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About the client

Dealavo is a price monitoring and automation tool for online stores and manufacturers. 

For stores, it offers competitor price tracking, optimization, and automation to help stores adjust their pricing strategies to current market conditions. For manufacturers, the tool helps track visibility, availability, and pricing of their products. With price tracking, manufacturers can better align their pricing strategies to the market and competition. 


Dealavo has built its competitive advantage through transparency and data availability and distinguishes itself by data accuracy of 99%. It proactively supports its customers through high-quality customer service, intuitive tools, and the breadth of services offered. 


We spoke with Aleksandra Holownia, Marketing Manager at Dealavo, about using Brand24 for brand, market, and competition monitoring in e-commerce. 

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The biggest advantage of Brand24

For Aleksandra, the most valuable benefit that our tool gives her is the ability to catch opportunities that would be easy to pass up without media monitoring.

"Sometimes, we wouldn't notice the potential in a given area if it wasn't for Brand24. It's not even about saving time. It's about discovering new opportunities," she adds. Brand24 is useful because it helps Dealavo in areas they usually wouldn't spend so much time on - monitoring price analysis keywords and tracking all available brand mentions. If there is marketing potential in the collected data, it is appropriately managed.

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Brand24's most useful functions

Aleksandra uses the tool in so-called "hot" moments, such as during reports, when building a link building strategy, or when the team is launching a new project.

In her daily work, Aleksandra mainly uses the basic functions of the tool – email alerts are particularly useful for her: "Thanks to email alerts, it only takes me a few seconds to see if there are any relevant mentions of Dealavo on the web. It allows me to react quickly whenever I see that someone has doubts about our solution." 



The second valuable feature is the ability to filter mentions, allowing Aleksandra to narrow down the results to the most relevant ones. For example, in one project, she tracks the phrase "dynamic pricing" (which is one of the services they offer). However, many of the mentions don't match the company's business – they often relate to Uber's dynamic pricing model, while Dealavo focuses on automated pricing for online stores.


By applying a filter that narrows mentions to those that use the word "e-commerce," Aleksandra can track only the results that are relevant to her.


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Market research

Dealavo's most common use of Brand24 is to monitor key phrases such as "dynamic pricing" or "price analysis" and analyze in what context these phrases were used. "To a large extent, the pandemic has accelerated the thinking about pricing and e-commerce in many large companies. Since then, the number of mentions of price monitoring and Dealavo has been increasing," – Aleksandra emphasizes.

Product development


"If there are mentions of price monitoring tools on the web, we want to know what is being mentioned and why." – Aleksandra says. For Dealavo, this is a signal of what their potential customers might be looking for.


Thanks to Brand24, among other things, they were able to catch an article about price monitoring in the context of Google Ads campaigns. The text mentioned tips for increasing conversions in campaigns and that the main factor reducing conversions is the high product price. The text boiled down to a simple conclusion: you need to monitor prices when releasing Google Ads regularly. 



"After reading the article, we concluded that this particular application of our tool we haven’t promoted sufficiently," – recalls Aleksandra, and adds that this affected their communication strategy. A web article picked up by Brand24 allowed them to understand that this niche has excellent sales potential.


They are now promoting this application in marketing messages. In addition, they are doing tests to increase the Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) with Google Shopping Ads through the Dealavo tool. ROAS sometimes increases by up to 100%. "In the future, a much more comprehensive solution will be directly related to increasing ROAS from product ads. Brand24 contributed to the development of our product and was the premise for moving in this direction." – says our interviewee.

Increase in sales


Brand24 can also contribute directly to sales growth. For example, Expandeco once mentioned Dealavo in an interview for the portal. They cited the tool as a good solution for overseas product expansion and recommended it to their clients. 


Following up the mention, an idea arose at Dealavo to expand the services offered to current clients who have branches in foreign markets. Dealavo’s customer success team reached out to these clients with a proposal to use the tool in foreign branches. This turned out to be a bull's eye and resulted in several successful sales and cooperation with interested customers. 

