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What Divante Uses Brand24 for?

Divante has been using Brand24 for 2 years now. They use the tool for social selling. Let’s make a quick recap on what social selling actually is.

Social selling is a relatively news sales technique — a natural response to traditional advertising, banner blindness and distorted attention of consumers. Social selling aims at building closer and personal relation with customer leads over social media. These days, more and more consumers seek online recommendations: they ask for product and service recommendations in social media, on blogs, discussion forums and elsewhere. Social selling means being able to identify these conversations in real time and being able to engage them.


Web and social media monitoring tools like Brand24 are the perfect tool for social selling — they collect all online mentions of predefined keywords from all across the Web. They keywords should be related to one's business activity. In the case of a software house, they could be related to software development technologies.


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Social Selling the Divante Way

They do social selling to get clients for their software development company.

Using Brand24, they monitor keywords connected to growing software development technologies, for example PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) or Pimcore (PIM and CMS framework). This is how Divante identifies companies using these technologies that might need Divante’s help.


Social Selling the Divante Way


Then, they contact them to say hello, answer some questions or offer help and expertise to support their authority in the field. Just like here:


Social Selling the Divante Way

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What KPIs Divante Tracks?

They keep track of generated leads and sales.

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What's the ROI from Using Brand24?

100 000+ Euros.

Since Divante has changed their strategy and went for more specific niches, apart from the before-mentioned engagement, using web and social media monitoring, they identified, engaged and closed one 100k deal!


Tomasz Karwatka, CEO of Divante on using Brand24


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What are Their Favorite Features?

Daily and Weekly Email Reports.

Divante really likes Daily and Weekly Email Reports as they provide summary of the most important web and social media mentions from the point of view of sales. Learn more about them in this blog post.


Daily and Weekly Email Reports

Over 100,000 companies use Brand24 to monitor the web.

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