CASE STUDY: How Zelmer Uses Brand24 to Build Relationships with Fans

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Social media monitoring gives you the opportunity to build closer relationships with your audience by discovering and addressing their needs. Zelmer, one of the oldest vacuum cleaner manufacturers in Central Europe recently showed how it should be done. Using Brand24, they identified a 4-year-old enthusiast of vacuum cleaners and invited him for a factory tour to show the boy how these incredible appliances (or, as they called them “dragons”) are made.

A Birthday Cake Like No Other

The boy we’re talking about is Wojtek, who happens to be a huge fan of domestic appliances. In fact, he likes them so much that his birthday cake looked like… a Zelmer vacuum cleaner. His mother shared a photo of the cake to social media and tagged it with  #birthday #zelmer and #vacuum hashtags. Here’s the rather unusual cake, in all its glory:


That’s Where Zelmer Stepped In

Using Brand24 to monitor its company name and other business relevant keywords, Zelmer found the original Instagram post and showed how to engage with their audience like a pro they truly are. The company reached out to the boy and his mother to make his dream come true. Zelmer invited them for a tour in one of the company’s factory.


Using a social listening tool such as Brand24 allows us to identify and reach out to our fans on the Web. With a social media monitoring tool in place, we monitor the relevant conversations in real time, we join them, address problematic issues or express our appreciation of positive comments. To provide possibly the best customer service and fulfill customer expectations, we need to be as close to them as possible.

Sebastian Kucharski, E-commerce Specialist at BSH Home Appliances Group

Wojtek and the Vacuum Cleaner Factory

Wojtek, his older brother Krzyś and their mother accepted the invitation. The family paid an incredibly pleasant visit to Zelmer’s factory, where they saw the entire behind-the-scenes process of vacuum cleaner manufacturing. Of course, it was not without teddy-bears and yet another birthday cake.

Wojtek and the Hoover Factory

I’m sure that you, as well as Wojtek in the factory, just can’t help but smile. Positive emotions are also expressed in comments:

Wojtek and the Hoover Factory

Other Captivating Stories

Zelmer used social listening to respond to other people, including Irena and her granddaughter Ewa. Ewa wrote on Zelmer’s Facebook page that her grandmother can’t imagine cleaning without her 46-year-old Zelmer vacuum cleaner. The company surprised the ladies by inviting them to a photo shoot.

Wojtek and the Hoover Factory

The stories of Wojtek and Irena who represent two entirely different generations connected by the brand encouraged Zelmer to host a contest where customers share their experiences with Zelmer appliances. We can’t wait to see how it develops!

Surprise Your Customers

Zelmer’s example proves that social listening allows you to create extremely engaging campaigns. So far, the video starring little Wojtek has gathered 40k views, over 250 likes and 27 shares. What’s more, it only gets positive comments.

You have to admire Zelmer for their creativity. What most companies would do after discovering the birthday cake post is congratulate and move on to the next mention. What’s cool is that the brand went a step further. Certainly, it made a huge effort thanks to which the positive impression of the brand will remain not only in memories of people directly involved in the campaign, but also in the awareness of online spectators like me and you.

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