How Brand24 Helped the Charity Ultrakrew Reach 136 Potential Partners

Paulina Wałczyk
January 2, 2023
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1. About the client

We spoke with:

Jacek Bastian
Founder of the foundation

Ultrakrew is a charitable non-governmental organization that organizes the ‘Każdy ma swój krwiobieg’ (Polish for "Everyone has their own bloodstream") run every winter. Its goal is to cover the length of the entire Polish coastline (550 km) and promote honorary blood donations under the slogan ‘Ultrakrew’.


This year, the association also organized a summer nationwide edition of the campaign. The event is gaining more and more interest and popularity on the internet.

The team members limit their online activity to organic actions on Facebook and other social media, as well as free cooperation with news portals. The action which captured the most attention was a video created in collaboration with InterRisk TU S.A. to promote Ultrakrew. The video took second place at the Festiwal Filmów Odpowiedzialnych 17 Celów festival.

In April this year, Ultrakrew and its partner InterRisk TU S.A. won the Vienna Insurance Group's global competition for the best CRS action in 2021.

Jacek Bastian, the originator of Ultrakrew, emphasizes that they would not have achieved such success without the commitment of the entire team and the help of partners. Brand24 also supports Ultrakrew, and we talked to Jacek about the marketing activities where our tool helped the most.

Photo from the run

When talking to partners, I cite a well-known external source that guarantees reliable information about our activities

Jacek Bastian

Originator of Ultrakrew

2. Biggest benefit

For Jacek, the biggest benefit Brand24 gives him is building credibility. In the 7th edition of the run, he sent a report from Brand24 to 136 potential partners, in the summer edition - 96, and last year to 111.

"When talking to partners, I cite a well-known external source that guarantees reliable information about our activities," he says, adding that a social action that is so recognizable and completely free can raise doubts at first glance. Therefore, the statistics pulled from our tool are invaluable in talks about funding the organization's activities.

"Even though InterRisk TU S.A., our partner in the competition, knew what we were doing, in order to prepare reliable information for Vienna Insurance Group's global competition, we had to provide reliable data about the scale of our activities. Likes under Facebook posts are not enough, but summaries from Brand24 – that's a different story," says the president of the association.

Ultrakrew - summary from Brand24 panel

The data from Brand24 provides additional credibility to our activities.

Jacek Bastian

Originator of Ultrakrew

3. Most useful features

For Jacek, some information that Brand24 provides him is particularly important.

The most beneficial part of Brand24, crucial when talking to partners, is the Analysis tab, which allows him to compare data from subsequent editions of the run and measure the increase in recognition of the association. The increase in reach in social media or user-generated content (UGC) is a great way to show how Ultrakrew grows in importance with each edition. Another one is the Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) Indicator, which estimates the amount of money that would have to be spent on the publication of the selected message if it was an advertisement.

Analysis for Ultrakrew

4. Use cases

Jacek uses our tool in various areas in his work. In addition to building credibility among potential donors, Brand24 also monitors the organization and what is said about it on the Internet.

Brand monitoring

Jacek has a very analytical approach to the information collected by Brand24 – if there is a mention of Ultrakrew somewhere, he always tries to reach its source. This is important because he wants to promote on his profiles all the actions created under the slogan "Ultrakrew" that are created independently by people that want to help. "This is a classic trait of selfless people – they don't care about publicity. But we want to talk about them, help them, and inspire others. That's why it's so important for me to monitor mentions in Brand24 – I can thank these people for their support and show how we appreciate their commitment," he adds.

"During the 4th edition of the Run, I talked to the Blood Donation Center in Krakow. They informed me that there are many blood collections organized for us in the province, which I had no idea about. Only after a few days, when I looked at the Brand24 report, I saw that the Labor Corps in Nowy Sącz was organizing campaigns for our run.

Constant contact with people involved in promoting the activities of the association is an important element of building a positive sentiment among recipients of charity actions. Brand24 allows you to stay up-to-date and react to every mention. 

Ultrakrew photo

This is a classic trait of selfless people – they don't care about publicity. But we want to talk about them, help them, and inspire others. That's why it's so important for me to monitor mentions in Brand24

Jacek Bastian

Originator of Ultrakrew

Acquiring partners

In the context of talks with potential donors, the estimated social media reach and the Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) are significant to Jacek. These metrics represent the value of the activities supporting the Ultrakrew social campaign. In this year's winter and summer editions, this equivalent amounted to almost one million zlotys, which is one of the important factors during talks, showing the involvement of users on the Internet.