Catching trends in the market


Dealavo provides some of its data in the form of reports published online. Thanks to Brand24, they can identify trending topics and use their potential accordingly. An example is an annual report created in cooperation with Deloitte. The report analyzed prices during the Black Friday period and whether they really dropped. 


In 2020, Aleksandra saw a lot of hype around this topic. Together with the Dealavo team, they created a separate report based on an analysis of the toy market and its prices in the pre-Christmas period. The research went viral. Brand24 helped them determine the topics of interest to their content audience and adjust the strategy and topics of future publications accordingly. 


Data on mentions collected during the release of the report in cooperation with Deloitte
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Brand monitoring

Establishing partnerships


Dealavo published a report about prices in Europe and which portals in a given country offer the lowest-priced products. “With the help of Brand24, we analyzed the report's reception and where and how it was mentioned. Dealavo later wrote to some portals with a proposal to expand marketing cooperation. Thanks to media monitoring, we were able to take appropriate steps quickly." – Aleksandra says.


On another occasion, Dealavo found a blog about price monitoring through Brand24. Aleksandra returned to the editors with an offer to improve the article in exchange for mentioning their company in it, so she could talk more broadly about what they do. "Now I know that the agency that ran the blog is recommending us to its clients," she says.


Quick data collection


Brand24 is a useful tool when collecting information for reports that Dealavo publishes. Aleksandra told us she also sends a press release when they post new reports. She stresses that with the tool, it is easier to see which of the 500 recipients have shared the information on their portals. With Brand24, she can check, who wrote about Dealavo in an instant. 

Analysis of traffic sources


Sometimes, in the case of direct traffic, it is difficult to determine where the cause of a large number of hits to the site lies. In such situations, Google Analytics proves to be ineffective. That's when Brand24 tool comes to the rescue. "Two years ago, we had a lot of hits on an article we published. We got several thousand hits overnight, and we didn't know where they came from." – recalls Aleksandra, adding that thanks to Brand24, they found out that Janusz Piechocinski (former deputy prime minister of Poland) referred to the article on his Twitter and the article went viral. 

Acquiring backlinks


Whenever a company is mentioned on blogs, there is link building potential. In such situations, Aleksandra contacts the authors and offers to expand the article or give a separate interview. "I contacted, who mentioned our tool in their article. We started further cooperation, and as a result, an interview with me appeared on their website with a Dofollow link to Dealavo”, says Aleksandra.

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Benchmarking against competition

Identify competitor strengths


Dealavo monitors mentions of its competitors. This allows them to analyze who is talking about them and in what context. Aleksandra is aware that there are areas of the market whose potential they may not be fully exploiting.


"If we see that some blogs are mentioning our competitor in a particular area, for example, highlighting the value of its expansion abroad, it is a signal to us that we also need to communicate more strongly about it. Also, we operate internationally, and we want to be recognized in this segment if it is a catchy and attractive topic," – Aleksandra says. 

Inspiration on new markets


She adds that while Dealavo is already well established in Poland, they are still working on their presence in foreign markets. She sees great potential in observing the areas where  the competitors are leading the way for now. Through competitor analysis, for example, they can see where other companies are showing up – are there any important events in Germany, for instance, that they've missed, where other companies in the industry will show up? "This is still an undeveloped area of competitive analysis in our company, which is worth looking into," she says.

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How can Brand24 help you?

Companies use Brand24 to monitor their brand mentions and, as in the case of Dealavo, gather insights that directly affect their product and marketing strategy. It helps in monitoring competitors' activities in areas where the brand is just developing and allows to unlock opportunities for cooperation with other companies and news portals.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Brand24 tool is customizable and constantly improving. Aleksandra rated the different aspects of our tool (on a scale of 1-10):

- ease of use: 10

- the amount and scope of content provided: 10

- categorization of content: 9

The potential is enormous. How you use Brand24 is up to you (but we're always happy to help with the brainstorming and inspiration-gathering process. ;)) And what will you use Brand24 for?

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