How does Craft Holsters use Brand24 to promote their products?

Paulina Wałczyk
May 26, 2021
12 min read


Craft Holsters, a producer of custom leather holsters, partnered with Brand24 to promote their products. Brand24 helps them connect with new reviewers and collaborators who can assist in promoting their holsters, particularly through YouTube channels. They also use Brand24 to track their competition's promotional efforts and gather social media KPIs. Craft Holsters appreciates the attentive support they receive from Brand24's team.

1. About the client

Craft Holsters

Craft Holsters is a producer of custom leather holsters for pistols and revolvers. Our main aim is to deliver high-quality, custom made holsters for a wide range of handguns, satisfying the needs of each and every professional or amateur shooter. Our holsters are meant to deliver a unique feel, glove-like fit, and easy concealment, and they are a reflection of the traditional leather craftsmanship.

2. Interview

What is the main usage of Brand24?

Here at Craft Holsters we constantly seek for new opportunities to promote our products - custom leather holsters. That's why we decided to partner with Brand24. And that's exactly what B24 delivers to us - contacts on new reviewers who help us to promote our holsters.


What benefits did you get using Brand24?

Thanks to B24, we've already gathered a number of YouTube channels that we have already started collaborating with.

The program has been also helpful in tracking how well the competition does in the field of promotion of their own products.


What is the most important KPI you get from Brand24?

The most important KPI for us is the number of new mentions connected to the channels/platforms that can help us promote our products.


What do you find most valuable at Brand24?

We especially value the attention and care we get from the side of B24's support team.


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Waleria Pagowska
Product Marketing Specialist