Social Listening 101: The Power of Research

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Say Hello to Social Listening!

You run a successful company with a great product, effective marketing, and top customer support. Your brand is widely acclaimed not only by customers but also by the industry. Congrats!

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Now, be aware that it can get even better. Each and every company, yours and ours included, does some kind of research. We research the market, competition, products and resources to improve our companies and be on the roll.

So What You Sayin

Discovering what people are saying about your brand, product, competitors or any specific topic is just one of social listening’s superpower. It’s already cool, isn’t it?

Another superpower of social listening is the power of research. Market and resource research, online community building, content inspiration and distribution can be conducted with one tool and one tool only – social listening.

Let’s get into the details.

1. Online Community Building

social listening

Building an online community around your business may be the cheapest and most effective way to increase your brand awareness. Such a community is more valuable than a one-time marketing campaign, as it’s based on loyalty and strong, often long-term relationship.

Social listening gives the opportunity to spot all the people talking about your brand or product. You can start a conversation and engage with members of the community interested in your product.

Having follow for follow doesn’t mean you have your community. To keep it together it’s good to connect fans with each other so that the community requires less and less of your attention and at the same time remains alive and kicking.

 Now it’s your chance to build your own community in Brand24’s free trial! 

2. Market Research

About to launch a new product? Research your target group and the market!

Looking for inspiration? Get inspired to improve your product, service, and company!

Want to research your competition or the market? Keep your ear to the ground and stay up to date with your competition’s movements.

All the above can be easily researched with social listening. Of course, there are other ways of doing research, but social listening is the most effective one. While researching the market and your target audience, you can specify demographics, channels, level of engagement and much more to get the desired result.

market research social listening

If you wish, you can let Brand24 quickly create an infographic to get a better view of the situation.

Proper research saves money. Getting the most accurate picture of reality allows designing an effective marketing campaign, tailoring and improving your product so that it meets your customers’ expectations.

They say that love is free… so is Brand24 trial. Start exploring the market now!

3. Resource Discovery

Social listening can be of a great value to all professionals working in the cloud, such as software developers or designers. Since social listening tools collect mentions related to any particular topic, they work great for research and spotting novelties.

Let’s assume you’re a graphic designer and you want to keep up to date with mockup psd. You go to Brand24 app and create a project that instantly updates as new mentions appear.

mockup social listening
mockup psd social listening

There’s no such thing as free pizza, but there’s a free Brand24 trial! This is how you can explore basically any topic on the Internet!

4. Content Inspiration & Discovery

Facing a temporary lack of inspiration of writer’s block? No worries. 

With social listening, you will hardly ever find yourself at a loss. It’s widely used by bloggers and writers for seeking inspiration.

You can research any topic, including trending and hotly debated topics from the industry or any other area of your interest. All you need to do is set up a project, provide keywords related to a given topic and see how Brand24 delivers you more and more sources of inspiration.

content inspiration social listening

The interface is super easy and intuitive in use. No worries!

inbound marketing social listening

Just give it a free shot and get inspired!

5. Content Distribution

Great content may be worth a thousand reads, but to be fully appreciated and make an impact, it needs a proper exposure on the Web. That’s why content marketing consists of two elements: content and promotion.

social listening

Both are equally important. It’s all about social reach, traffic, and conversion. You need to spread your content to the widest audience possible.

Social listening gives you the chance to spot places where conversations about brand take place. In other words, it indicates which communities you should reach with your content.

Thorough content promotion profits your business, so don’t push it the background!

6. Recruitment

Another perk of social listening is that it can be used as a recruitment tool. Since people share virtually everything on the Internet, you can also come across people seeking employment. It’s an easy and effective way to reach out and save loads of time.

You can set up a project with looking for a job or i need a job keywords. Naturally, to set a specific location or an industry, you need to provide additional keywords.

recruitment, social listening

After Brand24 collects all the mentions, you’re ready to go. You can start contacting potential employees!


Thanks for staying with us! Keep in mind that social listening may be applied in X ways. It’s entirely up to you and how you will use it for the sake of your business.

It goes without saying that social listening puts you ahead of your competition and improves many areas of your business. By improving them, you improve your customers’ experience. No need to tell you into what it translates, right?


Sign up for a free trial and check it out!

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