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How to measure the results of a brand awareness campaign?

Measuring the results of a brand awareness campaign is not a piece of cake. There are many variables you have to take into account while measuring the results of a brand awareness campaign. Measuring how many people could have come across your brand online will give you insights about your online presence.

Many marketers consider brand awareness a vanity metric, a metric that is useless for calculating the marketing ROI. The recommend focusing on more tangible data, for example, the social media reach, or reach of a hashtag campaign.

Another marketing school argues that measuring the effects of a brand awareness campaign is one of the most important marketing activities.

Why is measuring the results of a brand awareness campaign important?

Many consumers make purchasing decisions based on brand recall.

In other words, the more your potential customers are familiar with your brand, the better the chance they will purchase your product or service.

That’s why many brands put so much effort into brand awareness campaigns.

For example, L’Oreal is sponsoring the Cannes Film Festival.

Next time, someone wants to buy a beauty product they will likely recall the name they associate with red carpet looks.

That’s the desired effect of a brand awareness campaign.

Like with everything in marketing, we need to see hard numbers to assess the results of our efforts. That way we see what’s working and what’s not and improve our efforts.

The question remains — how do you measure the effects of brand awareness campaign?

Measuring brand awareness could be easy, provided you know what to measure and have the right tools!

All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Brand awareness campaign metrics
  • Set goals to measure brand awareness campaign
  • Track the right brand awareness campaign metrics
  • How to assess the results of brand awareness campaign?
  • Is measuring the results of a brand awareness campaign complicated?
  • Brand awareness campaign metrics

    All of the metrics are based on a media monitoring project.

    Media listening tools, for example, Brand24, will gather and analyse all publicly available mentions that contain your keywords.

    Set up your free account here (no credit card required).

    You can test the tool for free for two weeks. You can set up your trial account without providing a credit card number.

    Start with setting up a project.

    In the first step, choose what would you like to monitor.

    Enter the keywords you’d like to monitor. A keyword can be:

    • the name of your company
    • the name of your product or service
    • your branded hashtag
    • your campaign-specific hashtag

    From that moment on, a media monitoring tool will gather all online mentions containing your keyword.

    We’re all set. Now, let’s get to the bottom of measuring brand awareness campaign!

    Set goals to measure brand awareness campaign

    Before we delve into the world of brand awareness metrics and tactics, let’s establish some ground rules.

    First, we need to know why we want to increase brand awareness.

    What is the ultimate goal of your brand awareness campaign?

    What are the goals of brand awareness campaign? Think about:

    • increasing brand recall
    • increasing traffic to your website
    • sparking conversations around your brand
    • reaching new audiences that might be interested in your product

    Your brand awareness campaign metrics and strategy will depend on the goal you want to achieve.

    Track the right brand awareness campaign metrics

    Once you know what you want to achieve, it’s time to track the right brand awareness metrics.

    Brand awareness metrics will tell you whether your campaign is delivering the results you need.

    1. The volume of mentions

    That’s a primary metric when it comes to measuring brand awareness campaign.

    The volume of mentions tells you how many times your brand has been mentioned online. You can spot seasonal differences in the number of mentions, which will help you adjust your marketing campaigns.

    What is the benefit of tracking the volume of brand mentions with the help of a media monitoring tool?

    Social media sites notify you once your handle has been used. And you can browse through your branded hashtags.

    Many conversations about your brand happen outside your owned channels. If you want to measure the results of a brand awareness campaign, you have to know about every mention regarding your company.

    According to Brandwatch, 96% of conversations around your brand happens outside owned channels.

    If you want to measure brand awareness, you need to know exactly who and where talks about your brand. Media monitoring project will make sure you’re aware of every mention.

    2. Sentiment

    The sentiment is a metric complementary to the volume of mentions. Sentiment will tell you whether the online talk about your brand is positive, negative, or neutral.

    A high volume of mentions with prevailing positive sentiment is a sign your brand awareness campaign is yielding desired results.

