How does Zmorph use media monitoring to track its marketing metrics

Paulina Wałczyk
September 21, 2020
13 min read


Zmorph, a Polish manufacturer of all-in-one 3D printers for production, science, and education, leverages Brand24 to monitor online discussions and develop a strong brand community.

By tracking mentions about their products and 3D printers in general, Zmorph's community manager successfully engaged with potential customers and even made a sale on the first day.

Media monitoring with Brand24 enables Zmorph to shorten the customer journey and respond promptly to negative comments on platforms like Quora and Reddit, safeguarding their brand reputation.

The tool's versatile features, such as email reports and campaign metrics, facilitate efficient communication within the team and demonstrate the value of marketing efforts to the board of directors.

Additionally, Zmorph utilizes Brand24 to track user-generated content, establish links with authors, and identify influencers in their field, contributing to their brand awareness and community building efforts.

1. About the client


Zmorph is a Polish manufacturer specializing in all-in-one 3D printers designed for production, science, and education. With their innovative technology, Zmorph printers offer capabilities beyond ordinary printers, allowing users to explore new frontiers.

Since its establishment in 2012 in Wrocław, Poland, Zmorph has been dedicated to providing reliable solutions for both educational and industrial purposes. Their product lineup includes the versatile Zmorph Fab and the high-performance Zmorph i500.

With official partners on all continents, Zmorph printers are accessible to customers worldwide, empowering them to bring their creative and professional ideas to life.

2. Interview

Why did you start using Brand24?

We started using Brand24 for monitoring online discussions.

At Zmorph, we wanted to develop a community around our brand, so we hired a community manager. We needed a robust media monitoring tool to track mentions not only about our product, but 3D printers in general.

It turned out to be a very smart decision — our community manager spotted a discussion on Twitter on his first day, interacted with a potential customer, and sold a printer!

Our customer journey is a long process. Media monitoring helps us shorten the process and reach our clients right where they are.


print screen showing the results of media monitoring for zmorph w 3d printer manufacturer


But Brand24 helps not only with social selling. We were able to spot negative comments on Quora and Reddit and react in time. We prevent the escalation of a crisis and protected our brand reputation!

What is the main usage for Brand24? What do you use brand24 for and how do you make that happen?

We love how versatile the tool is. We use email reports on a daily basis. The reports present the most vital information at a glance. Moreover, we can forward the report to our colleagues in customer support, so every problem is solved quickly and efficiently.

We also measure the results of our marketing campaigns using Brand24. We run a campaign on Unsplash, and thanks to Brand24 monitoring, we were able to pinpoint the reach of the campaign.

Brand24 helps us prove the value of our marketing actions to our board of directors.


print screen showing the results of media monitoring campaign for ZMorph

What features do you find most valuable?

Tracking UGC and building relations with influencers in our field!

We employ Brand24 in other marketing activities as well. Firstly, we monitor user-generated content about our printers and reach out to the authors directly. We can get in touch, build links, and improve our position in Google.

In the beginning of our marketing journey, we used Brand24 to identify influencers. We managed to build our own community by interacting with Twitter users, so we don't use the feature as much nowadays. But the Top Public profiles tab definitely helped with establishing brand awareness and building community.


Nice to see you scrolled all the way down here! Here at Brand24, we really enjoy hearing our customers' success stories. This assures us of the tool's utility and makes us proud that we can help you with whatever you use our tool for.

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Waleria Pagowska
Product Marketing Specialist