How to Measure and Increase Social Visibility? [2024 Guide]

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In the previous month, Spotify left Tidal behind and received 783,000 mentions. This shows their significant lead in market and brand awareness. With a Presence Score of 96 and a social media reach of 2.7 billion, Spotify is dominating the music arena.

If you want to elevate your brand’s social presence, you’re in the right place! 

I’ll explore key metrics to measure, tips for social media management, and present some modern tools that will make your life easier.

Social visibility measures your brand’s presence and engagement across social media platforms. By understanding and enhancing your social media efforts, you can reach more potential customers, improve engagement, and grow your brand’s influence.

Table of contents:

What is social visibility?

Social visibility is the measure of how prominently your brand appears on various social media. It’s about ensuring your posts don’t just blend into the background but become a pain point that sparks discussion and builds a strong social identity.

This visibility extends beyond mere views to creating a consistent way your audience perceives and interacts with your brand.

Understand your audience better!

It’s about leveraging everything from influencer marketing to engaging content to keep your followers engaged and committed to your business.

Key factors include:

  • Quality and relevance of content
  • Engagement levels with followers and audience loyalty
  • Consistency in posting and interaction
  • Use of strategic hashtags and keywords

How to measure social visibility?

Measuring social visibility helps you understand your brand’s current impact, identify areas for improvement, and benchmark against competitors.

Pro tip: Measure your competitors’ social visibility to establish benchmarks and set realistic goals.

To measure social media visibility, you should track the following metrics: 

  • Social media reach
  • Impressions
  • The volume of mentions 
  • Presence Score 
  • Share of voice

Measure Social Visibility!

01 Social Media Reach

Think of your social media reach as the echo of your brand’s voice in a vast canyon.

Each post you send out is like a shout across the valley – how far it travels and who hears it is your social media reach.

Why is this super important for boosting your social media visibility?

This insight is crucial because it lets you tweak your strategy. Perfect your pitch, volume, or timing to ensure your voice carries further and engages the crowd.

Nail this, and your brand’s voice won’t just echo. It’ll resonate!

How to measure?

To track social media reach, you have two options:

  1. Finding it manually in each app.
  2. Using external social listening tools.

If you want to go manually – go to your profile > analytics. 

Most social media provides it without any additional hassle (you need a business account). Except for Twitter, this platform provides analytics for paid plans.

Social media internal analytics
Social media internal analytics.

If you want a faster way, Brand24 is your go-to. Just hop into the dashboard, and you’ll see graphs showing how many eyes are on your posts. 

The tool breaks it down by platform so you can see where you’re killing it and where you need to up your game. 

Know your social media reach!

02 The Volume of Mentions

Okay, think of mentions like your brand’s shoutouts.

Mentions tell you how much people are talking about your brand.

More social mentions = more social visibility

And that’s the goal!

You wanna track these, respond to them, and keep them positive. It’s like keeping your fans hyped and happy, so they keep talking about you.

How to measure?

Brand24 makes this super easy.

Go into the app, and you’ll access a chart showing how many people have mentioned your brand.

You can track the highs and lows and review each mention. This makes understanding what’s getting people talking easy.

Find untagged mentions!

Then, you can adjust your strategy to keep those mentions coming.

And you probably wonder, what are those little “!” boxes above each spike.

It’s one of Brand24’s new features that clients love most – the Anomaly Detector.

You’re alerted when there’s a sudden spike—super useful for catching viral moments or handling any oopsies quickly.

Let’s look at an example:

Imagine Shoecrates, a trendy sneaker shop in Poland, drops a hot new limited-edition shoe. Instantly, the buzz is everywhere—hundreds of mentions pop up online within hours.

Using a tool like Brand24, Shoecrates dives into this buzz. 

They analyze the sentiment, see who’s talking the most, and find out where these conversations are happening. Armed with this info, they engage directly with the fans, replying to their comments and sharing their posts. 

This smart move boosts their social visibility. It turns a quick spike in attention into lasting brand awareness and draws more customers their way. 

Simple, effective, and super smart for business!

Measure Social Visibility!

03 Presence Score

Presence Score shows how often and how positively your brand pops up online.

A high score means you’re the talk of the town… and who doesn’t want that?

Measuring this helps you gauge your brand’s impact and determine whether your social media efforts work as you wish.

How to measure?

Brand24 serves this up on a silver platter. Just hit the Analysis Tab, and there’s your online Presence Score.

This number gives you a snapshot of your social media presence. It combines mentions, sentiment, and reach into one essential score:

Get your Presence Score!

04 Share of Voice

Share of Voice helps you understand your market position compared to other businesses. It enables you to benchmark and strategize how to get better.

The score is all about ensuring that when people talk about your niche, they talk about you.

How to measure?

Brand24 nails this. You’ll see your brand’s share as a percentage.

This lets you peep at how you stack up against rivals and spot opportunities to grab more of the spotlight.

Here’s what it looks like for Tidal and Spotify:

Benchmark your social visibility!

5 effective tips to increase social visibility

Now that we’ve covered the critical social media metrics for tracking your brand’s visibility, let’s move on to some practical strategies. 

Here are five simple tips for making your brand shine on social platforms.

Tip 1: Optimize for SEO

  • Ensure your content is search engine friendly to increase visibility in organic searches.
  • Remember, SEO isn’t just about stuffing keywords. You should blend cohesive branding with a message that naturally aligns with audience searches.
Optimizing social media for SEO: TikTok
Optimizing social media for SEO: TikTok

Tip 2: Invest in content marketing

  • Create engaging, valuable content that resonates with your audience.
  • Engaging content keeps your audience returning and encourages them to interact more deeply with your brand.
Engaging and interactive content on social media.
Engaging and interactive content on social media.

Get to know your audience!

Tip 3: Start a brand awareness campaign

  • Use targeted campaigns to introduce your brand to new audiences.
  • These campaigns should focus on your business’s core values and strengths, using compelling narratives to connect emotionally with potential customers.
Building brand awareness on social media.
Building brand awareness on social media.

Tip 4: Engage with your community

  • Respond to comments and mentions to foster a strong relationship with your audience.
  • Social media management is not just posting. You should engage with your community to drive audience loyalty.
Engaging with the community on social media.
Engaging with the community on social media.

Find places to engage with your audience!

Tip 5: Collaborate with influencers

  • Choose influencers whose followers align with your target audience and whose values reflect your brand’s ethos.
  • Influencers can authentically and trustfully introduce your brand to their followers. By leveraging their credibility they can boost your brand’s profile.
Collaborations with influencers on social media.
Collaborations with influencers on social media.

Find the most influential people in your industry!


Mastering social media visibility is more than a trend. It’s necessary in today’s digital world. 

Start by tracking your brand’s reach and mentions to see where you stand and benchmark your results. 

I know it seems like a lot – but only at first glance!

You should take the plunge, explore the platforms, and implement my tips one at a time!

Final thoughts:

  1. Social visibility isn’t just about being seen – it’s about making a meaningful impact.
  2. The right tools, like Brand24, can transform overwhelming data into a clear path forward.
  3. Combining solid metrics with creative strategies is the secret to skyrocketing your brand’s online presence.

Ready to see these changes in action? Sign up for a Brand24 trial and watch your social visibility grow!

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