6 Tips to Joining & Enjoying a Twitter Party

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A Twitter party, otherwise known as a Twitter chat, is a live social media networking event where participants meet to talk about a certain theme or topic. Just like conventional parties, a Twitter party has a host, or a group of hosts. Those who join the party have to use a specific hashtag on their tweets.

These events are a fantastic way to establish your brand or position yourself as an expert. They are also a good way to find business connections. Above all, Twitter parties are great for building an image of authority in your niche when you give smart & honest answers to the host’s questions.

In one of her posts, Natalia Chrzanowska offered some great advice for Twitter party hosts. This article presents them from the perspective of the participant.

How do you join & enjoy a Twitter party?

1) Keep party schedules in your calendar. Like actual parties you attend, keeping the Twitter party’s schedule in your calendar will prevent you from totally forgetting about it. A good trick is to set a reminder for at least an hour before the party to read up on the topic. This brings us to the next tip.

Think about the topic of the upcoming chat. Hosts usually share or disclose the upcoming party’s topic a couple days ahead. Research the Twitter Party hashtag, hosts and special guests and think of questions you may ask.

2) Before the party starts, log on to Tweetdeck.

Tweetdeck is a social media tool that allows you to keep tabs of the conversations that take place during the event. Because it allows you to set up columns, you are able to see the essential Twitter pages that you need to monitor. If it is your first time to use Tweetdeck, simply log in using your Twitter credentials and start setting up your columns.


The columns that you’ll have at your disposal are the following:

User column for your host – allows you to see the updates the host publishes in real time. By having this column, you will be able to see & respond to questions as soon as your host tweets them. When attending a party with more than one host, you can setup a separate “user column” for each host.

Hashtag column for the party’s hashtag – this will allow you to monitor all the tweets of all the party’s participants. You can then initiate conversations with other participants, get ideas for supplement answers to the current question, and you may even find inspiration for your content.

Notifications column – this is where you will see all your Twitter notifications. As you interact with your party’s host & with other participants, you can expect this column to fill up. Keeping this in sight will allow you to see if there are any mentions that you need to reply to or if there are users to thank for interacting with your content.


3) Remember to take it easy. Depending on the popularity of the host, Twitter parties can be attended by hundreds, if not thousands of participants. This is why it can be overwhelming and it may seem to be moving in a very fast pace. However, you need to remember that this is a party and not a race, so take it easy.

4) Interact with other participants. Say “hello”, commend them on their answers, ask them questions, laugh at their jokes, give your insights to their statements, etc. Interacting with other Twitter party attendees who interact with your content (answers) this is mainly what your notification column is for.

5) Say hello. Depending on how you conduct yourself, you will have new followers & you will also be added to lists. Network expansion comes when you formulate good, genuine & value-adding answers & tweets during the party.

Hello (2)

6) Each time you get a new follower or a new subscriber, try to get to know them. Chances are, you have the same stand & interests. See if you can follow them back.

To wrap this long list of Twitter party tips, here is a bonus: keep your favorite graphic design software open. The rule of thumb in social media is to incorporate images in your content as much as you can.

Images will make your tweets an engagement magnet. This is because images stand out in an ocean of text. So in lieu of a plain tweets to answer your host’s questions, answer with attention-grabbing graphics. Good luck!

About the Author:

Catherine Vanvonno was a nationally recognized Healthcare Executive with success increasing market share through innovative product offerings. She has over 10 years leadership experience in facilitating evidence-based strategic planning, product development, brand management, legislative communications, and medial policy. Catherine’s scholarly interests focused on the prevention and management of chronic disease through data-driven, population health management and wellness strategies. Catherine holds a doctorate degree in Applied Statistics, Research Design and Program Evaluation from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and is married with four children.



Are Twitter parties still a thing?

Yes, Twitter parties, often referred to as Twitter chats, are indeed still a popular activity on the platform. These are scheduled gatherings of people on Twitter who come together to discuss specific topics using a predetermined hashtag. They provide a great opportunity for individuals and brands to network, share insights, and participate in industry-specific discussions. It’s a unique way to engage with a wider audience and increase visibility on Twitter. However, as with any social media trend, the popularity and relevance of Twitter parties may vary depending on the industry and audience.

How does Twitter party work?

A Twitter party or chat works by having a host (which could be an individual or a brand) set a specific time and date, along with a unique hashtag for the event. Participants then log into their Twitter account at the scheduled time and follow the designated hashtag to join the conversation. The host typically asks questions or introduces topics for discussion, and participants respond by including the event’s hashtag in their tweets. This way, all tweets associated with the party can be easily tracked and followed by anyone interested. Twitter parties are an excellent way to facilitate dynamic, real-time discussions and engage with a broad audience on Twitter.

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