What are the Best Pinterest Keywords to Use in 2024? [List]

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Pinterest is a relevant platform for small and big brands. It’s used by almost 90 MILLION people in the USA, 40 MILLION in Brazil, and 25 MILLION in Mexico! People use keywords on Pinterest to find what they are interested in. It’s getting warm, and soon it will be summer. That’s why the keyword “summer nails” scored a 100% increase in searches over the previous month. If you have a nail polish brand, then use this keyword! Right Pinterest keywords will drive more traffic to your website!

Pinterest keywords are just words that people type into the Pinterest search bar to find content that interests them. Using the specific words in the title and description increases the probability that your Pin will be displayed to the target searchers. Keywords help categorize and improve the visibility of your Pins, Pinterest boards, and Pinterest account.

Table of contents:

  1. Do keywords work on Pinterest?
  2. Do hashtags work on Pinterest?
  3. How to add keywords to Pinterest Pins?
  4. How many keywords and hashtags should I use on Pinterest?
  5. Best Pinterest keywords for 2024
  6. Best Pinterest hashtags for 2024
  7. How to use keywords on Pinterest?
  8. Conclusion

Do keywords work on Pinterest?

Yes, keywords work on Pinterest!

Pinterest is a search engine, so results are based on keywords like in other search engines.

Of course, other factors also determine the results, such as the quality of the linked domain or the user’s Pins saved in the past. But keywords matter the most!

97% of searches on Pinterest don’t have a specific brand name in the search query.

People do not conduct brand-related searches, so using relevant keywords in your content is very important.

So how do they work?

You type a keyword into the search engine; let’s say it is “Taylor Swift”. Then, Pinterest analyzes the words in the added content, that is:

  • title of the Pin
  • description of the Pin
  • name of Pinterest board

Search results are as follows:

You are probably not surprised that for the keyword “Taylor Swift”, Beyonce does not pop up.

Pinterest goes through every Pin and gives you the most relevant result!

So, let’s check the first Pin in the results:

As you can see, the title and the description contain the words “Taylor Swift”.

I’ll show you another example, this time with a niche Pinterest keyword:

After typing “solo female travel in Europe,” all the content was analyzed. The first result is a Pin containing this keyword in the title and description:

Unfortunately, you can’t track a particular keyword; you must type it every time. But you can save Pins and create Pinterest boards related to a specific topic.

Adapting your Pinterest marketing strategy for keywords is essential. These will ensure that your content reaches the people who are actually interested in it.

Pinterest users save around 1.5 BILLION Pins a week.

Pinterest gives you a big opportunity to reach the target audience with your content.

Discover the power of keywords with Brand24!

Do hashtags work on Pinterest?

Hold on, what about Pinterest hashtags?

Hashtags are like keywords, but with the “#”; they work the same.

That’s why Pinterest is slowly MOVING AWAY from hashtags.

What’s more, they do not look aesthetically pleasing. And as we all know, Pinterest is all about aesthetics.

It lets you enter a hashtag in the Pinterest search bar but doesn’t show you search suggestions.

Whereas if you type in the Pinterest keyword, then keyword suggestions appear:

Furthermore, if you type “#” when adding a new Pin from the desktop, you will not receive any suggestions.

But you will get hashtag suggestions if you do the same thing from the mobile app.

Pinterest hashtags are clickable. But when you click it, it does not mean you will see Pins containing this particular hashtag. You will see Pins with the keyword (this particular hashtag without “#”).

Also, even if you type the hashtag into the search bar, the results do not include it in the description.

For example, I typed #Nike and all Pins did not have this hashtag.

The platform says there is no need to use hashtags on Pinterest.

Some users still use hashtags, even though they don’t have much meaning.

Creating human titles and descriptions that include Pinterest keywords is better than writing many hashtags.

How to add keywords to Pinterest Pins?

Let’s start with the basics!

Pinterest Pin can be a photo or video of whatever you want. If you click on the Pin, it will send you directly to, for example:

  • website where you can buy a given product
  • blog post where you can read and learn something

Each pin has four elements: title, description, link, board, and tagged topics.

