5 Best Snapchat Campaigns Of All Time

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So here we are. New to some of you, ancient to others. Snapchat. You know you should be using it. If you don’t know how, check out these examples of perfect campaigns. If you do… Check them out anyway. You will still learn something.

This one we can’t stress enough

I’ve already written about this campaign in a post called Use Snapchat. It Forces 100 Million People To Pay Attention. I’ll write about it again, here. It’s the most perfect of the perfect ones out there, as it uses the native idea of Snaps disappearing after the 10 seconds. It illustrates how something can be gone forever.

It’s like going on Facebook with a picture of a face and a book. Yes, that’s a joke. No, not a good one.

Anyway, look below:

BB-8 is on Snapchat, too!

A toy company, Sphero, wanted to sell more of their BB-8 droid toy. As we all love Star Wars here at Brand24, we thought we could use it as an example. Hell, my colleague’s official job title is Content Jedi, after all.

Sphero reached out to Snapchat influencers. They posted pictures. And videos. And the whole thing turned out to be a great success, amassing more than two million views during one day at Shaun McBridge Snapchat account. They probably didn’t even count the other ones.

They toy sold out completely in a couple of hours. And there are some of you that say social media won’t get more people to buy stuff.

Snapzenegger style

Arnold Schwarzenegger. A living legend. The Terminator. The bodybuilder. A governor.

And a huge supporter of the marketing team behind Terminator: Genisys which premiered July 1, 2015. What Mr. Schwarzenegger did was seriously quite catchy – long story short, he promoted his own Terminator Snapchat filter. Users of the platform could then put it over their own faces.

What Schwarzenegger’s team also remembered about was to cross-post their Snapchat campaign on Facebook and Twitter. And they gathered quite a lot of shares and likes.

Burberry. The risk-taker

You can either like or dislike the brand, but you’ll recognize the famous pattern of the trench coat everywhere. As it turns out, though, they didn’t need it this time.

Burberry hired Mario Testino, one of the best fashion photographers in the world, to create an editorial that would disappear after 24 hours. And he did. He showcased the new campaign stars, whom the Snapchat users had the privilege of seeing as first in the whole wide world.

Acura. You can do it in a simple way and still get results

Acura, an automobile manufacturer, wanted to give the world a sneak peek behind the curtain. They allowed the public to see the NSX, their new sports car prototype.

And they didn’t have a Snapchat before. They set it up for this campaign. They even posted invitations on both Facebook and Twitter, promising to show the NSX to their first 100 followers.

The whole thing resulted in one of the most effective and creative, yet simple, social media campaigns. Acura may not have a massive following, but that seriously sets them on the right path.

Still not convinced? Take a look at 10 ways to use Snapchat for business.

Be ahead of the pack. Spot trending topics before everybody else.

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