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Online presence and recognition is important, but it was always hard to measure it for your business, event, or campaign. Brand24 created the online Presence Score – a metric that helps you understand awareness around your company, competitors, or topics of your interest.

online presence score

It is important for many types of businesses to build and maintain an online presence. Online presence helps to raise awareness of your business, grow sales, reach new customers, form relationships with clients, control and maintain a positive reputation of your company. 

Online presence reflects in many various forms. You can improve your online presence by running social media accounts, creating online campaigns, having conversations and engaging with clients, responding to online reviews.

If you run a small, offline business, sometimes you may not know about having an online presence, or think you don’t need one. Nothing further from the truth. 

Some companies may underestimate the importance of being present online, creating their own image online, knowing what is being said about their business, and forming bonds with customers online. 

Online presence should be managed and monitored. It’s important to stay in control of it and know how your business, event, campaign, or industry performs online.

What are some common mistakes businesses make when managing their online presence?

Here is where online Presence Score comes in handy!


  1. What is the online Presence Score?
  2. How to check the online Presence Score?
  3. Why should you measure the online Presence Score?
  4. Examples of online Presence Score
  5. How is the online Presence Score measured?

What is the online Presence Score?

Brand24, a media monitoring tool, now delivers even more AI-powered insights as it came up with its original online Presence Score. 

Online Presence Score is a metric that indicates how is your online presence performing and helps to understand the online popularity of a certain company or topic at the given time. 

Online Presence Score delivers valuable insights and can help you draw many conclusions. Online presence score can be used to:

  • Compare your online exposure versus your competitors;
  • Learn if you need to work on your online presence;
  • Evaluate your marketing & PR efforts;
  • Check if your business has a strong brand awareness or not;
  • Learn the popularity of a certain topic or industry that you are interested in;
  • Check the online popularity of certain events;
  • Measure and benchmark brand awareness.

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How to check the online Presence Score?

Brand24 came up with a new metric – Presence Score, that measures the online exposure of a certain brand or topic. This is 100% our metric that you can’t find in any other media monitoring tool.

To check the Presence Score for your business, event, campaign, or topic of your interests, all you need to do is start a monitoring project and track keywords connected to it.

Project creation in Brand24

As soon as you start your monitoring project, the tool will start collecting mentions from all over the Web. Obviously, the volume of discussion about Black Friday has its peak in the end of November.

Brand24 dashboard

Presence Score is available in the Analysis tab. As you can see, Black Friday’s Presence Score definitely rose in November as well.

Black Friday Presence Score

Looking at the Presence Score for Black Friday you can see that it’s wise to start your sales campaigns at the beginning of November or even end of October, when the interest starts to rise. This may be obvious for Black Friday, but whenever you are not sure when to start advertising for an annual event, you might want to analyse its Presence Score to see when it gets more engagement.

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Why should you measure the online Presence Score

The question arises, why should you measure your presence score, and how does it translate to your online reputation?

The Brand24 Online Presence Score allows you to compare your brand to the competitors in terms of visibility. It is a great tool to see if your PR and marketing teams are doing good job or you need to improve your efforts.

Not only you are able to see how popular your brand is against the competition, but also you can see it on a timeline. The Presence Score changes over time and you will see on the chart when it was higher or lower. Then you can check what marketing or PR campaigns were active during that period of time, and benchmark it against competing companies in your market niche.

The Presence Score will help you to build brand awareness when used skilfully.

Examples of online Presence Score

Seeing a couple more examples of Presence Scores will let you understand this metric even more. It will allow you to think about even more ways on how useful and valuable it is.


Palantir is a popular, publicly-traded software company, which Presence Score rose from 61 to 71 in early October 2020. Why did that happen?

Palantir Presence Score

A boost in Presence Score was related to Palantir going public. There was a visible spike in reach and the number of mentions on September 30, which affected the Presence Score.

Palantir Volume of Mentions

This type of data can help to calculate how Palantir’s overall brand awareness is affected by discussion related to the Stock Exchange. Presence Score can be also used to benchmark Palantir’s online brand awareness versus closest competitors.

See how your brand is performing online versus your competitors

CES 2021

Let’s have a closer look at CES 2021 – Tech Event / Exhibition happening on 11-14 Jan 2021 now. For a number of days, CES-related discussions dominated tech conversations all over the Web. These conversations reflected on CES 2021’s Presence Score.

CES2021 Presence Score

Using Presence Score can help to benchmark CES media exposure versus previous CES editions as well as rival events. It can be also a vital contributor to CES brand awareness calculation. 


BrightonSEO is one of the biggest SEO conferences in Europe that gathers thousands of SEO and marketing experts in one place. Their Presence Score is 35 as of October 2023, but it dropped down from 45 in September. Why?

Well, the answer is simple. The conference was held on September 14-15, 2023.

It’s a natural process that the target customers are talking more about the event while it’s happening (also directly before and after), and after a while the interest and the number of online interactions fades. The organizers can, however, bear in mind the fact that they have much lower visibility during the rest of the year and plan their campaigns accordingly.

How is the online Presence Score measured?

The two most significant Presence Score contributors are the number of mentions and their total reach (based on impressions they potentially generated).

The more mentions and reach – the more substantial the Presence Score.

Measure the Presence Score with a free Brand24 trial.

Meaning behind your online Presence Score

Presence Score operates on a scale from 0 to 100, where 100 is a score achieved by globally recognizable brands and very popular topics.

Presence Score growth speed decreases with progress, which means that it is much more challenging to grow the Presence Score from 70 to 80 than from 10 to 20. 

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