Adding keywords to Pinterest Pins is very simple. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it:

Step 1: Log in to your Pinterest account and open the Create tab

After logging into your Pinterest account, you must go from the Home tab to the Create tab. This is where the entire process of creating a Pin and adding keywords takes place.

Step 2: Upload an image or video

Select and upload the photo or video you want to add. They should be high-quality, as Pinterest users pay close attention to this.

Step 3: Add a title

Add a title that perfectly reflects what is in your image or video. It should grab attention and, of course, include the right keywords.

Step 4: Add a detailed description

With the description it is similar to the title – you must include the same keywords. You can write more in this part; it doesn’t have to be brief like the title. Encourage people to go to the link (I’ll tell you about the link in the next step).

Step 5: Add a link

Now, it’s time to add a link redirecting to your website. It can be your product page, Instagram or TikTok account, or blog post.

Step 6: Choose a board

The next step is to choose which board you will add your Pin to. You can select boards created by you or those you co-create. Remember that the Pins on a given board should be about the same topic.

Step 7: Add tags

You can also add tags, but you don’t have to. However, I recommend doing it.

Step 8: Set other options

Almost at the end, you can set two more options. You decide if:

  • you want others to be able to comment on your Pin
  • you want products similar to yours (containing related keywords) to appear next to your Pin

Step 9: Publish your Pin

Everything is done. Now you have to click “publish”.

Start Internet monitoring to find the best keywords!

How many keywords and hashtags should I use on Pinterest?

The exact number of keywords cannot be determined. Most importantly, they should blend into the text and not look random.

However, the number of hashtags is a bigger issue.

Since Pinterest doesn’t rely so much on hashtags anymore, is it worth using them at all?

It is OK to do so as long as they still function and have not been completely removed from this platform.

But don’t overdo the amount! I recommend adding two hashtags maximum:

  • your brand hashtag (if you have one)
  • your niche hashtag

An example of such a hashtag is #MyCalvins:

Best Pinterest keywords for 2024

Determining the best keywords is hard; it all depends on what kind of content you publish.

Check Pinterest’s trending keywords. Pinterest Trends is a free Pinterest keyword tool. Thanks to it, you can do your Pinterest keyword research.

It shows keywords with the highest search volume within the last 30 days.

You can also check a particular keyword’s statistics in the past year and see the trend.

It will give you Pinterest keyword ideas and greatly improve your ability to create relevant titles and descriptions.

I have created mini-lists with the best Pinterest keywords for various topics:

The 5 Best Pinterest keywords for fashion

  1. fashion
  2. fashion outfits
  3. fashion inspo outfits
  4. fashion killa
  5. fashion illustration

The 5 Best Pinterest keywords for makeup

  1. makeup looks
  2. makeup
  3. makeup ideas
  4. makeup tutorial
  5. makeup for brown eyes

The 5 Best Pinterest keywords for DIY

  1. DIY crafts
  2. DIY gifts
  3. DIY home decor
  4. DIY room decor
  5. DIY mother day gifts

The 5 Best Pinterest keywords for home

  1. home decor
  2. home
  3. home office
  4. home interior design
  5. home gym

The 5 Best Pinterest keywords for travel

  1. travel
  2. travel aesthetic
  3. travel outfit
  4. travel essentials
  5. travel quotes

The 5 Best Pinterest keywords for parties

  1. party outfit
  2. party dress
  3. party
  4. party snacks
  5. party food

The 5 Best Pinterest keywords for fitness

  1. fitness aesthetic
  2. fitness quotes
  3. fitness training
  4. fitness vision board
  5. fitness gym aesthetic

The 5 Best Pinterest keywords for lifestyle

  1. lifestyle
  2. lifestyle aesthetic
  3. lifestyle photography
  4. lifestyle newborn photography
  5. lifestyle illustration

The 5 Best Pinterest keywords for food

  1. food recipes
  2. food porn
  3. food snapchat
  4. food photography
  5. food ideas

The 5 Best Pinterest keywords for wedding

  1. wedding dresses
  2. wedding guest dress
  3. wedding ideas
  4. wedding
  5. wedding hairstyles

The 5 Best Pinterest keywords for business

  1. business casual outfits
  2. business casual outfits for woman
  3. business professional outfits
  4. business casual
  5. business card design

Best Pinterest hashtags for 2024

Not sure what hashtags to use to get the best reach on Pinterest?

