7 Ways to Build a Positive Online Reputation

Every day you put a lot of effort into your company. Together with your employees you try to do your best when delivering a high-quality service and products. In this detailed and important process you have to remember to let people know about your offer and activities. Otherwise, they might not find you.

For this purpose, you need to build an online reputation and keep it positive.
In the era of the Internet the customer checks the company before using its offer even if he’s going to do it offline. He doesn’t look only for the products or meals descriptions but also wants to know other clients opinions. By your webpage, blog, social media activity and communication style you can help your potential customer to find what he is looking for. Continue reading below to discover what you need in order to build a favourable image of your company.

1. Create Your Online Business Card

In the real world you often give the clients a small piece of paper with your company name, address and contact number. On the Internet, this informational function belongs to your webpage. Therefore, you should think over its whole conception and content.

It is the best to start with a domain name which should be catchy, short and unambiguous. In the next step focus on the main page. Pay attention to its design and don’t overcrowd it with too much information. Otherwise, the readers may quickly get lost. You will achieve an interesting visual layout with clear and brief text and well-matched graphics or pictures.

Detailed information should be placed in the sections. The most important among them are “about” and “contact”. Fill the first one with a description of your company and photos of your greatest achievements. The second subpage is the space for the address of the headquarter, telephone number, e-mail, map and driving directions.

The good thing is as well to create place on you webpage which would be intended for the clients opinions and reviews. Bazaarvoice infographic below shows how reading reviews impacts sales.

How online reviews impact sales

2. Write a Blog with Professional and Inspirational Content

Blog is the perfect place to share the values of your company and products and create the image of an expert. Put a lot of effort into it – avoid language mistakes, too complicated words and enrich your articles with creative infographics, relevant charts and pictures.

3. Be Active in Social Media

Social media profile is a must when you would like people to find your business. While they seek for information they don’t stop at the search engine. Checking restaurants, hotels or advertising agencies on Facebook is often the first thing potential clients do before deciding for a particular offer. On your fan page try to post interesting and entertaining content which will engage your followers.

The presence in other social media channels will also help your company reputation. You can inform about the newest products or links to articles on your webpage on Twitter. Remember to write brief and conspicious posts in there.

Looking for the audience related to your field you should create a company account on LinkedIn which brings together professionals. But some industries, such as design, use Pinterest as their source of inspiration. Therefore, if you offer furniture or wall papers the good move would be adding pictures of your products there.

In every place you have an account try to react on people’s comments, pint their works or show interest for some publications. That is how building relations starts, something your business will benefit from in the future.

4. Reply on Every Request or Opinion

It is important to show your current or potential clients that your business is accessible and you treat people respectfully. For this reason, you should respond every online message or review. If someone’s comment is negative, by writing a polite and understanding answer, you will probably avoid conflict and spreading bad opinions. You shouldn’t ignore the positive posts as well. The best is to take advantage of them and proudly share them on your social media profiles. It would be a great proof of the quality of your services or products.

Before responding any message make sure you have enough time for it. Writing an answer in a rush will only worsen the situation and your image.

5. Share Your Achievements and Awards

People trust in companies which are experienced and award-winning. They like to see some successful realisations. Thanks to that they hope for the same effects in case of their projects. If clients admire some organisation, they even forward positive news on social media profiles and recommend your business to others in a real world.


6. Monitor the Web to See what Others Write about Your Company

Thanks to an online monitoring tool you can go to the pages where appeared some information about your business. To get an insight into it, you only have to choose the proper key words. The set would be different in case of searching the opinions about your new products than the one from which you would like to know if the customers were satisfied with your service.

Online monitoring will also help you to find negative opinions before they ruin your reputation. Tracking the key words you will find bad review or comment in social media and react on it on time. If you still don’t know how does exactly this tool works, try Brand24 out for free.

7. Keep Your Content Simple and Understandable

No matter if you fill in some section on you website, write post on your blog, Facebook fan page or Twitter account, try to use normal language. Your every written expression should be also honest and (especially in case of messages and e-mails) polite.

These are only a few ways to build a good reputation which we know they successfully work. But every company might have its own secret techniques for creating a positive image. Would you like to give some of your brilliant ideas away? If yes, share them in a comment!

Alina Urbaniak