How can LinkedIn Hashtags Help You Get More Views in 2024? [+List]

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Hashtags are not dead! LinkedIn hashtags in sync with a well-thought-out general hashtag strategy can significantly improve your online visibility and expand your audience. Example? In just 30 days, #Innovation was mentioned 191,000 across the Internet and reached over 151 million users!

LinkedIn hashtags are keywords or phrases preceded by the hash symbol (#) that aim to categorize content and help users discover relevant posts and discussions.

By including hashtags in your posts, you can increase their visibility and reach a broader audience who follows or searches for those specific tags.

Hashtags on LinkedIn are beneficial for networking and engaging with niche professionals and industries.

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Do hashtags work on LinkedIn?

The shortest answer is: yes, they are!

In the first blink of an eye, LinkedIn doesn’t look like a place where hashtags play the leading role. And, to be honest, they don’t play.

Indeed, other social media platforms like Instagram or X (Twitter) are more hashtag-friendly.

However, it doesn’t automatically mean that hashtags on LinkedIn are unimportant.

Every element is essential when building your LinkedIn presence, including hashtags!

And proper use of relevant LinkedIn hashtags can increase the visibility of your LinkedIn posts and help your message reach a broader audience.

Users can follow hashtags and search by them. It means that your content could appear in the feed of someone who doesn’t follow you but is interested in a hashtag you’ve used.

This can extend your reach beyond your immediate network.

Besides, as relevant hashtags categorize the content you share, they inform the LinkedIn algorithm about your expertise and help LinkedIn users find you.

The most important thing is to add your LinkedIn hashtags correctly.

Monitor and analyze LinkedIn hashtags!

How to add hashtags to LinkedIn post?

Adding hashtags to your LinkedIn post is very straightforward.

However, there are two things you should bear in mind.

Step 1: Do your research!

Building a social media presence is a mix of creativity and a data-driven approach.

Right, you can type any type of word preceded by “#” (and it will work as a hashtag), but to increase the probability of reaching a larger audience, you should find relevant hashtags.

Write down your ideas and insert them in a search bar in the top left corner to check which hashtags have the most followers.

Such research will uncover which words others use that might bring you new ideas for LinkedIn hashtags.

linkedin hashtags
LinkedIn allows you to follow a hashtag and check the volume of its’ followers

Step 2: Type hashtags at the end of your post.

Once your hashtags research is done, simply type them at the bottom of your post (#samplehashtag). Why not at the top or within a text?

LinkedIn hashtags work as hyperlinks. Therefore, inserting them on the top increases the probability of your audience clicking off your posts without reading them.

linkedin post with hashtag
LinkedIn hashtags are hyperlinks, so it’s better to place them at the end of your post!

Remember – you can edit your LinkedIn posts and add new hashtags later. Also, you can modify the number of your LinkedIn hashtags.

Because the number of hashtags matters!

Track your LinkedIn hashtags with Brand24!

How many hashtags should I use on LinkedIn?

Contrary to frequently repeated legend (you can find it in many articles about LinkedIn hashtags), the platform does not share any tips regarding the number of hashtags you should use in a single post.

There is also no limit to the total number of hashtags.

Okay, but that’s not really the answer. So, how many hashtags should you use on LinkedIn?

In this case, follow the general good practices applicable to most social media platforms.

A vast majority of marketing experts agree that using 3 to 5 LinkedIn hashtags is enough to expand your target audience & avoid looking too spammy.

Look at the example of how not to do it (below).

Honestly, I don’t even try to read every single hashtag. At first glance, it looks like a random jumble of letters.

linkedin post with excessive hashtags
Example of overusing hashtags in a LinkedIn post

How to use LinkedIn hashtags to get more views?

When thinking about your LinkedIn hashtag strategy, remember that their ultimate goal is to get you more exposure.

To use LinkedIn hashtags effectively, you must consider the following factors:

  • Readability. Overloading the post with too many different hashtags can be visually overwhelming and discourage your readers.
  • Spam Perception. Too many hashtags can make your post look like spam, hurting your engagement.
  • Focus: A smaller, targeted selection of relevant hashtags allows you to focus on reaching the right audience. It’s a better idea than overusing generic, popular hashtags.