Don’t worry! I’ve created lists of trending hashtags on Pinterest, especially for you!

I used Brand24 to create them. It’s a media monitoring tool.

The 20 Best Pinterest hashtags for fashion

  1. #fashion
  2. #style
  3. #love
  4. #instagood
  5. #fyp
  6. #instagram
  7. #photography
  8. #viral
  9. #follow
  10. #trending
  11. #like
  12. #photooftheday
  13. #art
  14. #beautiful
  15. #ootd
  16. #beauty
  17. #instadaily
  18. #model
  19. #explore

The 20 Best Pinterest hashtags for beauty

  1. #beauty
  2. #fashion
  3. #love
  4. #instagood
  5. #beautiful
  6. #style
  7. #photooftheday
  8. #makeup
  9. #instagram
  10. #photography
  11. #lifestyle
  12. #model
  13. #travel
  14. #cute
  15. #skincare
  16. #art
  17. #girl
  18. #nature
  19. #follow
  20. #explore

The 20 Best Pinterest hashtags for travel

  1. #travel
  2. #love
  3. #fyp
  4. #nature
  5. #photography
  6. #travelphotography
  7. #instagood
  8. #photooftheday
  9. #viral
  10. #explore
  11. #instagram
  12. #holiday
  13. #beautiful
  14. #art
  15. #fashion
  16. #foryou
  17. #vacation
  18. #travelgram
  19. #trending
  20. #lifestyle

The 20 Best Pinterest hashtags for fitness

  1. #fitness
  2. #gym
  3. #motivation
  4. #workout
  5. #fitnessmotivation
  6. #fit
  7. #bodybuilding
  8. #health
  9. #love
  10. #lifestyle
  11. #gymmotivation
  12. #training
  13. #fyp
  14. #sport
  15. #instagood
  16. #gymlife
  17. #instagram
  18. #healthylifestyle
  19. #fashion
  20. #healthy

The 20 Best Pinterest hashtags for lifestyle

  1. #lifestyle
  2. #instagood
  3. #motivation
  4. #love
  5. #instagram
  6. #life
  7. #fashion
  8. #fitness
  9. #beauty
  10. #travel
  11. #viral
  12. #style
  13. #gym
  14. #trending
  15. #photooftheday
  16. #fyp
  17. #explore
  18. #workout
  19. #health
  20. #fitnessmotivation

The 20 Best Pinterest hashtags for food

  1. #food
  2. #fyp
  3. #foodie
  4. #foryou
  5. #viral
  6. #foryoupage
  7. #cooking
  8. #love
  9. #foodtiktok
  10. #trending
  11. #tiktok
  12. #foodlover
  13. #travel
  14. #yummy
  15. #foodporn
  16. #funny
  17. #restaurant
  18. #fypシ
  19. #delicious
  20. #recipe

The 20 Best Pinterest hashtags for wedding

  1. #wedding
  2. #fyp
  3. #viral
  4. #love
  5. #foryou
  6. #bride
  7. #weddingtiktok
  8. #foryoupage
  9. #trending
  10. #weddingday
  11. #tiktok
  12. #weddingdress
  13. #fashion
  14. #photography
  15. #fypシ
  16. #capcut
  17. #bridal
  18. #party
  19. #bridetobe
  20. #funny

The 20 Best Pinterest hashtags for business

  1. #business
  2. #digitalmarketing
  3. #entrepreneur
  4. #marketing
  5. #fyp
  6. #motivation
  7. #success
  8. #smallbusiness
  9. #money
  10. #viral
  11. #instagram
  12. #entrepreneurship
  13. #onlinebusiness
  14. #mindset
  15. #trending
  16. #love
  17. #businessowner
  18. #socialmediamarketing
  19. #foryou
  20. #startup

Use Brand24 to find the best hashtags!

