#SocialRecap 13: How to get verified on Facebook (and more tips and news in social media)

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There are three basic steps that can’t be skipped if you’re wondering how to get verified on Facebook, along with a major no-no and two very important tips that will make all the difference when you submit your application. We’ll cover all of this in episode 13 of the #SocialRecap and, of course, get you caught up on recent top highlights in social media news!

Now, here’s the rundown for #SocialRecap 13:

  • Find out how to get verified on Facebook (yes, it’s possible)
  • Hacker Inti de Ceukelaire has just discovered another vulnerability in Facebook’s data security inside this application – have you ever used this app?
  • IG sidesteps market saturation by making Insta accessible to a whole new market with Instagram Lite
  • LinkedIn QR codes are here to save trees and put an end to printing business cards
  • … plus more recent news and trends from social media and online marketing inside the full recap!

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1. Every single ad that your Facebook Page is running, is now visible to all FB users

Anybody who goes onto your Facebook Page can view a list of all the advertisements that you are promoting just by tapping on the new “Ads & Info” section.

screenshot of Facebook Page showing where Info and Ads section is located

This is where users can find all your ads from Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and other partners, and that’s not all –

They’re also able to see when your ads were created, report any suspicious-looking ones, and even find out if you’ve recently made any sketchy changes to the name of your Page.

In the spirit of transparency, Facebook plans to provide its users with even more information in the “Ads & Info” section in the future. This is one of many changes designed to prevent situations like the one with Cambridge Analytica from happening again, where a data leak allowed users to be targeted with biased ads to sway their political opinions before the previous elections.

2. All apps that use Facebook Login (Facebook Connect) MUST switch to HTTPS by Oct 6th

Adobe Facebook Connect (Facebook Login) screen

You know how, sometimes, you can log into an app just by tapping on “Login with Facebook”? Well, starting October, these apps will be required to switch to HTTPS. This will help protect information transmitted online and user security.Actually, HTTPS has already been a requirement since March for apps that use Facebook Login (aka Facebook Login). But now, starting October 6th, all apps, even older ones created before March, will be required to switch to HTTPS.

Developers have a couple months now to hurry up and test all their apps to make sure that everything will run smoothly in HTTPS.

3. Hacker Inti de Ceukelaire discovers another vulnerability in Facebook’s data security

Despite all the changes that Facebook has been implementing, there is still some skepticism about how secure user data is on the platform. Hacker Inti de Ceukelaire recently put Facebook’s data security to the test.

Since quiz apps were how firms like Cambridge Analytica originally got their hands on user data, this is where Inti started. He took a popular quiz on Facebook – “Which Disney Princess are you?” (distributed by nametests.com), and then he used his hacker skills to follow the data trail from the quiz to an exposed vulnerability in JavaScript. Since JavaScript is relatively easy to access – at least for hackers – he was able to get ahold of his own private data just by taking that quiz on Facebook.

screenshot of the Which Disney Princess are you app

Even though Facebook is actively reviewing all third party apps – including quiz apps – for possible security breaches, it appears they still have their work cut out for them.

And yet… one of the most popular questions among Facebook users is still: How do I get my Page verified?

4. How to get verified on Facebook

What does it even mean to be verified on Facebook?

Well, if you’re verified on Facebook and have a little blue badge (that check mark) next to your name, then you’re officially ‘of public interest’. More specifically, you’re a Public Figure, media company or brand of public interest. And that check mark verifies that this is your real profile.

The same goes for Pages that have the gray badge (a gray check mark). It verifies that your Page is the official page for the business or organization that it represents.

Most people are interested in the blue check mark, but Facebook doesn’t really just give away badges of any color.

In other words, these badges mean that – for better or worse – you’re a pretty big deal in social media. And you’re so well-known, you need a check mark to verify that you’re real – you are who you say you are, and not just some impostor.

screenshot of verified pages on Facebook with blue check marks next to them

So how do you get Facebook verified and earn the official badge?

