The 17 Best AI Marketing Tools You Need To Try in 2024

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Did you know that up to 90% of marketers use AI marketing tools? They are irreplaceable in contemporary digital marketing. These tools automate time-consuming tasks, empowering marketing teams. If you don’t use AI marketing tools but want to start, you’re in the right place!

AI marketing tools are software that uses artificial intelligence techniques, such as machine learning and natural language processing, to analyze data and automate marketing tasks. This way, they improve efficiency of marketing teams.

As businesses compete for customers’ attention and loyalty, they must adopt cutting-edge technologies to stay ahead.

That’s where AI marketing tools come in. 

They revolutionized the marketing landscape by providing new ways to analyze data, automate tasks, and improve customer experience.

AI tools help marketers better understand their customers, target them more effectively, optimize marketing efforts, and more.

In this article, we will explore the best AI marketing tools. I will tell you about their key features and benefits.

Let’s dive in!

  1. Media monitoring
  2. Artificial intelligence in content creation
  3. Communication with customers
  4. Workflow automation
  5. Managing digital marketing campaigns
  6. AI website building
  7. Visual content creation

Media monitoring


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Brand24 is among the best AI marketing tools for media monitoring.

This software tracks mentions of your chosen keywords across the Internet. These can be brand names, industries, hashtags, or products.

For example, here is a Burger King social media monitoring project:

As you can see, each mention is assigned a sentiment (positive, neutral, or negative). This is the first application of artificial intelligence.

Predictive analytics allow algorithms to categorize your mentions based on emotionally charged keywords.

There’s also the Anomaly Detector – one of the essential PR and marketing functions. It detects sudden peaks in negative mentions and checks the reasons behind them. 

Anomaly Detection empowers your brand reputation management.

Anomaly Detection feature
Anomaly Detection feature

Clearly, Burger King is struggling with their Twitter reputation. The users point to the quality of food and service. 

Let’s look at mentions that include the word ‘service’ with negative sentiment.

Negative mentions of Burger King
Negative mentions of Burger King

The customers discuss the terrible Burger King service. They even negatively compared it to McDonald’s. This is a bad sign and definitely something the company should take care of. 

The Anomaly Detector gives you areas for improvement on a silver platter. This way, you can immediately start working on them without wasting time on data analysis and manual detection of issues.

Try the best AI marketing tool!

You’ll find more customer feedback insights in the Emotion Analysis tab. This section provides a detailed analysis of your customer behavior by examining their feelings. 

That’s another critical step in understanding customer conversations and tailoring your product to their needs.

Emotion Analysis by Brand24
Emotion Analysis by Brand24

Burger King’s audience is strongly divided between admiration and disgust. The two lines stay similar until April 16th, when disgust skyrockets.

The next step is going to the Mention tab. You can browse comments there to detect the reason behind the disgust’s growth after April 16th.

Try the best AI marketing tool!

In the Topic Analysis, you’ll find more AI-powered insights. This tab uses AI algorithms to detect the most discussed subjects around your brand.

The detected topics provide valuable insights into what takes your customers’ attention. This way, you can detect trending topics and identify controversies potentially dangerous to your business.

Topic Analysis by Brand24
Topic Analysis by Brand24

In Burger King’s case, many topics touch upon the restaurant’s working conditions. There are discussions on other fast food chains compared to Burger King and the company’s boycott. 

Now, let’s move on to the Metrics Analysis.

This section offers a comprehensive overview of your project. It’s a go-to tab when you want to check the summary of your performance and key insights on platform dominance, AVE, sentiment, and emotions.

It’s handy, especially for social media managers who monitor the overall results of a social media strategy.

Metrics Analysis by Brand24
Metrics Analysis by Brand24

Brand24 has many AI-powered features, but don’t be afraid that you will get lost among them. There’s the AI Brand Assistant that will save the day.

This great functionality will provide you with all the information regarding your project. 

You can ask it about your metrics, project overview, comparison of two different projects, and many more!