How to use keywords on Pinterest?

Pinterest is the 14th most active platform – it has more than 463 MILLION monthly active users (data provided by Kapios in April 2023).

The potential to gain website or blog traffic is very high!

Moreover, 80% of Pinterest users discovered a new brand or product thanks to this platform!

So, how can keywords be used to improve Pinterest performance, increase traffic to your website or blog, and gain new customers?

I’ll give you some tips below:

01 Understand the Pinterest keyword algorithm

I’ve said it before – Pinterest is like Google. So, to get your content noticed, it takes time.

You have to be patient!

You can gain tremendous site traffic if you are smart enough with Pinterest keywords.

02 Do the Pinterest keyword research

How to do this research?

Identify the terms and phrases your target audience puts into the search bar on Pinterest. You can start typing a particular keyword and see what Pinterest suggests.

The next idea is to find keywords through the Pinterest keyword tool (I told you about it earlier). Check it for words related to your product or industry and see which keywords are most searched.

Another method for good research is to check your competition. See what kind of descriptions and titles they create, whether their Pins get reactions and comments, and how many followers their Pinterest accounts have.

You can also use the Pinterest keyword generator. It will definitely help you. There are plenty of them on the Internet.

When you want to generate keyword ideas, don’t limit yourself to one method. It’s worth trying different methods and testing what works best for you.

03 Use keywords related to your content

It seems obvious, but always use Pinterest keywords that are:

  • related to your industry and/or your product
  • consistent with what is shown in the photo or video you added and the link you published

Pinterest can detect inaccuracies in published content.

If you used the keyword “vegan recipes” in the Pin presenting the engagement ring and a link to a shopping site with these kinds of rings, Pinterest would go dumb.

The Pinterest Pin will be displayed in searches neither for the phrases “vegan recipes” nor “engagement ring.”

04 Use trending keywords

The more searchable the phrase, the more likely someone will come across your Pin! That’s why using trending keywords is a MUST!

But don’t blindly follow trends! Always choose keywords related to what you want to post on Pinterest or vice versa.

In the latter case, you need to be guided by what your business does and select trending hashtags so they fit your brand perfectly.

Once you select the right trending keywords, you can develop a strategy for what images (or videos) and links you will add.

05 Use long-tail keywords

Such keywords are much less frequently searched, and the competition is smaller.

Longtail keywords are very specific search queries. They are longer than normal keywords, and they have lower search volumes

Using such Pinterest keywords may be more effective for you.

An example of a long-tail keyword is “mom and kids Halloween costume ideas DIY” instead of “Halloween costume.”

As you can see, the results are totally different. With long-tail keywords, you can reach a more narrow target group.

06 Keep Pin texts clear and descriptive

Make titles and descriptions readable. Don’t generate redundant text.

Users don’t like bloviating!

They are looking for inspiration, so they expect specific answers. Don’t lie in your descriptions, either. Everything must be clear and consistent.

07 Add hashtags

It’s optional because hashtags are not that meaningful.

But if your brand has its own hashtag, why not add one? It will be consistent with the rest of your social media efforts.

Stick to this rule: DO NOT SPAM WITH HASHTAGS! Two hashtags per Pin is more than enough.

08 Optimize your profile

Edit your profile also to include keywords in the “About” section. Use primary keywords rather than long-tail keywords. These keywords should relate to your business and industry in general.


Pinterest is like Google, but only with images.

That’s why a solid Pinterest SEO strategy and using the right keywords are the key to success!

You can also use hashtags, but they do not matter that much! Pinterest is slowly moving toward completely removing them from use because keywords work the same.

Pinterest focuses a lot on aesthetics, hence also this decision. However, using them certainly won’t hurt you.

Key takeaways:

  • Pinterest SEO is important, if not the most important. Especially if you want to do effective Pinterest marketing that brings you profits.
  • Use normal language containing keywords to describe your Pins. Use keywords naturally, and don’t spam with hashtags.
  • Find hashtags that align with your industry. Also use long-tail ones to reach an even more targeted group.

Want to discover the power of keywords? Try Brand24 – the best AI media monitoring tool!

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