The 4 Best Spotify Monitoring Tools to Use in 2024

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Spotify is the most popular audio streaming platform (bigger than other services like Apple Music and Apple Podcasts), with more than 615 MILLION users! It’s not only about the music but also podcasts, which are a great source of information. There are 6 MILLION podcast titles and over 100 MILLION songs on Spotify! 

Using Brand24, I checked which audio streaming platforms mentioned the biggest brands the most.

Spotify has always been the primary source of mention. This shows how important it is to monitor Spotify!

Nike - sources of highest number of mentions in podcasts detected by Brand24 (the best AI media monitoring tool)
Nike – sources of the highest number of mentions in podcasts

Don’t monitor this streaming service?

You’re missing out on a lot! Read this article to discover the best Spotify monitoring tools! I’ll show you how and why to use them!

Spotify monitoring tools are specialized software that tracks and analyzes the content (music, podcasts, audiobooks) on Spotify. These tools are handy for brands, marketers, creators of different content, and people from the music industry. Thanks to them, you can monitor your brand mentions in podcasts without listening to them, which enables quick reaction to potential threats to your image. You can also monitor the activities and mentions of your competitors on this platform. And if you work in the music industry, you can get Spotify data to track the success of artists and their songs.

Ready to explore the best Spotify monitoring tools?

Let’s go!

Top Spotify Monitoring Tools:

  1. Brand24
  2. Spot On Track
  3. Meltwater
  4. Chartmetric

01 Brand24

Free 14-day trial.

Brand24 is an AI media monitoring tool that, among other sources, monitors Spotify.

It tracks brand mentions and any other keyword you wish, such as hashtags, product & service names, event names, and different topics!

Brand24 can find every mention not only on Spotify but also on:

  • Other audio platforms (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Soundcloud, Spreaker, and Libsyn)
  • Major social media channels (Instagram, X (Twitter), Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Quora, YouTube, TikTok, Telegram, Twitch)
  • News sites
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Forums and reviews
  • and much more! 

Try the best Spotify monitoring tool!

Brand24 is for people who expect podcast monitoring from the tool.

It presents the number of mentions on this platform and their reach.

Take a look at the following example – Nike mentions:

Nike mentions in podcasts on Spotify detected by Brand24
Nike mentions in podcasts on Spotify

Just on one day (April 12, 2024), Nike was mentioned 11 times on Spotify, generating a reach of 15,966!

In addition, Brand24 provides sentiment analysis. Every detected mention is identified as positive, negative, or neutral.

This is a very important feature nowadays!

It lets you quickly take appropriate action when someone negatively mentions your brand.

Nike negative mention in podcast on Spotify detected by Brand24 (the best AI media monitoring tool)
Nike’s negative mention in the podcast on Spotify detected by Brand24

Brand24 is also great for podcasters!

You can follow your competition and compare yourself to them.

Let’s learn from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and compare it with Crime Junkie (another famous podcast):

Comparison of the Joe Rogan Experience and Crime Junkie in Brand24 (the best AI media monitoring tool)
Comparison of the Joe Rogan Experience and Crime Junkie in all online sources

As you can see, the Joe Rogan Experience was mentioned online more times than Crime Junkie. It may indicate that this podcast is more popular.

Imagine that suddenly, people started talking about your podcast. What will you do?

You will probably start searching all over the Internet. But for what purpose? It is incredibly time-consuming!

Brand24 has a very powerful feature – the Anomaly Detector. It detects what is causing the increase in mentions!

AI-driven Anomaly Detector in Brand24  - the case of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast mentions in all sources
AI-driven Anomaly Detector – the case of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast mentions in all sources

I will also tell you another great way to use Brand24!

Spotify is, in fact, a significant source of information. Podcasts often feature industry experts or brand representatives who share knowledge that is not easily accessible for free!

So, you can use Brand24 to search for podcast episodes covering a particular topic!