It’s a smart and time-efficient approach to your project analysis. 

AI Brand Assistant by Brand24
AI Brand Assistant by Brand24

Thanks to Brand24, social media managers, PR specialists, and marketers can effortlessly monitor the performance and reputation of a company.

With your data analysis streamlined with AI-powered solutions, you gain competitive intelligence and get ahead of your competitors. 

Forget tedious, manual data collection and analysis – let Brand24 help!

Key features:

Try the best AI marketing tool!

AI in content creation

AI content generation is a vast topic with ardent opponents and enthusiastic supporters.

I’ll start by presenting AI tools that assist in the content creation process. Then, we will discuss AI writing tools that can make content from scratch on their own.

The latter is called generative tools or creative artificial intelligence.

Their advantage is the ability to quickly generate various types of content. You can get articles, product descriptions, or social media captions in seconds.

However, there’s also a drawback to them. The content often sounds artificial and is less valuable than that created by a human.

Surfer SEO

Most marketing specialists have probably heard of Surfer SEO as a valuable tool.

At Brand24, it’s our right hand to create SEO-optimized, engaging content. 

This AI-powered solution helps you create content for the top search engine rankings.

It will suggest the parameters for your blog post based on top-ranking pages for your topic. This way, you can easily write competitive content.

Surfer SEO dashboard
Surfer SEO dashboard

Surfer SEO’s information includes the number of words, headers, paragraphs, and keywords. There’s also the Content Score, which assesses text quality. 

Thanks to these actionable insights, you will significantly improve your ranking in Google.

To obtain this information, provide the keyword for which you plan to write an article. The tool will do the rest for you. It will give an outline enabling successful search engine optimization.

It’s effortless and incredibly helpful for marketing content creation.

There’s only one critical remark.

Remember not to push too many keywords by force, and pack your sentences full of them. Otherwise, despite the good positioning, your text will sound unnatural and won’t succeed.

Key features:

  • Content creation guidelines
  • Optimization guidance for search engines
  • Content research support

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This AI writing assistant is another must-have for copywriters who write in English. From social media posts to longer forms of content, Grammarly is your right hand when creating content.

Grammarly webiste
Grammarly webiste

This AI tool checks spelling, punctuation, syntax, and word usage. Plus, it suggests how to improve your text.

It’s a reliable tool if you want to write clearly in English. At Brand24, we use it daily and think it’s essential for decent content marketing.

And we’re not the only ones who think so:

Positive mention of Grammarly detected by Brand24
Positive mention of Grammarly detected by Brand24

Surprisingly, despite all the benefits of Grammarly, it has some considerable downsides. 

Firstly, like other AI-powered tools, it can make mistakes. 

Secondly, it may flatten your writing style, making everything systematic and standard.

Negative mentions of Grammarly from Brand24
Negative mentions of Grammarly from Brand24

Check your online mentions!

Not long ago, Grammaly introduced the GrammarlyGo feature.

This intelligent function allows you to modify your text however you want. You can make your message shorter, more exciting, formal, or anything else. 

Thanks to the new feature, you can establish a consistent tone of voice and a level of formality. 


Chat GPT

This is one of the most controversial AI marketing tools. Chat GPT entered general use not long ago and turned the Internet upside down.

Let’s take a closer look at its capabilities and drawbacks.

ChatGPT dashboard
ChatGPT dashboard

The main task of Chat GPT is to generate responses to questions asked and, in general, to react to user input.

To achieve this, the model analyzes the context provided by the user and tries to understand their intention.

Then, using its data, it generates a response that aims to align with the user’s expectations.

And what if I tell you that Chat GPT wrote the above paragraph? Impressive, isn’t it?

But don’t get deceived by its ability to create sensible responses. Chat GPT is just a well-trained AI model. 

Remember, it can still make mistakes!

Plus, although its responses are correct, it lacks expert knowledge based on human experience. Hence, numerous criticisms arose regarding the excessive use of Chat GPT.

