Brand24 Social Media Analytics – How to Make the Most of Social Media Platforms

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Social media has been growing rapidly over the past few years and it is not easy to keep up with different updates, new algorithms and functionalities. For marketers and business owners, it is a huge challenge to detect on which platforms an audience is the most active and where to concentrate resources. But no worries, Brand24 will get you covered! It provides you with an effective social media analytics features that will help you make sure you do not waste your time and energy.

Where social media users talk about your brand

Social listening tools collect all mentions based on predefined keywords, that can be a name of a brand, product, person or whatever you need to learn about from social media content. All the Internet comments around one topic, whether from Facebook, Twitter, forums, or blogging platforms, are gathered into one dashboard. From there, you will get all the information where the traffic comes from. You will find out on which platforms your audience is the most active. Thanks to that, you will know where you should focus your resources.

In Brand24’s dashboard, you can check which sources generated the most content in both Mentions and Analysis tabs. However, if you need more specified data about platforms where your audience is active, you should go to the Sources. There you will find a complete list of all social media authors and pages that have mentioned monitored keyword in a specified period. But this list can help you in many more marketing activities.


Detect influential and active users

Did you know that one of the most effective ways to promote your brand are people who recommend you? Consumers do not trust ads and banners anymore. They trust their peers, friends and influencers who form public opinions. Before purchase decision, clients seek inspiration online. Therefore, companies should understand the importance of cultivating relationships with influential users. With social listening, you can specify whether your audience has a potential for influencer marketing. On top of that, you will be able to detect the most active users who mention your brand more often and engage them in some kind of cooperation or just thank them for support and loyalty.

In addition, statistics available in Sources tab in Brand24’s Dashboard will tell you whether users mention your brand occasionally, or you have a group of devoted fans who eagerly and frequently engage in discussions about your company. This is an important information if you want to test whether you communicate a message in the right way. If only random users participate in conversation it might mean that you do not reach the right audience. In such a scenario, you should think about redefining a target group.


Marketing is all about engagement

The number of online mentions is not the only factor that determines how well you are doing in social media marketing. Actually it is a starting point to study more detailed statistics from social listening data. The collective number of all the Internet comments is nothing, but just a number unless you look closer into content.

Each person or a website that mentions your brand has their own audience that also has their own audiences that have their audiences and so on. It is an endless web of connections. Social listening tools enable you to estimate the total number of all the people that might have seen content about your brand. Brand24 calculates this figure based on an algorithm that includes statistics like number of followers, interactions and average exposure of content on social media platforms.

Comparison of these two figures (number of mentions and social media reach) tells you whether people who write about you have big audiences. On the graph below you can see how it changes on particular days. For instance, there were relatively more mentions on 11th September, but they did not generate significant social media reach. On the other hand, half as much comments on 30th September reached to about 20,000 more users. It probably results from one mention from a very influential author. You can click on a particular date and look into the case.


There is much more. Adding likes, shares and comments to the graph lets you know whether content about your brand engages users and also if interactions influence social media reach. For example, many people might have liked content about your brand, but if they did not have big audiences it will not have a significant impact on social media. Just like on the chart below on 18th September.


Not only quantity, but also quality matters. Social listening enables you to specify what kind of content people publish about your brand. Opinions have a different value for a business than a shared article from a page. On top of that, you can assign sentiment to each mention. Remember that more emotional content tends to be more viral. Neutral mentions have a slight impact on social media, while those with strong emotions can engage a wide audience. Do not ignore positive opinions nor negative ones. Users who praise your brand deserve a credit. You should notice them, thank and maybe reward if they are particularly loyal to your brand. On the other hand, negative opinions create an opportunity to win back a client and protect brand reputation. However, if ignored can lead to a serious social media crisis.

Features described above will enable you to more effectively manage social media platforms. Practice makes perfect, so go to your dashboard or set up a new account and use all the tips from this article.

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