CASE STUDY: How Foszer Sawicki Tracked the Impact of Their Rebranding

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Foszer Sawicki is a video production house specializing in video content for ATL and internet campaigns. Their customer portfolio includes brands such as Adidas, Coca Cola, Durex, Intel and more.

Previously known as Mumin’s Interactive, the company undergone a complex rebranding. Starting from its name, visual identity, to the company structure, the production house changed drastically.

The entire process took place in March and fortunately went smoothly.

To observe how their target audience reacted and analyze the social media impact of rebranding, Foszer Sawicki used social media monitoring, namely, Brand24.

To monitor how the situation develops, Foszer Sawicki created two projects inside Brand24:

  • One to monitor their old name, Mumin’s Interactive.
  • One to monitor their new name, Foszer Sawicki.

It allowed them to monitor all publically available mentions of either of these keywords. The tool monitors websites, social media, discussion forums, blogs, news sites and other places online.

March 17th was the day of the rebranding.

Naturally, Mumin’s Interactive was already generating considerable buzz. After the announcement and press release, media picked the news and the story reached a wider audience.

And the buzz about Foszer Sawicki increased.

Thanks to social media monitoring, Foszer Sawicki was able to monitor and analyze reactions since day one.

How Foszer Sawicki Used Brand24

The rebranding was huge.

Social media monitoring allowed tracking reactions of existing customers, prospects and the industry. By following mentions and comments, Foszer Sawicki was able to see if people like the new name, or if they understand the need for rebranding.

We were actively monitoring how the world reacts to the rebranding. The most valuable pieces of content were these mentioning our new name. By following them, we learned what people say about the brand in the context of our rebranding and work. We were tracking if the new name catches on and if people associate the old with the new. We could quickly identify mentions that required explanation and reach out with an explanation.

Since Brand24 collects mentions from websites, social media, blogs and other sources, Foszer Sawicki was able to find out if there’s any online space unaware of the rebranding. With social media monitoring in place, they could track publications and react to them.

Customer feedback is crucial during rebranding. Customers’ opinions show if a brand clearly communicates all changes. It’s just like Michal said: web and social media monitoring let us see how our customers, both existing and new ones, react to what we communicate. With this in mind, we stayed the course in terms of communication across all places talking about our rebranding.


Rebranding takes time. It takes time both before and after the announcement. Two weeks after the rebranding, online mentions about Foszer Sawicki generated following numbers:

  • 2500% increase in social media reach.
  • 60% increase in the number of Facebook interactions. 

Using social media monitoring we identified and then acquired a couple of new customers who saw the news about our rebranding somewhere on the Web.

These and other things can be easily analyzed by Brand24. You can give it a try for free (no credit card required).

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