Valentine’s Day in Social Media: Analysis of the Buzz

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Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! Got your Valentine?

I’ve got mine.

Apparently my this year Valentine is pizza, Netflix, and the Internet. Quite a rewarding foursome. In fact, I could say I’m celebrating Valentine’s Day almost every day!

I’m aware it’s a busy day as everything has to be buttoned up. Or has it? Whether you’re preparing something huge for your better half, be it a romantic dinner or axe throwing lessons, or you’re just planning to Netflix, chill and eat nachos, you simply cannot skip this blog post. Put your plans away for the next couple of minutes and have a look at what’s happening on the Internet because of the Valentine’s Day.

Especially you, Muhammad, the one who’s on Gumtree looking for a soulmate to spend this day together. I feel sorry, bruh!

Valentine’s Day is a special day in many ways. People celebrate love, break-ups or becoming someone’s Valentine.

Even though year-to-year sales decrease, Valentine’s Days is one of the peak selling periods throughout the year. We can all see it on the Internet: special deals, newsletters, more products with the theme of love, and Valentine’s Day date ideas.

People also use the Internet to express their thoughts and emotions. Particularly on Valentine’s Day. And that’s what this post’s about.

Let’s have a look at social media buzz connected to Valentine’s Day!


Using Brand24, I’ve been monitoring online conversations about Valentine’s Day since January 14.

This span of time allowed me to collect 391 877 mentions of “Valentine’s Day” keyword. The reach of all of these mentions equals 384 274 830 users of the Web.


Below you can see the context cloud related to “Valentine’s day” keyword.


The most frequently occurring keywords include “Valentines”, “love”, “gift”, “happy”.


As you can see below, in most cases, people mentioned Valentine’s Day on Twitter.


Twitter is where the Internet users are more likely to post emotional statuses. Microblogs place a strict limit on the length of the message which automatically encourages people to express their everyday thoughts and observations more radically.

Here’s a funny one:

Within the project, I looked up the words contextually connected to Valentine’s Day, such as, “love”, “hate”, “happy”, “sad”, “chocolate”, “flowers”, and “dinner”.


Number of mentions

Number of mentions love

No wonder “love” is the winner as the most frequently appearing keyword. It was used in various contexts we all can relate to, for example, expressing feelings towards someone, spreading the love and celebrating the idea of it.

Number of mentions hate

On the other hand, there are people who aren’t as excited when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Fortunately, they’re the minority.

Number of mentions happy

Again, the positive emotions crush the negative ones. Of analyzed mentions, the majority of people is happy because of the month of February that brings Valentine’s Day. Also, a huge chunk of mentions contained wishes.

Number of mentions sad

When it comes to the “sad” keyword, in most cases, people wrote online that they’re going to spend this day alone.

Number of mentions chocolate

The way to a man’s heart is through one stomach. To be more specific, it’s with the help of chocolate. It leads the way in discussions about gift ideas. Oftentimes, the conversation about chocolate is related to desserts.

Number of mentions flowers

Flowers appear to be an inevitable part of the Valentine’s Day set-up. People look online for florists to get flowers. Also, there’s quite a lot of flower shops that post their offers online.
Number of mentions dinner

Similarly to flowers, the majority of mentions about dinner is either about people looking for a restaurant to go out or restaurants presenting special Valentine’s Day deals.

Speaking about deals

Holidays such as Valentine’s Day are a huge opportunity to boost your sales.

If you’re running a business with an online presence, you should consider using a social listening tool like Brand24. With minimal effort and a proper set-up, it allows finding people directly interested in your product or service. It’s called social selling.

About social listening

It so happens that it has various applications.

It’s great for building relationships with consumers, managing online reputation, analyzing your marketing efforts, research, customer service and other areas of business.

The tool collects in real time mentions of predefined keywords both directly and contextually connected to what you do. Social media marketing game is all about being aware and responding to people talking about you.


Thanks for bearing with me!

If you’d like to take Brand24 for a spin and explore its capabilities, you can sign up for a trial. It’s absolutely free. Drop me a line in case of any problems.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Roses are red, violets are blue, no amount of mentions from Brand24 will escape you!


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