5 Easy Steps To Start Off With Fan Content Campaign

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A well done user-generated content campaign pays off really well. Why? First of all, it generates interesting and creative content, and secondly, what’s even more important, it’s a sort of social acknowledgement and appreciation of your brand. As the campaign creates sharable content, your brand becomes more and more popular and trusted which leads to higher conversion rates.

Mobile technologies and social media have made it easy for consumers to make excellent content and distribute it via their social networks. Sharing content over social networks has become the modern word­ of ­mouth marketing. Basically, the moment a consumer shares a post or photo about your product or service, your brand gains luckily positive attention. Such mentions can be considered as genuine online endorsements. What’s more, such mentions can be monitored in real-time with our tool!

Great Involvement can be achieved only after you give your customers a good reason to share and post content on their social media platforms. How to encourage them? Contests and campaigns are the most effective way to trigger fan engagement, namely sharing posts, photos and spreading positive news about your brand.

In this post, we’ll outline a few ways to run an efficient, user-­generated social content campaign that can benefit your brand.

Create a Dedicated Hashtag

Be able to track the content that your consumers post online with a dedicated hashtag that will signify your brand. It can be a form of your brand name, slogan or anything that represents your brand. Adidas, for example, is famous for its #adidasoriginals hashtag that after introduction quickly overtook Instagram. Make sure your hashtag is unique and catchy. Don’t forget to place it in your social media posts as a sort of a signature of your brand.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 1.31.26 PMSet Specific Goals

After establishing a dedicated hashtag, set goals for your campaign. The goals of your campaign can include anything, it could be to increase followers on Twitter, generate more leads, increase profit or to simply amass relevant content which you can use to build brand awareness. It’s crucial to identify realistic goals, focus and realize them triumphantly.

Choose Platforms

You need to decide which platform use in conducting your outreach. Remember that the channels you choose should represent your target audience. Technically, the best platforms for reaching potential consumers are the ones they are already active on. It is also important to note that the age bracket of your target audience matters a lot since different age groups have different interests. The figure below can be of great help.

image003Figure is taken from Businessinsider.com.

Offer Rewards To Loyal Customers

Rewarding your customers with various prizes, free product samples, discounts or public recognition is an excellent way to boost social media engagement in your campaign. It’s a good way to interact with your audience and encourage it to post amazing content.


Make sure to recognize your most loyal and active customers. Reward their efforts as brand advocates with prizes,  product or service discounts.

Publish Collected Content

Once you’ve collected customer content, use it effectively. Followers and fans love being acknowledged by the brand they support. Select the best fan content and spread it via your marketing channels. You may display it not only on the Internet, but, depending on your strategy, you can for example print it.

Being able to acknowledge your consumers in your brand’s social media channels will help you build brand awareness and increase customer loyalty. As you wrap up your campaign, analyze its results. Make sure to take into account all insights as they will be helpful for your next social media campaign.



There are already millions of individuals who post stuff about brands they love. Being able to collaborate with consumers in creating content will help increase further brand awareness, obtain organic website traffic and achieve better social media reach. Catch up on other advantages of user-generated content!

To see the actual results and social media impact of your campaign, it’s good to employ a social media monitoring tool, like ours. It allows to see every single mention related to your brand, your marketing campaigns or a hashtag. But there’s more to it! It can help you deal with negative comments, increase your social reach and more!

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Melissa Symonds is a content marketer at LinkVista Digital Inc. In her free time, she thrives on learning more about digital marketing particularly the ever-changing rules of SEO management.

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