In practice, use 1 or 2 general hashtags (i.e., #marketing; #Innovation), 1 or 2 niche hashtags (i.e., #MediaMonitoringTool; #AIinMarketing), and 1 or 2 branded hashtags (i.e., #brand24).

If you have other ideas – that’s fine! No one will stop you from creating your own hashtag.

Bonus tip: Trending hashtags on LinkedIn can bring your post many views. Check if your post fits the ongoing trends (i.e., related to current events like #EarthDay).

So, while you have some flexibility, it’s best to prioritize quality over quantity when choosing your hashtags on LinkedIn.

Discover trending hashtags with Brand24!

Top LinkedIn hashtags for 2024

Especially for you, I prepared a list of trending LinkedIn hashtags.

To make your life even easier, I divided them by the categories they belong to.

Take them & enjoy!

The 20 top LinkedIn hashtags for Human Resources

  1. #hr
  2. #humanresources
  3. #hiring
  4. #recruitment
  5. #jobs
  6. #leadership
  7. #job
  8. #work
  9. #career
  10. #jobsearch
  11. #management
  12. #recruiting
  13. #wearehiring
  14. #hiringnow
  15. #ai
  16. #motivation
  17. #nowhiring
  18. #employment
  19. #success
  20. #jobseekers

The 20 top LinkedIn hashtags for personal branding

  1. #personalbranding
  2. #branding
  3. #marketing
  4. #passiveincome
  5. #personalbrand
  6. #socialmediamarketing
  7. #digitalproducts
  8. #entrepreneurship
  9. #entrepreneur
  10. #onlinebusiness
  11. #socialmedia
  12. #win
  13. #wifimoney
  14. #contentcreator
  15. #sidehustle
  16. #community
  17. #ecommerce
  18. #brandidentity
  19. #facelessmarketing
  20. #personalbrandingtips

The 20 top LinkedIn hashtags for technology

  1. #technology
  2. #tech
  3. #ai
  4. #innovation
  5. #artificialintelligence
  6. #cybersecurity
  7. #apple
  8. #programming
  9. #coding
  10. #engineering
  11. #samsung
  12. #iphone
  13. #education
  14. #science
  15. #gadgets
  16. #mobile
  17. #smartphone
  18. #design
  19. #software
  20. #python

The 20 top LinkedIn hashtags for management

  1. #management
  2. #marketing
  3. #success
  4. #branding
  5. #socialmediamangement
  6. #investing
  7. #money
  8. #businessgrowth
  9. #dubai
  10. #businessowner
  11. #healthylifestyle
  12. #wellness
  13. #graphicdesign
  14. #inspiration
  15. #learning
  16. #wealth
  17. #career
  18. #usa
  19. #mindset

The 20 top LinkedIn hashtags for business

  1. #business
  2. #digitalmarketing
  3. #entrepreneur
  4. #motivation
  5. #success
  6. #smallbusiness
  7. #money
  8. #entrepreneurship
  9. #onlinebusiness
  10. #mindset
  11. #businessowner
  12. #finance
  13. #startup
  14. #investment
  15. #lifestyle
  16. #ecommerce
  17. #fashion
  18. #financialfreedom
  19. #passiveincome
  20. #businessgrowth

How to measure LinkedIn hashtags?

If you treat your social media marketing seriously, you should measure key success metrics. In the case of LinkedIn hashtags, this metric is a volume of hashtags.

Usually, I would recommend that you should start with native LinkedIn analytics. Native solutions are generally the best starting point.

Unfortunately, not this time. Forgive my brutal honesty, but in the case of hashtags, LinkedIn analytics sucks.

Right, you can check your posts’ reach and followed hashtags, but that’s pretty much it.

Definitely not enough to build a complex hashtag strategy.

linkedin followed hashtags
Unfortunately, LinkedIn native hashtags analysis is very poor

Therefore, if you want to boost your LinkedIn profile by adding relevant hashtags you can really measure, you must use external social media monitoring tools.

Brand24 is an AI-powered social listening tool that allows you to track public mentions regarding your brand, hashtag, industry, and literally any other keyword.

Its strength lies in the multitude of actionable data you can get about any project.

Besides the volume of your LinkedIn hashtag, Brand24 enables you to track metrics such as hashtag sentiment, its Advertisement Value Equivalency, similar hashtags, Presence Score, and many more!

Track your LinkedIn hashtags’ metrics!

To explain to you how it works, let’s put it into practice!