Let’s start a project in Brand24 and find out what people are saying about it online:

Media monitoring project for ChatGPT
Media monitoring project for ChatGPT

Opinions are very divided and often extreme. What does the sentiment chart look like? Let’s take a look at the last 30 days.

ChatGPT sentiment monitoring

As you can see, as much as 55% of people have a negative opinion about Chat GPT!

That’s important information for brands considering this tool.

Key features:

  • Content generation
  • Proofreading
  • Preparing content outline

Monitor mentions and learn opinions online!

Jasper AI

This tool is an advanced AI writing assistant, similar to Chat GPT. It also serves for content marketing but offers more options for adjusting text parameters. 

You can specify the maximum number of words, style, and the number of outputs you want to receive.

A notable advantage of Jasper is the Templates tab. It provides outlines for creating posts for different platforms.

You will find a template for a blog post, a product description on Amazon, a post on Facebook, and many others.

Jasper dashboard with templates
Jasper dashboard with templates

Recently, Jasper introduced a new useful feature. The tool assists you in improving your prompt, making it more accurate.

This way, you can easily get the expected output and save time creating input descriptions. 

Key features:

  • Content generation
  • Templates and customizable text parameters 

Try AI marketing tools!

Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI helps businesses and marketing experts elevate their content game.

For marketers, Hypotenuse AI can swiftly generate product descriptions, landing pages, and advertising copy to boost online visibility

It can produce engaging social media captions and SEO-optimized articles, matching your brand voice.

Hypotenuse AI dashboard
Hypotenuse AI dashboard

Hypotenuse is a valuable AI writer to power your content workflow. It helps marketers create optimized, on-brand content at scale.

Key features:

  • Writing assistant
  • AI images creation
  • Templates
  • Plagiarism checker

Communication with customers

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the technology behind chatbots. This automation enables automatic customer communication.

If you want to try it on your website, you can use ready-made tools, machine learning algorithms, or natural language processing tools.

AI can also cover another area of customer communication.

Namely, you can incorporate email marketing tools. These ones will support your campaigns with personalized messaging.

Smartwriter AI

SmartWriter is an AI-powered marketing tool designed for personalized email outreach. It generates customized messages that include personalized email subject lines.

This way, you can quickly grab your recipient’s attention.


The tool provides features like backlink generation, online stores’ content support, and personalized cold email outreach.

SmartWriter integrates with third-party platforms. Thus, it is an efficient and effective tool for email marketing.

Key features:

  • Personalized email outreach
  • Backlink generator 
  • Social media personalization


Wordtune is an AI-powered tool supporting effective communication through text. It works with Slack, email, social media, and other marketing channels.

With Wordtune, you fine-tune your tone and convey your message as intended.

Wordtune website
Wordtune website

The tool offers text formality, length, and tone adjustments.

Integrate AI marketing tools into your business!

Initially, I was unsure if you really need Wordtune. We already have Grammarly to guard our writing. But I couldn’t be more wrong! 

Now, I truly appreciate this new extension to my browser.

Use of Wordtune for Slack messaging
Use of Wordtune for Slack messaging

With Wordtune, you can communicate with confidence and clarity in any context. It ensures that you excel at your messaging.

Key features:

  • Text messages improvement
  • Content rephrasing and correction 

Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense is a tool for AI marketing to optimize email campaigns. It makes a dedicated personalization for each recipient.

Seventh Sense optimizes the timing and frequency of messaging.

The former feature delivers emails to each recipient at their optimal engagement time.

Another useful functionality is email throttling. It increases deliverability by pausing campaigns, making changes, and spreading the load on systems, call centers, and salespeople.

The tool also offers email frequency optimization. It does an automatic engagement-based segmentation and emails customers at their preferred frequency.

Seventh Sense dashboard
Seventh Sense dashboard

Additionally, Seventh Sense empowers sales and marketing teams to share data on when individual customers or prospects engage with their organization.

This leads to increased conversions and shortened sales cycles.

