Media Monitoring Analysis Reports: What Are They and How to Create Them

Media Monitoring Analysis Reports: What Are They and How to Create Them?

Marketers are often required to present the results of their work. They have to do it to prove that their efforts deliver expected results. However, preparing reports containing a lot of stats and data can be an overwhelming task and cost you a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, thanks to media monitoring tools like Brand24, you get the ability to create a media monitoring and analysis report in a few minutes.

How to create them?
When and how can you use these reports?
And how can you earn money thanks to these reports?
All the answers are in the text. Enjoy!

Tip: If you’re new to media monitoring and Brand24, find out what exactly media monitoring is and why is it worth your attention.

What is the media monitoring analysis report?

In general, media monitoring and analysis reports collect all the data provided by media monitoring tools like Brand24 in one document. This document is customizable, and while creating it, we have 100% control over what’s in it.

The report is prepared in PDF format, which makes the document easy to read on every electronic device able to read such files.

What kind of data does the media monitoring analysis report include?

Ok, I think that everybody can imagine what a report is, so let’s move to the essential elements of the report – data.

The report can present all pieces of data Brand24 tracks. So, you’ll find here such data as:

Summary of mentions including:

• The volume of mentions
• Social media reach
• The volume of positive and negative mentions

screen shot presenting summary of mentions in media monitoring analysis report generated by brand24 media monitoring tool

Mentions by category

screen shot presenting mentions per category chart in media monitoring analysis report generated by brand24 media monitoring tool

Numerical summary including:

• The volume of mentions
• The volume of social media mentions
• The volume of non-social media mentions
• Social media reach
• Total number of interactions, shares, and likes
• Total number (and percentage) of positive and negative mentions
• The volume of mentions from blogs
• The volume of mentions from forums
• The volume of videos

screen shot presenting numerical summary of your online performance in media monitoring analysis report generated by brand24 media monitoring tool

Context of discussion

screen shot presenting context of discussion about you brand in media monitoring analysis report generated by brand24 media monitoring tool

Moreover, the report includes such data-based lists as:

• Most popular mentions
• Most active social media profiles
• Most influential social media profiles
• Most influential sites
• Trending hashtags
• Most active countries

How can PDF reports save your time and money?

As you can see, generating media monitoring analysis reports in the Brand24 tool is intuitional, easy, customizable, and, what’s most important, takes only a few minutes.

Thanks to the data gathered in one place, you don’t have to search for data and stats in various tools and websites. It allows you to save time and focus more on your daily tasks, marketing initiatives rather than spend hours on creating graphs in Excel.

The report is transparent, presents all the data gathered by the tool, is graphically and visually coherent, which helps in its reception.

Also, the reports allow you to save money. And even earn more.


Let’s take a closer look at the data. The pieces of data, such as the volume of mentions per category, most active sites, and most influential sites, show you where the buzz around your keywords is the biggest. Thanks to that knowledge, we get valuable insight into our brand’s online presence or our competitors’ online marketing results.

Following this lead, you get a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors’ marketing initiatives. You know on which websites and social media platforms your customers (current or potential) are talking about your business, which platforms have a potential for growth and which you’d better leave behind.

This kind of verification of marketing channels may save you a lot of money and effort because, after that, you’ll focus all your forces on channels, which are giving you some valuable return proved by hard data.

Also, maybe you ignored some platforms or websites unwittingly, and, in consequence, you’ve missed a vast group of potential customers?

Thanks to these data contained in the media monitoring and analysis report, you can spot these kinds of groups and approach them.

Who knows, maybe it’s your holy grail?

When can I use a media monitoring analysis report?

Ok, you know that PDF Reports show a considerable amount of data and can save you a lot of time, effort, and money.

But I guess you may now ask me a question:

How and when can I use this report?

I’d divide the answer to this question into two types of use of the media monitoring and analysis reports – external and internal.

By external use, I mean situations when you need to present the results of your work to your clients, contractors, or potential investors. It can be:

A report showing the results of your digital marketing campaigns for your client.

If you, for example, run a digital marketing agency, preparing such reports for your clients can also make them feel that you care about them, and engage them more in cooperation with you.

Thanks to regular reporting your results, you can regularly verify your marketing initiatives, consult the results with your clients in order to work out the best solutions.

What’s more, thanks to the reports, you can discover the weakest links of your client’s campaigns, and propose activities that will improve these areas, which may increase their income.

A report showing the data and stats of your online presence for potential investors or contractors.

Media monitoring analysis reports can be also your ace up your sleeve when you want to attract new clients or investors for your business.

Prepare the PDF Report before meeting with your potential customers to get to know more about their business and show them that you are well prepared for the meeting, and you know what to do and how to do it. By doing this, you’ll be able to prepare an offer perfectly suited to their needs.

When it comes to investors, such a report will show them previous results of your online presence, how popular you are, how your brand is perceived by your customers, etc.

By internal use, I mean situations when you use the data from the report to verify the results of your marketing initiatives and stats such as:

  • Brand monitoring
  • Brand reputation activities
  • The reach of your campaigns
  • Your brand awareness, etc.

Watch the video, in which our awesome Chia, presents 10 powerful growth tips for using media monitoring:

How to prepare a media monitoring analysis report?

Besides the fact that the media monitoring analysis report may sound severe and complex, it takes only a few clicks to generate such a report. And at the very beginning, you need to have a media monitoring project.

To get familiar with the step-by-step process of generating a PDF report in Brand24, customize it and adjust to your needs, read this post.


To sum up, media monitoring analysis reports are beneficial in many areas, such as cooperation with your clients, sales, and results of your marketing initiatives.

Thanks to its insights and stats, the reports may give us a new perspective on our job and show something we missed.

Also, the PDF reports can save you a lot of time and effort because of the easy process of creating them. It takes only a few minutes to generate a detailed data-based report containing the most important stats and insights about your project.


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