I decided to track one of the popular LinkedIn hashtags – #Innovation.

So, I created a project & inserted “#Innovation” as a keyword to track.

As you can see below, the Mentions chart unveils the consistent trend in using this hashtag on LinkedIn.

You may have noticed the exclamation mark over the chart peak. It’s a feature called AI Anomaly Detector.

The Anomaly Detector works as a 24/7 guardian for your project. It identifies unusual behavior (such as a sudden increase of mentions), searches for the most possible cause, and presents it in one or two sentences.

Okay, it’s time to go back to the LinkedIn hashtag volume.

Monitor and analyze LinkedIn hashtags!

LinkedIn reach

Brand24 allows you to filter all the results to one particular social media platform.

To narrow down the hashtags to LinkedIn only, use the domain filter by typing “”. Ensure that other data sources are unmarked.

The filter will reveal results and data that are limited to LinkedIn only.

In the last 30 days, #Innovation has been mentioned over 360 times on LinkedIn. 

Social media reach

With around 425 million users, LinkedIn remains the 16th most popular social media platform worldwide. 

Therefore, to have a complete picture and sync your LinkedIn efforts up with the general social media strategy, it is good to monitor the hashtag’s performance on all major social platforms.

Thankfully, Brand24 accesses data from multiple social platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X (Twitter), YouTube, Reddit, Telegram, and Twitch.

Returning to our example of #Innovation.

In the last 30 days, this hashtag generated over 191,000 mentions and reached 151 million social media users!

And that’s impressive!

Track hashtags on & beyond LinkedIn!

Non-social reach

Hashtags are typically associated with social media.

Indeed, they are rarely used outside LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

But “rarely” doesn’t mean “never”!

Discovering the hashtags in newsletters, websites, blogs, podcasts, forums, and review sites not only gives you a complete picture but also helps to measure PR campaigns & opens new PR opportunities (such as guest posting, responding to queries, etc.)

For example, between March 29th and April 28th, the hashtag #Innovation was mentioned precisely 1194 times outside social media and reached over 5.4 million people.

Such a reach has some potential!

Optimize your LinkedIn hashtags strategy!

That’s not all!

Brand24 is such a powerful tool that it allows you to check your hashtag’s progress.

The Compare Periods tab assesses your hashtag’s performance in 10 categories.

Due to the Autism Awareness Day, I decided to check how it impacted the popularity of #AutismAwareness. The results are fascinating.

Even though the hashtag is used less frequently, it reaches more users.

This may signal that Autism Awareness Day has had the desired effect, and autism awareness is starting to be promoted by more influential profiles.

Moreover, tools like Brand24 can automatically analyze the whole project and summarize all the data in a user-friendly way.

Just visit the AI Metrics Analysis and check the Summary.

You can also use Metrics Analysis to check which source is the most reach-efficient (how many people will be reached by one mention on average).

With this knowledge, you can optimize your general hashtag strategy.

Surprisingly, in the case of #AutismAwareness, the most reach-efficient source is forums.

Each online mention usually carries some kind of (positive, negative, or neutral) sentiment.

You can check the emotional charge of your hashtags one by one. But there is also another way.

AI Emotion Analysis shows the dominant feelings related to your tracked topic.

As you can see, autism awareness generates primarily positive feelings. I really like this trend!

Let AI help you with LinkedIn hashtag analytics!


Hashtags on LinkedIn still play a vital role in building your niche expertise and enlarging your audience. If you want to exploit their full potential, use them strategically.

Always do your research to find relevant & trending hashtags, place them at the end of your posts, don’t overwhelm your audience with too many hashtags, and never forget about analysis.

Because – like in the case of all digital marketing efforts – a data-driven approach is critical.

They enable you to track your hashtags’ social & non-social reach, effectiveness, sentiment analysis, and more.

Key takeaways:

  • LinkedIn hashtags still work. However, you must take a data-driven approach to succeed with your LinkedIn hashtag strategy.
  • Native LinkedIn hashtag analytics is not enough to track your hashtag’s performance. Instead, use a social media monitoring.
  • LinkedIn is the 16th most popular social media platform in the world. Thus, you must coordinate your LinkedIn hashtags with your holistic marketing & analytics strategy.

Ready to use your LinkedIn hashtags potential? Try Brand24’s 14-day free trial!

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