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Facebook Reactions rolled out yesterday, making feeds worldwide a lot more expressive. In the past, it was difficult to react to some posts, especially the ones where people were complaining, going on a rant, or talking about sad events. Most of us have probably found ourselves feeling awkward in such situations at some point – sometimes you really want to react to the content you see, but hitting the “like” button just doesn’t cut it.

An extension to the like button means you can now express 6 different emotions. The reactions extension is not complete yet, as some users report they still can’t take the new emojis for a spin.

The new emojis cover six new reactions, providing an interesting addition to the ubiquitous “Like” button. You can now react with “Like”, “Love”, “Haha”, “Wow”, “Sad”, and “Angry”. Here’s what the icons look like from the perspective of Facebook users.

icons mashable

As usual, the world was quick to react:

jack douglass
elon musk

Naturally, some brands jumped on the real-time marketing bandwagon and released their replies to Facebook Reactions. Sit back and enjoy our roundup of the best ones compiled from data gathered with the use of our tool (which you can try for free).

Chevrolet: From Like to Love

Snickers Cranky


Coca Cola Poland

coca cola

Xbox UK


The Flama


Krispy Kreme


Michigan State University


Random House

random house

Big Brand Ideas

agency reactions

Atlanta Braves

atlanta braves

Feel like the world needs even more reactions? Here’s a cool Buzfeed post on what reactions are still missing (including the “We get it, you work out”, and “TMI”).

What are your thoughts on Facebook Reactions? Share your views in the comments section below!

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