There are three basic steps:

a) Start by checking your eligibility

Getting verified is doable, but the truth is, it just doesn’t apply to everyone. Eligibility is determined by authentic public interest, so you need to check how much public interest you generate, or how often the public talks about you.

*TIP: Find and track online mentions of yourself with social listening. Monitor your personal mentions and how often they occur to help you evaluate your eligibility.

b) Make sure your Facebook profile is complete

If you find that people are talking about you and are generally interested in you (or your business), then the next step is to make sure your Facebook profile is complete. The requirements are listed in Facebook’s Terms of Service, but the basics include having a cover photo, profile pic, a valid username, the ability to be ‘followed’ and fresh content coming from your account. These are no-brainers.

*NO-NODon’t pay anyone to get you verified. This is not a real shortcut and you will get ripped off. Facebook does not authorize or endorse the sale of badges.

c) Fill out the application

Once you’ve gone down the list, you need to complete this application to get a blue verification badge. You’ll need a copy of your government-issued photo ID (like a passport or driver’s license) plus a good reason for why you should be verified. If you’re not a famous actor, politician or athlete, and you’re trying to get verified as a Public Figure (which is somewhat vague), include as many websites or articles that mention you in your application.

Remember the social listening tip from step 1? This is the perfect place to show Facebook all those mentions of yourself that you found so they can see how much interest you actively generate from the public.

*TIP: Embed all those mentions of yourself on your personal website with a widget. This lets you show the Facebook Verification Powers That Be all the mentions and public interest that you generate with a single link in your application.

5. IG makes Insta accessible to a whole new market with Instagram Lite

screenshot of Instagram Lite on Google Play

Instagram Lite is now available via Google Play and it’s 50X smaller than the full app, at less than 1 MB. This means that users who have older devices or slower connections can finally download a version of Insta on their phones too.This is pretty significant because Insta already has over 1 Billion overall users now. Considering the fact that 40% of the world’s population has access to the Internet (visit InternetLiveStats.com to see the live rate of growth for number of Internet users ), this suggests that Instagram will soon approach market saturation – at least for a particular kind of market. By releasing a lighter version of the app compatible with older devices and slower connections, IG will be accessible to a whole new audience from a whole new market.

Instagram Lite users, unfortunately, are not able to share videos (no IGTV) or Direct Message other users on the Lite version, but they can view Stories, comment, like, follow and scroll through the feed just like other users on the full version.

6. Instagram STORIES reaches 400 Million daily active users, so expect more Stories features, like music stickers

Instagram just announced that they now have over 400 Million daily active users on STORIES, making this single feature bigger than SnapChat itself. Snap has less than 200 Million users in total, whereas Insta has 1 Billion total users – not just on Stories. This means that almost half of All Instagrammers use Stories on a daily basis, so it’s no surprise that more capabilities are being developed for the feature.

chart comparing daily and total active users for Instagram, Instagram Stories, and Snapchat

New features like music stickers basically let Instagrammers create their own soundtracks that will play when someone watches their Stories. Each sticker will display the song title and the name of the artist so that viewers can see what they’re listening to.

7. LinkedIn QR codes are here to replace business cards

LinkedIn has just added QR codes as a new feature. Every profile now has a personal QR code that’s automatically generated. So, whenever you meet a new business connection, instead of asking for a business card or asking them how to spell their name, you can just scan their QR code and connect with them on LinkedIn.

screenshot of LinkedIn profile with QR code

8. 60+ foreign languages supported by LinkedIn’s new feed post translations

Plus, translations for foreign language posts are also a new part of your feed on LinkedIn. With this update, whenever you scroll through your feed and come across a post that’s written in a language that you don’t understand, you can just click on “See Translation” to view the post in Your language.

screenshot of LinkedIn feed showing "See Translation" button

Right now, more than 60 different languages are supported, and the list is being extended.

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