FEATURE UPDATE: Number of Site Visits

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This year has been pretty busy when it comes to changes we’ve introduced to Brand24, and it’s time for another feature update!

We’ve now improved the “Number of visits” feature so it shows you monthly site entries to the domain that mentioned your monitored keyword. Although this feature has been available for some domains so far, we’ve now perfected our algorithm to represent monthly traffic as accurately as possible and for the majority of sites.


Why Is This Important?

There are two ways you can benefit from the new update:

1. You can get more work done without having to leave your project Dashboard.

Thanks to the update, when you look at your mention stream in your project, you can now immediately evaluate how important a given mention is for your online presence without having to perform a manual search.This means you can choose your most important sites to visit or engage with, like you can do for social media profiles. Here’s where you need to look:

number of site visits

Quick reminder: here’s the analogous view for social media sites – you can see the number of followers next to the social media handle of your mention source.


2. The number of visits to a site has a direct impact on how we calculate our Influencer Score (visible in the bottom right corner of individual mention view):

grand brighton influencer score

Influencer Score is an important metric – remember that you can examine data calculated based on it in the Analysis and Sources tabs inside your project.

In the Analysis tab, you can see a ranking of mentions from most influential sites who mentioned your monitored keyword:

analysis tab

I also encourage you to analyse top sites who mentioned you in the Sources tab of your project. The ranking comprises the number of mentions, number of visits and Influencer Score of these sites.


You know not only who you should be teaming up with in social media, but also where you should aim to get publicity if possible. Influencer marketing is a great way to grow your business – make sure to read this post “What is Influencer Marketing?

Remember to Use Filtering

At this point I’d like to remind you that you can single out the most important mentions by means of filtering, i.e. by The Number of Visits or Influencer Score. That’s easy to do: in your project Dashboard you have a filtering menu located on the right to your mention stream.

You can filter your results i.e. by Influencer Score…

filter by influencer score

…or Number of Visits:

filtering number of visits

PS. – Have You Tried Interactions Yet?


Quick reminder: Another superimportant metric you can rely on is Interactions, which I encourage you to check out. Thanks to Interactions, you can see in-app how popular a given source of mentions is – how many likes, shares or retweets it has. This allows you to decide where you should take action first, and makes it easier for you to spot mentions that have wider reach. 

Make sure to take out of tool for a spin in our 14-day free trial. Happy monitoring!

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