The Funniest Tweets & Social Media Examples From 11 Real Brands

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Have you heard this one? A Software Developer receives a pen drive as a birthday gift and guess what he replies? “Oh! Thanks for the memory!”

Humor works exceptional well for brands on social. Jokes and laughter are a universal form of communication for all cultures, age groups, and demographics. They are responsible for creating a pleasant emotional response in the body and mind. A good sense of humor equals to a good amount of positive feelings and this in return translates into good chances to get more likes and shares. A recent survey by Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange (OTX) suggests that social media users are more likely to share a “funny” than “important” content (49% vs. 43%).

No surprise here, as laughter itself is a very social activity and people, in general, tend to laugh 30 times more often in a group comparing to when we are alone (no studies are needed to realize that I guess!). Being funny helps to create a shortcut in a relation between humans and brands with a social media presence are no exception here.

Businesses that are able to show on social that they don’t take everything so seriously and can make us laugh about everyday situations are much more approachable and follow-able. We also tend to memorize good things and experiences much longer than bad ones. So making your audience feel good through humorous content creates better brand recall and is quite a low-risk investment in establishing strong, time-resistant relation with your fans.

Jokes aside. Want to give your audience a bit of giggle and don’t know where to start? Check out this list of the Funniest Tweets and Social Media Examples from 11 Real Brands that are doing an extraordinary job at putting a smile on their followers’ faces!

The Funniest Tweets & Social Media Examples From 11 Real Brands

1. Charmin

Officially my favorite Twitter account to follow, a flagship example of how “the best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing at all” (borrowing the words from Tom Fishburne) and an irrefutable proof that a toilet paper brand does not need to be a bring brand.

Charmin, an American toilet paper manufacturer delights their fans with humorous content that perfectly relates to everyday situations any random Charmin’s user can find themselves in. Like this tweet on the correlation between the length of a relationship and the question of closing the bathroom door (or not)!

Check out the following series of Charmin’s replies and other social media examples to get the taste of what the brand’s brilliant sense of humor is:


Have more laugh here: Twitter | Facebook

2. Old Spice

As for hilarious social media content, Old Spice is the classic out of the classics. It really takes courage for a business organization to leave safe and predictable corporate jargon zone and play on more adventurous and witty notes. Old Spice is not in any way lacking in courage for pushing the boundaries with their funny – often ridiculous and ironic – marketing content. You will definitely know what I mean, after seeing these tweets and Facebook updates (the first and the last one are my favorite):


Have more laugh here: Twitter | Facebook

3. Totino’s

Totino’s Pizza and Pizza Rolls is a brand new name for me, but from their marketing communication I have seen online, I can say that humor is an integral part of the brand’s DNA. Not only in the social media space, though, below you can see examples of Totino’s Advertising spotted somewhere in Denver, the U.S.:


And getting back to social media marketing, even Totino’s Twitter “About” section sounds hilarious:


Their social media content is pretty much all about food but wrapped up nicely in an everyday-situation-context, which makes it relevant and easy to relate to. Have a look at these jokingly crafted social media examples:


Have more laugh here: Twitter | Facebook

4. Taco Bell

This list would not be completed without Taco Bell. The American fast-food brand’s story is anther real life example of how pretty ordinary (with whole respect!) products/services can have an extraordinary personality on social media. One can even risk saying that without humor, Taco Bell’s social media content would disappear in something like 80%. Have a look at these tweets:


Have more laugh here: Twitter | Facebook

5. Oreo

Another top ranking brand as to the use of humor in content marketing and probably one of the best-known cookies on social media. Oreo’s social media success is a combination of extraordinary inventiveness, outstanding responsiveness and of course a great sense of humor that goes in line with a solid understanding of their audience. Do you remember the stunning real-time marketing stunt during the 2013 Super Bowl? Just 10 minutes after the lights surprisingly went off at the Superdome, Oreo’s social media team came up with such a genius answer:


The level of the followers engagement you can see underneath the tweet says it all. Take a look at other tweets created in response to major the worldwide events like the Mars Rover Landing or the birth of Prince George:



What distinguishes Oreo’s social strategy on a global scene is also the practice of getting involved in social conversations with other brands. This often takes a form of funny comments exchanged between the brands. Have a look at a hilarious dialogue with Motorola initiated with this video:

Here is the what happened next:

Have more laugh here: Twitter | Facebook

6. Skittles

Never underestimate the power of visual communication on social media. Skittles, a fruit-flavoured sweets brand, has probably learned that lesson a long time ago as they are doing an amazing job on social accounts with custom, attention-grabbing graphics that in fact are something in between graphics and cartoons. Have a look at the series of these tweets:

Have more laugh here: Twitter | Facebook

7. Miller Lite

Any beer lovers here? This point is intended for 21+ only. Miller Lite, also known simply as Lite, is a pale lager brand and one of these rare and precious social media marketing cases that prove you can do a fantastic job at social selling with not a single mention of selling itself.

Miller Lite delights their fans with a sense of humor that is very well-balanced and straight to the point. It seems they took quite some time to get to know their audience well as the language they speak resonates well with the public’s taste and get a very decent level of engagement:

Funny hashtags like #MyBeerandMyBestFriend are also giving a nice twist to the social media conversations:

Have more laugh here: Twitter | Facebook

8. Arby’s

Arby’s is an American quick-service sandwich chain and a must-follow brand on social for anyone who want to get entertained and inspired with visual content taken to perfection.

Beautifully made, custom graphics and tons of jokes, this is more or less how we can describe their social media accounts. It seems that the main goal of Arby’s social media strategy is to make their fans laugh and, let’s be honest, they are doing an excellent job at it – have a look at these social media examples. I am personally in love with the extraordinarily level of craftsmanship and creative passion that radiate from this content:

It seems that people really appreciate Arby’s social media efforts and lighthearted fun they are being served with. Look at the favorable comments below:


Have more laugh here: Twitter | Facebook


International House of Pancakes (IHOP) is another food brand that adds some fun and entertainment to the regular menu served on social media.These cheeky tweets say it all, you simply can not help but smile:

Have more laugh here: Twitter | Facebook

10. DiGiorno Pizza

Apparently, food brands are taking the lead in this social media “best jokes” conception. DiGiorno Pizza is another example of a company that except for a regular food menu gives their fans a regular portion of giggles. Have a look at these tweets:

They are also known for being humorous in their replies to customers’ tweets:

Have more laugh here: Twitter | Facebook

11. JetBlue Airways

Not necessarily every tweet and Facebook update you post have to be laugh-out-loud funny. Humor might not naturally go with your brand identity or it might not simply be the correct approach to every comment you get. However, you can still try to balance some informational/educational and entertaining content to keep your social media profiles fresh and attractive for fun seeking users. TakeJetBlue Airways as an example here. Not everything they post will give you giggles (unless you have a very particular sense of humor), but they do infuse some comic personality into their social media presence, letting the brand stand out from the crowd. Check out the examples below:


Have more laugh here: Twitter | Facebook

If you enjoyed this post, you might also want to check out an article on the 10 Examples of Humor in Marketing. Also, make sure you drop us a line revealing the funniest brand on social media you can’t resist following yourself!  “Happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it”, right?

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