Key features:

  • Email delivery optimization 
  • Marketing campaigns management and real-time personalization

Workflow automation

Ever wish you could clone yourself to tackle all those mundane marketing tasks? 

Workflow automation tools will save the day! 

Picture them as your personal task managers, handling repetitive jobs like scheduling emails and organizing content calendars. These helpers give you more time for creative and strategic work.


Bardeen is a cutting-edge workflow automation software. Believe me, it’ll take your AI marketing strategy to the next level. It automates repetitive tasks, streamlines data collection, and manages processes.

With Bardeen, you can save much time you’d otherwise spend on manual work. This allows you to focus on more critical aspects of your strategy.

Bardeen website
Bardeen website

One of its key features is the integration with various marketing tools. This includes CRM platforms, email marketing tools, and social media management software.

This allows Bardeen to pull information from multiple sources and use it to automate marketing tasks. This is helpful for lead nurturing campaigns, social media scheduling, and email campaigns.

Since I started using Bardeen, I cannot imagine returning. It helps me enormously to go smoothly from one activity to another.

I can better organize my day, complete all the tasks, and, most importantly, not forget meetings in my Google Calendar!

Key features:

  • Cross-platform integrations
  • Streamlining multi-faceted tasks encompassing several tools and platforms 

Incorporate AI marketing tools in your marketing strategies!

Axiom AI

Axiom is an innovative AI marketing tool that simplifies data analytics.

With this software, you harness the power of bots to collect data from multiple sources. It connects with Google Docs, Linkedin, Amazon, Google, and many more.

Axiom can help you quickly and easily extract the information you need. It offers assistance in data collection for lead generation, market research, and other purposes.

Axiom integration
Axiom integration

Axiom’s Chrome extension enables seamless integration with your browser. Its user-friendly interface and simple 3-step process make it easy for anyone to use, regardless of technical expertise.

Axiom saves time and resources by automating your data retrieval. It works for you, freeing your focus for more complicated tasks.

Key features:

  • Data retrieval automation
  • Data analytics 
  • Integration with Google Docs, LinkedIn, Amazon, Google, and more

Managing digital marketing campaigns

With AI tools for campaign management, you can easily navigate digital marketing. From juggling multiple platforms to optimizing ad performance, these tools streamline processes and boost ROI. 

Let’s see how AI can revolutionize your campaign management.

Albert AI

Albert is an AI-powered digital marketing tool. You can use it to optimize and personalize advertising campaigns.

The tool utilizes self-learning software to analyze big data and improve the efficiency of your campaign.

Alber AI dashboard
Alber AI dashboard

The tool analyzes customer data at scale, allocates budgets, and evolves campaigns across channels.

With over 200 different capabilities, it can analyze data, find potential customers, and run a test marketing campaign to refine targeting.

Albert AI offers insights, strategic planning, innovation, and complex campaign performance consulting. It helps marketers build solid brands and target audience engagement.

Albert analyzes customer data at scale, allocates budgets, and evolves campaigns across channels. With 200 different capabilities, it finds potential customers and runs test marketing campaigns to refine targeting.

Albert AI offers valuable insights, strategic planning, innovation, and campaign consulting. It helps marketers build solid brands and evoke target audience engagement.

Key features:

  • Customer data collection
  • Campaign performance management 
  • Audience targeting 

Try AI marketing tools!

AI website building


Hostinger AI website builder is your shortcut to a hassle-free website. It’s perfect for pros and newbies who want a site without coding skills. 

This tool uses artificial intelligence to make creating a website a breeze, saving you time.

Share your business info, and AI builds a website to match your style. The easy drag-and-drop editor lets you tweak things as you like.

Hostinger AI website builder
Hostinger AI website builder

But Hostinger isn’t just about making web pages.

This tool is everything you need to sell products or services online. Display up to 500 products, manage your inventory, process orders, and accept payments – all in one place.