    On the other hand, a combination of negative sentiment and a high volume of mentions could be an indicator of a social media crisis.

    I’m happy to say that our sentiment analysis algorithms are cutting-edge. 

    Brand24’s sentiment analysis distinguishes more than 80 language. It’s based on an AI technology that learns while monitoring mentions about your brand. The sentiment analysis algorithm is able to detect sarcasm and irony.

    3. Social media reach

    When it comes to measuring the results of a brand awareness campaign, you should also take into account the social media reach of your posts.

    Social media reach shows an estimated number of social media users that might have seen your posts. In other words, social media reach indicates how many people could be aware of your brand.

    Does it sound a bit enigmatic?

    To make things easier, let me explain how we calculate social media reach. We take into account the number of followers of each author that mentions your brand.

    In that case, an account that has 100 followers will generate a lower social media reach than an account with 100,000 followers.

    The higher the social media reach, the more people could have heard about your brand.

    4. Engagement

    The fact that people have heard about your brand isn’t enough. In an ideal situation, many people will see the posts and engage with the content.

    For many, engagement shouldn’t be a part of measuring brand awareness campaign.

    Engagement falls a bit behind the scope of measuring the effects of a brand awareness campaign.

    However, the levels of engagement (measured in the number of likes, shares, and comments) will tell you how your content resonates with your target audience.

    Engagement is an indicator of the effectiveness of your campaign.

    Moreover, many social media algorithms take the engagement levels into account while calculating how high on the social media wall your content will rank.

    High engagement levels will, ultimately, boost other brand awareness metrics.

    5. The share of voice

    And finally, the last metric when it comes to measuring brand awareness campaign — the share of voice.

    I’d call the share of voice an auxiliary metric when it comes to measuring brand awareness. 

    In simple terms, the share of voice is a metric telling you how much people talk about your company compared to your competitors. 

    Does it sound complicated?

    It really isn’t!

    All you have to do is take into account two metrics:

    • the volume of mentions concerning your brand
    • the volume of mentions regarding your competitors

    Now all you have to do is divide the number of your mentions by the number of mentions regarding your competitors. 

    You can also take a look at the share of voice generated by public profiles talking about your product, company, or service. That way you will know how popular your brand is, know potential influencers you can cooperate with and promote your brand.

    print screen from Brand24 dashboard, showing the top public profiles, metric useful in measuring the results of brand awareness campaigns
    Measure the results of a brand awareness campaign with Brand24. Try it for free.

    How to assess the results of brand awareness campaigns?

    You’ve gathered a lot of insightful metrics. Now, you can assess the results of your brand awareness campaign.

    The numbers you’ve gathered won’t tell you much on their own.

    You have to compare the results of a brand awareness campaign with other benchmarks.

    Firstly, you need to establish benchmark metrics. There are two ways of doing that.

    You can monitor the metrics for some time before you start your brand awareness campaign. The metrics will serve as your baseline.

    You will be able to assess whether you’re making progress or not.

    The second way to establish a baseline is to take a look at your competitors.

    Set up a project and follow the same steps as in the beginning. Instead of typing in the keywords related to your business, think about your main competitor.

    Analyse their brand awareness to know how you position against your main competitors.

    The brand awareness analysis will give you valuable insights into your market position. You will know who are the main influencers in your business niche, what is the brand awareness gap between you and your competitors. With a bit of brand awareness analysis you will know what should you improve to stay ahead of your rivals.

    Is measuring the results of a brand awareness campaign complicated?

    Hopefully, you see not only the importance of measuring the results of a brand awareness campaign but also how easy the whole process is.

    At first glance, it seems complicated, as you have to examine many different metrics to get the full picture.

    The more people can recall your brand, the better your chance of success. And with media monitoring tools that can provide rich data, measuring the effects of your brand awareness campaign is easier than ever.

    Ready to give media monitoring a spin? Set up your free trial account here! No credit card required!


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