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What does Center Mast use Brand24 for?

We spoke with David Torre, the owner of Center Mast Consulting, and Roy Dimalanta, an associate at the company, to get all the details on how they use Brand24.

We specialize in competitive intelligence so we  need to synthesize a lot of information. That's why we need a robust set of data that will help us deliver the right message to our clients. Media monitoring is an indispensable part of our tool stack.


Brand24 helps us collect the information we need. We can then present the right data to our clients. We have all the information right in the dashboard, and the data is collected quickly and efficiently. 

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Email reports help us stay on top of online mentions

Email reports and notifications are a great feature we use almost daily. Thanks to email reports, we were able to spot interesting comments, for example, on Reddit, and forward it to our client. 


Our client engaged with the person that asked the question. He was able to establish a long-lasting relationship with the user. He began to build a reputation as an industry leader within his niche and became a mentor for others.  All because of an email notification sent on Saturday morning.


print screen showing newsletter from Brand24 

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Which Brand24 features are most useful?

There are many features we use every day, as they make our lives so much easier. 


We love the versatility of the tool. We can present the most important data to an executive to show the general situation. And if we want to dig a little bit deeper, and introduce more advanced analytics to marketing managers or project managers, we can do it with the help of the same tool. Customizable PDF reports help us get the right pieces of information to the right people. 


print screen showing a pdf report from center mast


We enjoy the mobile app. We can examine the mentions on-the-go and send the most interesting ones to our clients right away. 

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We can count on Brand24 data

Brand24 is a robust and stable tool. The coverage is amazing, as the tool gathers mentions from all over the web. The results are added to the dashboard quickly, and the user interface is friendly and easy to navigate.


print screen showing the number of interactions for center mast


But most importantly, Brand24 gives us the data we need to meet our clients' needs. We can expand our business by using Brand24. 

Thousands of companies use Brand24 to monitor the web.

Whether you're a one-person business, startup or Fortune 500 company,
Brand24 helps you discover your digital footprint worldwide.