The State of Social Selling Report: How to Access 44K Business Opportunities

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Social selling is a relatively new sales strategy, yet it quickly caught on. More and more companies implement it as a part of their sales strategy.┬áLet’s see some stats:

78% of sales people using social media perform better than their peers.

64% of sales teams that use inbound social selling reach their quotas.

90% of top sales people use social selling tools.

Social selling is gaining the momentum.

There’s a number of reasons to it. Customers have grown tired of the traditional marketing and advertising. What has a bigger impact on their purchasing decisions today, are social media and online recommendations. These days, consumers can find online product reviews and discussions in the nick of time and, what’s more, they can easily engage in conversations with other consumers and brands.

It’s good to be there.

To become successful in social selling, you need to be where your customers are. You need to listen to customer conversations related to your business and respond timely and adequately.

One way to do so is to use social media monitoring. The real-time tracking of relevant mentions allows reaching out to people directly interested in your product or service.

To explain the potential of social selling, we’ve created The State of Social Selling Report.

What’s Inside the Social Selling Report?

We prepared a free, data-driven e-book entirely devoted to the science of social selling. It explains why you should consider going for social selling. There are three chapters inside:

1. Ch. 1. What are we comparing to?

  • The chapter draws a comparison between social selling and other sales techniques. We show the numbers, advantages and disadvantages.

2. Ch. 2. The study.

  • This is the gist of the ebook. It shows how social selling works in practice from tracking and identifying relevant conversations to reaching out. We’ve collected 44k mentions of customers asking for recommendations, reached out and pitched 100 of them.

3. Ch. 3. Conclusion.

  • In this one, we measure the results of previous actions and analyze the potential social selling has. We have a look at how many recommendations consumers received, how long they’re willing to wait for an answer and more.

Also, you can find there tips and tricks to access those leads and boost your sales.

Without further ado, here’s the report!

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