And regarding standing out on Google, Hostinger’s got your back with built-in SEO. It’ll help you effortlessly optimize your web pages for the search. This way, you gain an edge over the competition.

If you’re a marketer looking for an all-in-one solution, this tool is your go-to.

Key features:

  • Website building with no coding skills needed 
  • High customizability with simple drag-n-drop visual elements
  • SEO support

Visual content creation

Synthesia AI

Synthesia is a revolutionary AI marketing tool. It empowers digital marketers to create videos in seconds. You choose from a vast library of templates, avatars, icons, and backgrounds to create a professional-looking clip.

Synthesia has two main advantages. 

Firstly, you can have a realistic human in your videos without hiring actors. 

Secondly, it offers various editing options to adjust the video to your needs.

Plus, you can choose from 120 languages and accents for your video. For me, that’s impressive.

Synthesia website
Synthesia website

It’s an effortless and cost-effective way to make visually appealing business videos. You can use them for corporate training, personalized sales, customer success videos, and more.

Key features:

  • Video creation made easy
  • High customizability of the video elements

Try AI marketing tools!


DALL-E 3 is a revolutionary AI tool developed by OpenAI. It uses deep learning algorithms and machine learning to generate unique images based on textual descriptions.

You only need to give a description, and AI technology will develop creative ideas for you.

For instance, here are the results for a prompt: an impressionist painting of a dog on a purple background.

DALL-E 3: a dog painting
DALL-E 3: dog paintings

The program was trained on a massive dataset of images and captions, enabling it to generate pictures of anything described. 

With DALL-E 3, you can bring your ideas to life in new and innovative ways.

Key features:

  • Automated image creation

Integrate AI in your digital marketing efforts!


Looka is an AI marketing tool for professional logo design.

The tool uses machine learning algorithms to analyze your design preferences. Based on that, it creates a custom logo according to your brand guidelines.

Looka is among the best AI marketing tools for creating excellent branding.

Looka website
Looka website

Looka offers a simple, user-friendly interface that guides you through logo creation. 

You can choose from various templates and customize fonts, colors, and icons. Plus, you can preview your logo on different products.

Looka provides high-quality logos for websites, social media, and marketing materials.

With its powerful AI technology, Looka facilitates the creation of a unique and memorable brand identity. It also provides a complex brand book to help you stick to your branding.

Use Looka for marketing, especially if you are a starting business.

Key features:

  • Logo design
  • Social media templates
  • Branded product design
  • Brand book creation

Leverage AI marketing tools!

Runway AI

Runway is an AI marketing tool that creates professional videos and images. 

It enables the generation of videos from photos, infinitely expanding and reimagining pictures, among others.

You can also train custom models to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Runway dashboard with features
Runway dashboard with features

With Runway, you can professionally edit videos. Slow them down or erase unwanted elements. You can also transform static images into animations. 

There are many ways to create an engaging visual experience with Runway.

Plus, the tool allows you to remove backgrounds from your pictures. This way, you get professional shots for online shops or campaigns.

Runway offers professional-looking results without technical skills or equipment. 

This AI marketing tool creates stunning visuals that resonate with your target audience and drive engagement.

Key features:

  • Image and video creation
  • Image expansion
  • Edition and alteration of images
  • Video edition
  • Extraction of image or video elements

Start using marketing AI tools. Begin with Brand24!


The number of AI marketing tools may be overwhelming. I recommend you make a list of useful tools for your niche. Try them one by one and stick to the most valuable ones.

Remember, you don’t need to implement all the AI tools available. Stay with the ones that influence your work the most and bring ultimate benefits.

Note that the best results come from the human-AI collaboration. Computer capabilities are tremendous, but the human touch usually resonates the best.

Personally, here are the 3 best AI marketing tools you should try:

  1. Brand24 for media monitoring, sentiment analysis, and social media management.
  2. Surfer SEO for search engine optimization.
  3. Bardeen for streamlining processes and repetitive tasks automation.

I wish you good luck in your AI marketing journey!

Start testing AI marketing tools for free!

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