CASE STUDY: How a Restaurant Used Social Media Monitoring to Listen to Customer Requests

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The Internet has become just another medium to share our opinions, experiences, as well as to seek advice and recommendations. Among all Internet users, mothers are one of the most active and engaging group, both in terms of sharing and seeking advice. Mothers are willing to share their experiences and everyday problems connected to raising children.

Mother with Babies vs. Restaurants

One of the most frequent problems mother face is the lack of baby changing tables. It becomes a real problem arises when it’s time to change diapers – mothers often have to change diapers in the baby carriage which is a struggle.

One mother addressed this issue in a Facebook post and suggested portable changing tables as the solution. Her post was answered.

Mother with Babies vs. Restaurants

I dreaded to raise this topic because mothers are divided even when it comes to taking babies for a walk. However, I decided to voice my opinion and demand these elementary conveniences. Toilets for disabled people have become a standard and I simply don’t understand why mothers have to change their babies in carriages and preferably at the back of a restaurant. Another thing that motivated me to write about it online was the huge number of mothers I noticed in restaurants.

Magda Kochanska, a happy mother

Restaurants Passed the Exam

One popular restaurant reacted immediately and reached out to Magda asking where should they buy the changing table. What’s more, the manager of the restaurant thanked Magda for advice and raising such an important matter.

Two other restaurants also reacted to the post. After buying the changing table, one restaurants informed about it on their Facebook fan page.

Magda started her post with “Dear restaurateurs and managers”. She raised an extremely important issue so I reacted immediately and bought the changing table the same day her post appeared online. We even got exactly the same table as the one from her post.

Katarzyna Szpon Reklinska, the owner of Rekliniec restaurant.

Facebook Reactions

Facebook users, mostly mothers, appreciated the response from Rekliniec restaurant. Also, Magda was happy to contribute and have an impact on such an important matter.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

According to the studies from 360PR MomSquad and Mom It Forward, 70% of American mothers at least once a month recommends to other mothers products and services. Half of them does it on a daily basis. Undoubtedly, Magdalena is one of them.

It started a snowball effect. Other mothers started asking me about restaurants that offer facilities for mothers with children.

It’s likely that this situation results in more mothers visiting restaurants that bought changing tables. A couple of mothers with children already announced that they will pay a visit.

We’re constantly receiving a positive feedback. Customers are happy to see and use the changing tables.

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Listen to Your Customers

It’s worth to listen to your customers – listening to their feedback helps to boost your business. Using social media monitoring you can discover conversations about your business. React to them, get to know your customers better and improve your business to meet your customers expectations.

If you feel like social media monitoring is something you need, start a free trial. No credit card required.

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