What’s New in Brand24? January Changes

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Explore the latest enhancements in Brand24! In today’s episode – an AI anomaly detector revolutionizing how you monitor online mentions. Coupled with refined algorithms for YouTube mentions, these updates promise to elevate your brand monitoring experience.

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In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, keeping tabs on your brand, competitors, and market trends is crucial. As social media platforms and online spaces constantly buzz with conversations, understanding the factors behind spikes in reach or mentions can be challenging. That’s where Brand24’s latest feature, the Anomaly Detector, comes to the rescue.

Understanding the Anomaly Detector

The Anomaly Detector is a groundbreaking addition to Brand24’s suite of tools. You no longer have to manually sift through countless mentions to identify the cause of a sudden spike in coverage. With this new feature, a simple glance at the chart under the exclamation mark icon in your dashboard provides a detailed dive into what triggered the surge.

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How Does it Work?

Brand24’s Anomaly Detector operates on cutting-edge AI technology. It meticulously analyzes your project and scours the web to bring you AI-driven insights. Identifying anomalies and unusual patterns in your brand or market mentions quickly pinpoints the events or actions that led to a significant increase in reach or mentions.

Why is it Important?

  1. Rapid Crisis Response: The Anomaly Detector empowers you to understand potential crises faster, allowing for an immediate and appropriate response. In the dynamic digital landscape, timely action can make all the difference.
  2. Uncover Non-obvious Insights: Beyond the obvious. This feature digs deeper to find insights that might be overlooked through manual analysis. It goes beyond the surface, comprehensively understanding the factors influencing your brand’s online presence.
  3. Time Efficiency: Say goodbye to hours spent on manual web searches. The Anomaly Detector streamlines the process, saving you valuable time that can be redirected towards strategic decision-making and other critical tasks.
  4. Enhanced Monthly Reporting: Creating monthly reports becomes a breeze with the Anomaly Detector. It consolidates crucial information, clearly representing your brand’s performance and the events that shaped it.

Who Benefits from the Anomaly Detector?

This powerful feature is available exclusively for Brand24’s Enterprise customers. Whether you’re a marketing manager, social media strategist, or business owner, if you’re serious about staying ahead in the digital realm, the Anomaly Detector is a must-have in your arsenal.

Note! This feature is available for our Enterprise users! Do you want to test it out?

Better Youtube results

In a fast-changing environment, we’re working on making well-known features better. This month, we’ve improved how our YouTube source works.

Brand24 has introduced the next wave of front-end changes related to YouTube views, marking a significant step in enhancing user experience. Now, users can easily observe the number of views associated with their videos directly within the platform.

Additionally, Brand24 is actively working on updates for new YouTube mentions, focusing on aspects like interactions and views. This effort aims to provide users with more accurate and high-quality data, ensuring a more insightful analysis of their online content.

Check how those improvements influence your project!

That’s all for now! Be sure to stay tuned for our future posts, where we’ll keep you updated on any fantastic new features.

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