Another benefit is the credibility that Ultrakrew builds by presenting reports from a trusted and reliable source. This allows them to provide accurate data and show the scale of the association's development over the last seven editions of the run.

Responding to user needs

For Jacek, monitoring mentions is essential, but analyzing the recipients and authors of content related to the Ultrakrew campaign seems even more crucial. Why did someone comment on this? In what context? Who is this person? To better respond to your audience's needs, you must first get to know them well.

The pandemic allowed Jacek to understand how important the whole action is in the social dimension. "Many people wrote to us informing us that they could not attend the event in person. They asked if there were any other forms of participation in the whole action," – recalls Jacek. In response to this willingness to participate, the GoKrew mobile application appeared. It combined the charity and sports dimensions of Ultrakrew.

Collecting and analyzing references to Ultrakrew, Jacek also drew another important conclusion – "The level of knowledge about blood donation in Poland is deficient. People want to educate themselves, asking questions on forums related to this issue, but the quality of the answers is awful," he says. In response, they decided to organize an information campaign to promote substantive blog resources and information for blood donors. Thus, they want to ensure the recipients get quality content that will be a collection of practical advice on blood donation.

Such activities are important in the context of business or company development. In marketing, we talk about stepping into the user's shoes. What better way to do that than by analyzing information extracted from the source, i.e., monitoring the behavior of our recipients with the help of Brand24?

Preventing an image crisis

While monitoring the brand, you must always keep an eye on and prevent PR crises if those may arise. This is the responsibility that brands have towards themselves and their audiences.

In the case of Ultrakrew, an NGO that works for a good cause, it is hard to imagine a situation in which such a crisis happens. And in fact, there were no such situations, with one exception.

"Some time ago, a participant wrote that he donated blood for our association. Under the comment, another person replied, claiming that the person had AIDS. This would be impossible because the tests each participant must do before donating blood are very rigorous. We knew that this comment was only intended to stir controversy," – says Jacek. Ultrakrew’s reaction was fast. The bad-mouther was requested to remove the comment or face legal action from the association.

The quick reaction was mainly intended to protect the attacked donor, but such a comment could potentially also impact the association itself. Fortunately, because the comment was quickly picked up by Brand24, appropriate preventive measures were taken.

Sentiment analysis

Analysis of traffic sources

Brand24 is a tool for media monitoring, and although it is not dedicated to it, it can be used as support in the analysis of traffic sources. It is handy when growth is based on direct traffic.

However, for Jacek, who does not use other marketing tools in his work, the data provided by Brand24 is sufficient. "I know when and where someone is talking about us and what reach the post has. Some time ago,, with whom we did not cooperate, wrote about us. It turned out that the same publishing house issues Runners World magazine, which published an article about Ultrakrew. Of course, I knew about the article in the magazine, but I wouldn't have found the mention if it wasn't for Brand24.,” says Jacek.

I know when and where someone is talking about us and what reach the post has.

Jacek Bastian

Originator of Ultrakrew

5. How can Brand24 help you?

Jacek found out about Brand24 by accident during talks with a potential partner. "I mentioned to him that we have 100,000 social media reach. At the next meeting, he pointed out that we have over 200,000 and that he checked it in Brand24. When I got home, I looked through the tool and was surprised at the amount of information it provided!" he recalls.

Since then, Jacek regularly uses our tool during subsequent Run editions. "For me, Brand24 is number one when it comes to customer support," he says.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, our tool can be easily adapted to the user's needs and is constantly improved. Jacek rated the different aspects of Brand24 (on a scale of 1-10):

- intuitiveness at 10

- amount and scope of content delivered at 10

- content categorized at 10

If, among the above Brand24 applications, you see something that can help develop your brand, contact us – we will help you choose a plan.

For me, Brand24 is number one when it comes to customer support.

Jacek Bastian

Originator of Ultrakrew

Nice to see you scrolled all the way down here! Here at Brand24, we really enjoy hearing our customers' success stories. This assures us of the tool's utility and makes us proud that we can help you with whatever you use our tool for.

Maybe you also happen to use Brand24 in your day-to-day work and want to share your case with the world. If so, feel free to write me!

Till the next case study. Toodles!

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