7 Morning Routines of a Successful Marketer

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If you’ve ever done some casual online research on the subject, you would find that there’re plenty of benefits to getting up early in the morning and developing a good morning routine. Aside from the obvious benefit of having more time due to proper organization, you will also find yourself feeling more energized, as if you’re more ready to take on all the challenges that await you during the course of the day or week. You will also feel less stressed out, because a mountain of problems you have to go through is no more than tasks that need to be organized.

Having a specific morning routine, which you will adhere to religiously, makes you a better professional, especially if you are a digital marketer. This particular industry requires you to be organized and makes you deal with unpredictability on a daily basis.

For this article, we’ve rounded up 7 simple, yet effective morning routines to help you deal with everything that’s waiting for you, and become a better marketer in the process. Check out the list below.

1. Create a Plan

It applies both to your day, and to your career as a marketer in general. While there’s something oddly attractive about not playing it safe and figuring things out on the go, careful planning is the way to go when it comes to digital marketing. According to Peter Atkins, who works as a marketing specialist for Resumesplanet, planning is everything:

“Having a detailed plan containing your objectives, budget, strategy, and all the information about your target audience which you will constantly tweak and improve in order to keep up with constant changes is an absolute must. Coming up with a schedule will reduce your stress levels, because once you have put everything in writing, you will know what to do and when. What more could you want?”

2. Learn Something New

One of the first things you should do in the morning is read news feeds, particularly Twitter, all the latest blog posts, and keep up to date with all of the conferences and seminars in your niche. Why should you do this? Because there is no room for stagnation in digital marketing. You can never rest on your laurels and enjoy your success – there is always something new around the corner.

According to Daren Rowse, a speaker, blogger, consultant and founder of ProBlogger, there are no tricks in becoming successful:

“There are no magic wands, no hidden tracks, and no secret handshakes that can bring you immediate success, but with time, energy and determination you can get there.

3. Listen to Your Audience

In addition to keeping up with the news and social media, you should keep your finger on the pulse of your readership at the start of each new day. While the whole point of content marketing is to be read by others, it can only ever be successful if it solves a problem that your audience has, and the best way to find out what sort of issue they need to resolve would be to get in touch with them, read comments, emails, and social media messages. Find out what they love, what they hate, what they want, and most of all, what they need. Another benefit of this approach is that you will never run out of topics to write about. Your readers will create them for you.

One way of meeting your audience’s expectations is using social media monitoring tools, such as our very own tool. You can see what your audience talk about you across the Internet and social media. Actually, here you can find more benefits of social listening. Have a good reading!

4. Build Relationships

We’re not just talking about building a relationship with your audience, even though it’s the most crucial aspect of marketing, but also with your colleagues and influencers in the niche. Keep in mind that customers are tired of ads and campaigns and they’re looking for an actual connection and better user experience, rather than a sales pitch. But cultivating a good relationship with your audience requires you to reach out to them on a daily basis, whether through methods described in the previous paragraph or through surveys and user reviews, because that’s how you directly find out what they need.

5. Test Everything

Since there is no magic wand when it comes to digital marketing, only hard work. You should also fine-tune your strategy a little bit each day. Create ideas but don’t be precious with them. Gather facts and use those which you think will work and test them out. If they provide an improvement upon your previous model, keep them. You have to check everything in order to see if it works, since there are no hard and fast rules of digital marketing.

6. Use Analytics to Quantify Your Results

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Mornings should also be reserved to check your analytics data. The most successful marketers don’t just use analytics. They swear by it. Analytics software keeps track of everything and there is so much data you can rely on in order to figure out your audience’s behavior and focus your efforts. Keep an eye on conversion rates and create separate events for links to social media, so you can monitor every detail. Figure out what works and improve it even further and abandon the strategies that don’t work.

7. Check out Your Competition

While peeking over the fence into your neighbor’s yard is considered bad in real life, watching what your competition do is a must in digital marketing. The best marketing experts always include this into their morning routines. Follow your competitor’s work, and see if you can spot any changes, because they are not likely to shout their new strategy from the rooftops. Don’t let them sneak up on you, and then have you catching up. In addition to this, use tools such as BuzzSumo or Hootsuite in order to learn from their mistakes and successes.


It is well-known fact that a morning routine is good for your health. But, as you can see, it can also works wonders for your marketing business, of course if you’re willing to put a lot of effort into something and stay disciplined. Create a schedule, stay hungry, learn, get to know your audience but also rely on numbers and your competitors that provide you with some additional insights.

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