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What Wondery Uses Brand24 for?

Wondery has been using Brand24 for 2 years. Their Digital Marketing Manager, Kate Strollo took some time from her day to share how she uses Brand24 to keep content on track

Wondery uses Brand24 to track conversations about wondery as a brand, but also our core shows such as Business Wars and Dr Death. One of our core usages is to monitor how each episode performs online within the first 48 hours of launch.

If we can show that a new episode of topic is performing better or on par with a previous episode we can be sure it was a good choice. It really helps to be able to compare on a sub level such as episodes.

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Most Important KPIs and Metrics you get from Brand24

'Reach and Interactions'

Reach and interactions are really important for us. Number of likes has really become less valuable to us as people move from platform to platform or away from social in some aspects. Therefore showing that our reach and interactions is expanding over multiple channels helps us know we are in the right direction.



Growth of a show's reach over multiple channels is really important to us, especially not to only relay on the metric of one social channel or network. Our users tend to talk about different shows in different places, not only twitter, but on true crime forums and we want to really be aware of everything that is being said. 


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What are Your Vital Features?

'Influencer Score and Sentiment'

Being aware of the reach of each author and mentions is really crucial for us. If we see a sudden spike in reach, we can instantly see who caused that and reach out to them to either simply say ‘thanks!’ or consider a partnership together. We have been able to do this successfully a couple times already.



Sentiment is something important for us, especially as our stories aim to be immersive. So when we can firstly that our shows generate emotions in listeners as a whole it’s a great start, then seeing what types of emotions and if they are in line with our goals.


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