides of the communication channel, students can get a more complete picture of what motivates have both the sender and the receiver. This data can then be analyzed using tools like Brand24 to identify patterns in how people talk about brands, including what contexts are most likely to generate buzz and what types of content are most engaging.

I recommend using Brand24 for master's theses, especially those related to word of mouth. It helps us understand why people talk about brands, in what context they engage, what motivates them, and what they talk about in relation to brands. It's crucial to understand both the sender's and the receiver's motivations to create effective communication strategies for brands on social media.

Jolanta Tkaczyk

Head of the Marketing Department

4. Goal

Dr Tkaczyk sees the value of media monitoring and succeeds in promoting it to her students in a holistic way: by conducting competitive analysis projects, giving lectures about it and encouraging students to include Brand24 in the research part of the master's thesis. She even promotes the tool abroad.

Introducing media monitoring tools to students of marketing can be highly beneficial, as it can provide them with real-time insights into their brand's reputation, competitors' marketing campaigns, and industry trends. By utilizing media monitoring tools such as Brand24, students can effectively manage their online presence, track and analyze marketing campaigns, and stay ahead of competition. Media monitoring can also aid in crisis management, customer support, and public relations. By properly setting up a media monitoring project, students can gain a better understanding of their target audience and make informed decisions to improve their brand's reputation and overall performance in the market.

These observations, due to their universality, can later be translated into activities in professional work in marketing. Thus, making students aware of the value of media monitoring and using it in practice can provide students with a competitive advantage already at the first stages of their professional careers.

As a part of our collaborations with various universities, I have had the opportunity to travel to Peru, Georgia, Spain, Portugal, and France to conduct classes for students. During these visits, I personally demonstrated Brand24 and encouraged students to use it. I strongly believe that Brand24 can help students stay ahead of the curve in their field by providing them with real-time insights into social media conversations related to their brands and competitors.

Jolanta Tkaczyk

Head of the Marketing Department

5. Recommendations

Are you interested in introducing media monitoring topic to the students? Here are some tips, that can help you with that.

Offer media monitoring training: To introduce media monitoring to students, universities can offer training sessions or workshops that teach students how to use media monitoring tools and platforms effectively. This can help them develop the skills they need to monitor social media, track news coverage, and analyze data.

Use case studies: Case studies can be an effective way to introduce media monitoring to students. By presenting real-life examples of how media monitoring has been used in different contexts, universities can help students understand the potential benefits and applications of media monitoring.

Encourage student projects: Universities can encourage students to undertake media monitoring projects as part of their coursework or extracurricular activities. This can give students hands-on experience with media monitoring tools and techniques and help them develop practical skills that they can apply in their future careers.

Provide access to media monitoring tools: To facilitate student projects and assignments, universities can provide access to media monitoring tools and platforms. By giving students access to these tools, universities can help them develop their media monitoring skills. Write to us, we can work on the best plan for you:

Highlight career opportunities: Finally, universities can highlight career opportunities in media monitoring to motivate students and demonstrate the relevance of media monitoring skills in the job market. This can include careers in media analysis, public relations, marketing, and social media management, among others. By highlighting these opportunities, universities can help students see the value of developing their media monitoring skills.


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