10 Hilarious Reactions to AWS S3 Breaking the Internet

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It was only yesterday that the Internet witnessed Amazon Web Services’ outage. Fortunately enough, the issue was fixed after 4 hours. Nevertheless, the S3 system caused headaches for a considerable number of 148,213 websites.

AWS is a subsidiary of Amazon which provides hosting services to both big players such as Netflix, Spotify or Pinterest, and to smaller websites. It’s a cloud-based storage that allows hundreds of thousands websites and companies to deploy computing power without the need of investing in own server infrastructure.

While such outages hardly affect a regular Amazon buyer, they’re quite troublesome for IT professionals and people working in the cloud.

The media and public emphasize that it was a significant outage. The truth is, however, that only 1 region out of 14 was affected, namely, US-EAST-1. However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that the AWS S3 is one of three AWS regions in the US and it’s the largest one.

amazon outage

Some of the affected websites and apps include Quora, GIPHY, Business Insider, Medium or Slack.

What was the cause? Such outages are usually software related. “Either a bug in the code or human error. Right now we don’t know what it was”, says Lydia Leong of Gartner.

How to Avoid Cloud Outages?

Cross-region replication.

You can make copies of your S3 objects in a different AWS region. After enabling this option, each object uploaded to a specific S3 bucket is automatically replicated to another bucket located in a different AWS region.

The Truth Is…

You can do this and that but you can never be sure.

So in the meantime, let’s have a look how the Internet reacted to AWS’s flop.

Since Brand24 is a social listening tool, we kept our ears to the ground also this time and gathered few hilarious reactions to the recent Amazon Web Services outage. The moment we heard about the issue we rushed into Brand24 and set up a project monitoring AWS outage.

Shall we begin?

Here’s the very moment a presenter finds out that AWS S3 is down

And some people, after the issue was fixed, could breathe a sigh of relief.

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