Once you find the keyword in the podcast, you can go directly from the Brand24 dashboard to the episode and listen to it.

Key features:

  • The volume of mentions and reach on Spotify and other online sources
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Project comparison
  • AI-powered Anomaly Detector
  • Custom reports

Monitor Spotify with Brand24!

02 Spot On Track

Spot On Track is an analytics platform that monitors music services, including the Spotify app. It tracks various metrics like monthly listeners and chart positions. It also provides audience demographics.

Remember: Spot On Track is a perfect tool for those who want to monitor Spotify for songs, not podcasts.

In addition to Spotify playlists, it also tracks playlists on Apple Music, Deezer, Shazam, TikTok, and multiple radio stations.

What is the biggest drawback of this tool? The price!

You must pay as much as $24.99 to monitor JUST ONE SONG. In my opinion, this is way too expensive.

Well… unless you are in the music business and care about song analytics on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Or you just started, have released new music, and want to see how your songs are doing on various playlists in different countries!

Key features:

  • Current Spotify charts position
  • All the releases on Spotify and other music streaming platforms
  • Playlists evolution graphs
  • Automatic tracking of favorite artist profile
  • Dashboard customization
  • Custom PDF reports
Spot On Track dashboard
Spot On Track dashboard

03 Meltwater

Meltwater is another media monitoring tool that can help you monitor Spotify. It only offers brand monitoring in podcasts. It doesn’t analyze Spotify-specific data, such as playlist data or the number of Spotify listeners.

It tracks over 25,000 podcast titles on Spotify and other podcast platforms like Google Podcasts.

This Spotify monitoring tool is recommended to large businesses because of its price. Of course, Meltwater offers many appealing features, but there are other tools on the market with similar (if not the same) capabilities that are up to two-thirds cheaper (!).

Key features:

  • Brand monitoring on Spotify
  • The volume of mentions on Spotify
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Insights reports
  • Media contacts database
  • Custom dashboard
Meltwater dashboard
Meltwater dashboard

Start monitoring Spotify!

04 Chartmetric

Chartmetric is another tool designed to monitor Spotify songs and artist profiles. It’s an all-in-one platform that allows you to get all of Spotify’s data. Literally all of them! Plus, it tracks playlists and artists on other major platforms like Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Tidal.

The metrics covered by Chartmetric are stream counts, number of Spotify listeners, monthly listeners, save & skip rates, etc.

All data are presented in the form of beautiful visualizations and valuable insights. It’s a no-brainer!

Interestingly, major labels (Sony Music, Universal Music Group, etc.) use this Spotify monitoring software. This speaks for itself; Chartmetric is top-notch!

Unlike Spot On Track (presented earlier), Chartmetric seems to be cheap – you pay per artist, not per song. But, unfortunately, if it is used on a large scale it becomes pretty expensive.

Key features:

  • Spotify playlist tracer
  • Artist performance since 2015
  • Global digital artist’s career ranking system
  • Advanced filters
  • Audience demographics
  • Access to +9 million artists (including both unknown and top artists), +15 million playlists (including Spotify editorial playlists like Release Radar), and +80 million tracks
  • Customized reporting
Chartmetric dashboard
Chartmetric dashboard


Monitoring Spotify with special tools gives many possibilities. So, which Spotify monitoring tool should you choose?

It depends on what purposes you will use it for.

The most powerful tool in the context of podcast monitoring is Brand24.

However, if you care more about the songs and artists on Spotify playlists, I recommend trying Chartmetric.

Final thoughts:

  • Each Spotify monitoring tool excels in a different area: podcast or song and playlist monitoring.
  • They let users track brand mentions and competitor performance but also keep a pulse on industry trends and songs’ success.
  • To be worth buying, the tool must track the right metrics, for example, the volume and reach of podcast mentions (podcast metrics) or the number of listeners to a song (song metrics).

Monitoring Spotify (especially podcasts on Spotify) is a MUST in 2024. Don’t wait – try the best tool now!

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